All you Bovinians out there, get ready for some exciting news!

Haven’t you all been waiting for the Beta trial?

Well here’s the good news, their first game, Interstellar Rangeland, has now reached the Public Beta level. 

Following the CattleMart event, they have announced that the public beta will be available on June 28th.

The public beta is open to everyone, and cordially invites all players to help them spice up their game. 

There are currently 80 testing planets, 440+ testing Bovine Heroes, and 15,200+ testing mystery boxes that have been claimed. 

The test asset claiming website will remain active during the public beta allowing new players to claim beta assets and NFT for the beta. 

Take note that each address may only claim an asset once.

BovineVerse Token
A one-page overview about BovineVerse Token ( $BVT ). Source: BovineVerse Twitter

About BovineVerse

BovineVerse takes the lead in developing a new Fi+ gaming platform that integrates DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi. 

On our platform, players may exercise DAO governance over their planets.

Furthermore, own NFT assets capable of breaking down boundaries between games and places.

Participate in stellar wars for massive token payouts, and develop an online gaming social network. 

It is dedicated to achieving the financialization and tokenization of social impact in the game, as well as allowing players to profit while playing. 

Significantly, three parallel universes will be introduced sequentially, with the goal of creating a multi-verse for each participant. 

BovineVerse, a pioneer of the Fi+ idea, is equipped with a full NFT system and assists users in riding the wave of Web 3.0.

Rules And Regulations

  • Discover how to play: Go to the BovineVerse website, consult the gaming documentation, or discuss any strategy in the Discord group.
  • Link your wallet, ensure you’re on the Polygon network and have enough $MATIC for the gas price.
  • The first step is for the user to select a planet (guild) to join, either Homeland or Unionland.
  • The beta will not allow the player to play Genland. 
  • Once a player joins a planet, he or she cannot leave during the beta period, so please join carefully before clicking it.
  • All players may collect their first prize from the BovineVerse team in the Mailbox.
  • The mailbox is located in the upper right corner of the game.
  • It includes a variety of important gaming goods that aid with cattle growth.
  • The Beta assets (Bovine Hero, Cattle Box) that players claimed on the Website may be accessible via the Stall Wallet. 
  • To obtain a calf, open the Cattle Mystery Box inside the wallet. 
  • After that, you may transport the cattle or Bovine Hero to the stall to begin the Interstellar Rangeland beta voyage.
  • The marketplace on the main website is also in beta. 
  • They only allow TBVT to be used as a trade currency. 
  • Other BEP20 coins, such as $MATIC and $USDT, will be included in the future. 
  • In this marketplace, only planets, Bovine Hero mystery boxes, and Calf in beta may be exchanged.

Interstellar Rangeland’s detailed gameplay and description can be found here.

Rewards For Public Beta

Massive awards and items will be distributed that may be utilized in the official Interstellar Rangeland.

It will be given to outstanding beta members who provide feedback and do very well in this public test. 

On their Discord channel, they will gather bug reports and ideas. Once validated, you will be assigned a game detector duty and the associated incentives. 

They will also award people that participate actively in this beta. 

To be considered an active participant, the following criteria must be met.

  • the addresses that have the most number of battle
  • addresses that won most BVT won through battling
  • the addresses that won most BVT through milking
  • addresses that are in the top contributions in their guild leaderboard
BovineVerse P2E game. Source: ICO Drops

Further Information

Active Players and Game Detectors:

They will be able to obtain a special beta OAT badge as proof of involvement, as well as split a reward pool of 10,000,000 $BVG and official in-game NFTs.


During the beta, players may fill out the input form or submit a bug case & ideas on the Discord channel.

Offering the BovineVerse team constructive feedback on the game’s UI, settings, and gameplay. 

They will provide tokens and official in-game goods to players whose proposals and feedback are approved.

Video Streamer:

Players who produce a Youtube or Tiktok video about our gam.

Moreover, those who receive a retweet from BovineVerse Twitter will be eligible for official in-game items.

(It will more likely get retweeted if you include your strategy on gameplay).

Guild President: 

Guild presidents that place high on the guild leaderboard at the end of the beta will be heavily awarded BVG & BVT tokens.

Moreover, they are also to get an official NFT. 

The population, tax income, guild fight, and other factors are used to rank the leaderboard.

If you have any questions about the beta, do visit their Discord or visit their social media.

BovineVerse is a developing game.

Therefore, its potential knows no bounds!

We are thrilled to see what BovineVerse has in the store for us!

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