Sorare MLB

Sorare MLB has finally reached nearly 195 countries. The milestone comes just a month after the web3 platform launched Sorare NBA, a basketball-themed version of its sports fantasy platform.

Sorare MLB follows the footsteps of Sorare Football, a soccer-based fantasy sports platform that has attracted nearly 2 million managers. Sorare football also has managers in around 185 countries.

Sorare MLB: Major Milestones So Far

Getting to 195 countries is a big achievement for Sorare MLB. But it’s hardly a surprise. In fact, all through its lifetime, Sorare has always prioritized developing captivating experiences in line with the feedback of its community.

This philosophy is well captured in the tweet below by Nicolas Julia, the Co-founder of Sorare.

Sorare MLB Launches Scouting Missions

Sorare MLB has also been building a robust fantasy sports ecosystem that helps players succeed even further. This is epitomized by the launch of Sorare’s MLB scouting missions. This is basically a new way to play Sorare MLB while still earning rewards.

The goal here is to have several of these events, each with unique requirements, deadlines, and specific rewards. As we speak, the first scouting mission is already live, but more will come later.

Nonetheless, the scouting mission reflects the growing commitment of the Sorare team to add interesting twists to its fantasy sports game.

The platform maintains that, ultimately, it wants managers to derive as much value as possible from their interactions with the NFT game.

XP Points in the Offseason

Sorare MLB is also allowing managers to continue exploring the platform now that the official MLB season is off.

The World Series, in fact, concluded a few days ago, with the Huston Astros taking home the honors. However, Sorare MLB users can still earn XP points as we gear up for the next season.

According to the Sorare MLB team, each week, XP points will be applied automatically to cards. This will happen for the entire duration of the offseason. The points will automatically apply to all managers’ cards in their collection.

The fantasy game  intends to offer up to 100 XPs per card. It’s unclear whether these XP points will carry over to the new season.

However, they represent another example of how the Sorare team goes out of its way to deliver value to managers.

What is Sorare MLB Anyway?

Sorare MLB is a web3 fantasy sports platform. It’s actually an offshoot of Sorare, an NFT-backed fantasy sports platform based in Paris. To play Sorare MLB, users need to assemble a team using five cards. An NFT backs each card with varying rarity levels.

Also, every card represents a real player in the MLB. Just think of it as a normal fantasy MLB platform that features a web3 angle. This means that it runs on the blockchain.

The game also features NFTs that bring true ownership to the whole thing. When you buy your cards, you can actually sell them and earn a profit through the Sorare marketplace.

Sorare MLB
Sorare has three brands under its umbrella which include MLB, NBA, and football.

The MLB game is one of three sports-themed fantasy platforms under the Sorare brand. The other two include Sorare NBA and Sorare Football.

What’s Next for The Game?

Reaching 195 countries will go down as the clearest sign that, Sorare MLB has taken off. But the game still has a lot of future potential.

For starters, even though the MLB fantasy sports platform has surpassed football in terms of the countries it reached, the number of active users still remains markedly low compared to Sorare Football.

The goal for the Sorare team would be to try and popularize the MLB game further and expand its user base in the United States and beyond.

The biggest challenge would be to transition the average fantasy sports player to web3. There are millions of people who play fantasy sports. However, a majority of these folks don’t know about NFTs or the infusion of web3 into normal fantasy sports.

Making that jump will take time. Despite this, it is clear that Sorare is a front-runner in the web3 sports fantasy sector.

With Sorare NBA, MLB, and Sorare football all attracting millions of daily players, the only way for the platform right now is simply up.

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