Cadillac – a world-class luxury car division – has auctioned an NFT to help the Save The Music Foundation. Notably, the popular brand commissioned the NFT, which came in 2 versions, before disclosing how the proceeds will be spent. The non-fungible token, Adira, was originally designed by the famous artist, Nyla Hayes.

Prior to the auction, Cadillac commissioned the NFTs as part of its Black Future Campaign. In detail, the NFTs are created in a style that Niya Kayes referred to as the “Long Neckie” style. The design represents Cadillac’s first giant stride into the world of web3, and this includes its token-based marketplaces.

However, the luxury car brand has announced that all proceeds from the NFT sales will be donated to Save The Music Foundation. This way, Cadillac and Save The Music can encourage young people, especially students, to pursue their music tech passions. In all, this is a welcome development from the American-based luxury car division.

JDPA 2021 Cadillac Escalade Black Front Quarter View
JDPA 2021 Cadillac Escalade. Image;J.D.Power

What is Adira?

Adira, the auctioned NFT, is a historical design from the hands of the famous artist, Niya Hayes. She represents a great deal of Cadillac’s heritage, especially its entry into the web3 space. Similarly, Adira represents the entire black race, reflecting an aura of feminine majesty and heroism.

“Adira represents a Black Woman superhero,” commented Niya Hayes, creator of the NFT. “She aligns with the Cadillac brand through her bold, confident, powerful, luxurious, and electrifying stance.”

According to reports, Cadillac commissioned two NFTs for the auction. The first is a Silver 120 Anniversary Edition Adira, which is up for purchase to multiple buyers. Next is Adira – the Gold Edition Long Neckie – which is an exclusive, one-of-one digital collectible.

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Image Source: MediaPost

Notably, the Silver 120 Anniversary Edition was designed to celebrate Cadillac’s 12oth anniversary. And it sold for 0.2 ETH, earning a total of about $20,000 in sales. As reported, a total of 75 buyers purchased the NFT to reach the announced value.

On the other hand, the Gold Edition Adira sold for 1.888 ETH. At the time of the auction, the NFT’s price was equivalent to more than $3,500.

Cadillac’s Donation

The main idea behind the auction was to contribute to the music tech program at Save The Music Foundation. Consequently, the foundation’s J. Dilla Music Tech grant will be the beneficiary of all proceeds from the auction. Additionally, it will be getting an extra contribution of $55,000 from Cadillac.

Cadillac is famous for its exquisite car designs. Image Source: InsideEVs

With the donation, Cadillac hopes to spread positive energy among young people, especially students. The luxury car brand wants them to pursue their music tech goals without hindrances. As such, it is contributing to a career that it called “an important and growing field in the automotive industry.”

“As the champion of big dreams and bold ambitions, Cadillac encourages students to pursue their passions. We are thrilled to support Save The Music Foundation and their efforts to get students excited for careers in music tech. Sound engineering is an important and growing field in the automotive industry, and we’ve seen how engaging this program is in sparking interest in this type of art as a career.” – commented Juanita Slappy, Cadillac’s Multicultural Marketing Lead.

J.Dilla Music Tech Grant

In the United States, more than 2,000 schools have benefited from the J. Dilla Music Tech Grant. The Grant is from Save The Music Foundation, where students are encouraged to take music tech seriously. So far, the foundation has helped a lot of schools to start and maintain excellent music courses.

In the music tech program, students are taken through various aspects, including audio engineering, electronic music production, and sound production. This way, they can develop their audio engineering skills. In turn, they will be fit to take up sound engineering roles in the automotive industry.

“As one of the first nonprofits to experiment with this innovative fundraising tactic, this collaboration marked a turning point of the organization’s approach to not only fundraising, but music education at large,” said Danielle Zalaznick, Save The Music Foundation’s Chief Development Officer. “This is just an early preview of an array of new and innovative projects to come”

Furthermore, Cadillac supported the launch of the J. Dilla Music Tech program in Detroit, MI, in 2019. In the same vein, it will be supporting the program with a $55,000 extra contribution. The donation will be aimed at giving Grant to another High School in Detroit in 2023.

Additionally, each J. Dilla Music Tech Grant offers music tech programs for 10 years. During this time, hundreds of students are impacted. As part of the foundation’s goals, no investment is a waste.

The Cadillac Black Future Campaign

Cadillac is a world-famous car brand owned by General Motors, an American multinational automotive company. The luxury car division has a bold and innovative range of breathtaking designs that are built to taste. According to Cadillac, its luxury cars are built to “appeal to those who dare to drive the world forward.”

Thanks to its famous inventions, the brand is popular for its contribution to a revolutionized auto industry. For instance, Cadillac brought electrical systems and interchangeable parts into the auto market. Also, it was the first luxury car brand to develop three engines, including the famous Cadillac V8 engines.

2023 cadillac
2023 Cadillac LYRIQ. Image Source: InsideEVs

Cadillac started its Black Future Campaign and it won the Online Media Marketing & Advertising (OMMA) award. Awarded for Best Content Strategy, the campaign brings rising artists’ NFTs into the spotlight as well as Black artistry. Featuring the most powerful full-size SUV – the 2023 Escalade- V – Cadillac displays Black art via unique scenery and music.

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