Good news for Step App users as Bybit offers exclusive benefits. The benefits come in advance of Step App’s Tokyo launch. Users will enjoy 0 withdrawal fees of $KCAL & $FITFI on the Step Network. Additionally, it will be possible to deposit $KCAL or $FITFI, profit from it and make a $KCAL fiat express purchase.

The announcement came via Bybit’s Twitter page on November 13. India’s top-tier cryptocurrency trading platform is famous for its minimal costs and liquidity. After completing their KYC, those that sign up for a Bybit account will receive an additional $5. Additionally, they can earn a bonus of up to $4,000 by finishing the tasks on their site.

Users should contact Bybit for answers to their queries as they take pride in providing 24/7 professional customer service. It features a 0% Spot Trading Fee, and users can start trading perpetual contracts after registration. They also offer the lowest trading fees on the market.

Bybit: What You Should Know

Bybit’s industry-leading cold storage solution safeguards customer funds while maintaining high levels of security. Since its March 2018 launch, Bybit has over 10 million registered users. Additionally, they have excellent yield-generating items, a vast selection of coins, and large trade volumes.

Additionally, they quickly process deposits and withdrawals, ensuring your money is always safe and available. Overall, Bybit is an incredible cryptocurrency trading platform that is quite simple, even for novice traders.

Bybit is also the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange platform for margin trading worldwide. The software works with Android and iOS devices and supports over 20 fiat currencies.

Bybit thrives because of its user-friendly platform and high-leverage products with a 100x multiplier. More than 16 languages and more than 160 countries are accessible through the platform.

Features of the Bybit Exchange

  • P2P Trading: Peer-to-peer trading is made easy and secured using Bybit P2P. In essence, it enables the optimal, mutually agreed-upon price for the purchase and sale of the holdings of two users. Please remember that Bybit does not provide buy-and-sell deals on the P2P page.
  • VIP Program: VIP tiers are conveyed in derivatives, spot, USDC perpetual, and USDC options trading.
  • 0 Fees on All Spot Pairs & More: Users can take advantage of Grid Bot trading and Spot Maker and Taker with no fees.
  • Derivatives: Users can increase their trades using USDT, perpetual contracts, inverse futures, and more.
  • NFT marketplace: The Bybit NFT Marketplace is where NFTs are listed and traded. The NFTs supplied cover various topics, including digital art, collectibles, GameFi, and the metaverse.
  • Bybit Earn: This has several features, including Launchpool, Shark Fin, Dual Asset, Liquidity Mining, and Savings.
  • Bybit now offers trading plans or substitutes in some cryptocurrencies. They include Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, Ripple XRP Inverse Perpetual Contract, USDT Perpetual Contract, and Inverse Contract.
KCAL in Step app
Bybit is India’s leading cryptocurrency platform.    Image Source: Asics Miner

Registering Your Bybit Account 

Bybit is one of the biggest exchanges by trade volume and offers futures trading on its platform for cryptocurrencies. Bybit provides an intuitive user interface, making registration on its forum simple.

Go to the Bybit official website to access the registration form. Select your preferred choice from the two available options here: email registration and mobile registration. Then click Sign Up after completing the required fields.

After signing up, you’ll receive an email or SMS with a confirmation code that you must input to complete the registration. You can wait a little while before asking for another code if there is an issue with the first.

Your account will be fully validated after that, and you may start using Bybit immediately. You can enable an SMS authentication system or a Google Authentication technique to secure your account further.

The KCAL Token

KCAL is the native currency of the move-to-earn app Step App. FITFI tokens serve as governance tokens, whilst KCAL tokens have multiple uses. KCAL is a currency that may be used to mint SNEAKs and is obtained by running and staking SNEAK NFTs.

All SNEAK NFTs must be staked to earn KCAL, and the earned KCAL is distributed in 10-day epochs. Unstaking before KCAL is claimed burns the pending KCAL. There is a maximum quantity of 5,000,000,000 KCALs available for Step App’s KCAL distribution (five billion tokens).

The game’s many components receive the KCAL token, which is, in turn, disseminated. The components are further broken down into six. They include 1.5 billion for mining, 750 million for the team, 750 million for marketing, and 1 billion for staking. It also includes 700 million for public sale and 300 million for partners.

step app
KCAL is Step App’s native currency.   Image Source: Mes Cryptomonnaies

 The FITFI Token

The FITFI token first appeared on the open market in April this year. Its cost at the time was approximately $0.12. Step App revealed that the cryptocurrency would be offered on the ByBit market at the end of April. The price went up as soon as this was made public, ending the month at $0.4885.

After only one month, it reached a peak of $0.7346. After that, the UST stablecoin lost its peg, leading to LUNA’s demise and a subsequent crypto meltdown. Just in the middle of May, FITFI fell to $0.08271.

Usain Bolt’s selection as the Step App’s spokesperson caused the price to rise modestly. However, the current price of $0.03854 is still relatively inexpensive. According to long-term projections by Currency, the token’s value in July 2025 maybe $0.29. Therefore, at this moment, we do not expect to witness a significant increase in the token’s value.

Fusion of Finance and Fitness
FITFI token debuted in April on the open market.  Image Source: GamesPad

 Investing in Step App’s FITFI

Step App is one of the most popular and rapidly expanding move-to-earn apps in the FitFi market. FitFi is an acronym for the fusion of finance and fitness. The Step App offers the incentive of earning cryptocurrency in exchange for exercise.

Some users deem the M2E platform as the fitness industry’s future. Needless to say, if you want to start making money, you’ll need to get a sneaker NFT. With your NFT, you can walk and run to gain KCAL tokens and FAT points. The more active you are, the more money you can generate with Step App through passive revenue.

Of course, many people are considering whether to invest in Step App’s FITFI token, given the current state of the cryptocurrency market. Since we’re presently in a Bear market, the price prediction from CoinCodex indicates that the current outlook for Step App is Bearish.

Of course, it will depend on your portfolio’s structure, financial objectives, and risk tolerance. Furthermore, since we are still in the early stages, it is too soon to determine how significant the investment is.

FITFI token
FITFI token debuted in April on the open market.  Image Source: GamesPad

Step App Tokyo Launch

On December 1st of this year, the first Step App conference will take place in Tokyo. The Step App conference will discuss the app’s mission to create a link between the metaverse and the physical world. It will utilize fitness and health as its unifying theme.

The event intends to convince the audience of the legitimacy and solidity of these objectives, the app, and its ecosystem. The first Step App conference will be focused on the new app’s introduction. This will mark the beginning of a wealthier, healthier Stepper community.

In one of our previous play-to-earn diary article, the launch venue was highlighted and events of the program were also unearthed. Major fitness and cryptocurrency speakers will be brought into the launch to speak about fitness and cryptocurrencies. Usain Bolt is the solely confirmed attendee for this event at the time. However, there are plans to increase the number of speakers at the fascinating event.

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