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Bravo Ready has just raised $3 million in the latest round of funding. The money will be used to develop ‘BR1: Infinite Royale’, the flagship battle royale NFT game from Bravo.

Infinite Royale is designed to be an ever-ending battle game with different gameplays and storylines. It will be a skill-based game that will follow a win-to-earn model. Players will be required to place wagers to participate where winners will get to share the prize pot.

Bravo Ready also notes that players in infinite Royale will earn in-game tokens with every win. These tokens can be used to purchase NFTs and other items needed to play.

More Info on the $3 Million Funding Round

The latest funding for Bravo Ready is the most significant statement yet on the confidence investors have in the project. The funding was also led by some of the leading venture firms in the P2E space.

This includes firms like Solana Ventures, Shima Capital, 6th Man Ventures, and Fractal. Bravo Ready insists that the new funding will accelerate ‘game and software’ development in the coming months.

Bravo Ready
Bravo Ready has raised $3 million for BR1. Source: VentureBeat

There will also be a series of expansions as the firm looks to bring its new P2E game to market well ahead of schedule.

BR1 Infinite Royale: What You Need to Know

BR1 Infinite Royale is the main focus for Bravo Ready. The flagship game is a risk-based never-ending battle game where players earn by winning.

To get into the game, players must place a $1 wager. Think of it as a pass to participate. Unlike other games where the $1 will go into a central prize pool, Infinite Royale takes a different approach. The $1 is more or less an ecosystem fee that helps to maintain the game.

There is however a prize pot which will be in Solana tokens. Here, participating users get a share of the money depending on their performance in the game.

Infinite Royale wants to bring a much-needed edge to the gameplay. The $1 wager gives users something to lose. This will likely make the game more exciting.

Investor Confidence in Bravo Ready

The investors who have put up the $3 million for Bravo Ready all appear to have significant confidence in the firm and its future potential.

Bravo ready
Investor confidence is high on BR1. Source: VentureBeat

For instance, Solana Ventures, which led this funding round, has heaped praise on Bravo Ready and their work with infinite Royale.

This is not the last time Bravo Ready will raise money to finance its growth. Bagging high-profile venture capital firms in the P2E space will be a huge step that will ultimately open up more funding opportunities in the future.

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