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Calo Run is another move to earn lifestyle game that has game-fi and social-fi elements. The app is based on blockchain, the ability to earn income through walking, jogging, or running. This is similar to other games such as STEPN, and RunBlox. By completing a physical activity, you are rewarded with FIT tokens to partake in more activities. In Calo, you can play in single mode, or take advantage of its social-fi features. In this way, you can take part in community challenges, and compete on a leaderboard. 

What is Calo Run? 

Calo Run is the NFT-run lifestyle app that pays to move. CALO and Calo FIT tokens are supported in this running app, and with the use of your virtual NFT sneaker, you can earn some excellent rewards. The app seeks to encourage users to engage in a healthy lifestyle, with the reward of crypto tokens that can be exchanged for money. For players with fitness tracking devices, this app provides a solution. With token-based rewards, players can integrate their fitness tracking analytics with the Calo run app. 

The Calo app is a metaverse project app that perfectly combines blockchain, VR, and fitness into an amazing fitness app. 

Cartoon balancing on CALO app on phone.
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How Does Calo Work?

The Calo metaverse app has combined fitness with blockchain-based health and fitness applications. In general, move-to-earn apps have provided an impressive reward-based incentive in exchange for exercise, and reward tokens.  

The Calo app is ideal for those who have active lifestyles, as well as those who are looking to improve their health and fitness. With the reward of a form of currency, Calo helps people achieve their fitness goals through its rewarding incentives. Additionally, athletes and competitive sports people have been known to use move to earn games in order to take advantage of their fitness levels. 

To use the Calo Run App, you are equipped with a pair of NFT sneakers. You need to buy this NFT in order to get started with the game. When you start using your NFT sneakers, you should start moving. Once you have started moving, your sneakers will start to build stamina, and this is required in order to win FIT tokens. Each stamina equals five minutes of move and earn movement, and it will only replenish when you have a pair of sneakers. This is similar to energy attributes in other move-to-earn games.

There are walking and running buttons in the app that will appear at the top of the screen. If you lose signal or a GPS connection, you will see the moonwalking sign, which decreases your stamina bar. Moonwalking is a form of cheating in the game. STEPN does not define moonwalking as cheating, so naturally, Calo can prove more difficult to get tokens. 

What Tokens Are Rewarded? 

In Calo, you can either earn CALO tokens or FIT tokens. When you use the Calo run app, you will be rewarded with Calo tokens, or FIT tokens. Stamina is required to earn FIT tokens, and you can earn more stamina if your sneakers have better attributes. CALO tokens can be used for governance, where you can use your tokens in order to vote for new features. 

CALO Token
Source: Calo.Run

How To Deposit in Calo

CALO token is a blockchain cryptocurrency, meaning there is a limited supply. There are 500 million CALO tokens in circulation since the start of the app in 2021.

Firstly, deposit funds by creating a Binance account, and buy BNB.

Secondly, create a MetaMask account, and connect MetaMask to Binance.

Thirdly, deposit BNB to your MetaMask wallet.

Finally, use PancakeSwap to convert your BNB into CALO.

We recommended looking at a detailed version for depositing funds. See this helpful guide by Hedge World for more information.

How To Get Your Sneakers in Calo

In Calo, you need NFT sneakers in order to earn FIT tokens. When you start the app, you will be given the option to purchase some sneakers. At first, you do not have to, but you will not be able to gain any tokens without. 

NFT sneakers CALO


There are different types of sneakers, and they can help you get different types of tokens. There are four main types of sneakers. This includes the walker, the runner, the jogger, and the trainer. Each has a different optimal base in reference to the speed. For example, the runner has an optimal pace of 8-20, whereas the walker has an optimal pace of 1-6. 

There are also common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary types of sneakers, and these NFTs will cost more. 

Sneaker Attributes

Sneakers have attributes, and these include: 

Performance (how you earn FIT) 

This performance attribute can get you more FIT tokens per stamina. The higher your performance, the higher you’ll come on the leaderboard. 

Luck (Gacha Box)

Luck is based on the value and frequency of Gacha Box drops. 


Speed earns you CALO. This can be played in single mode, or challenge mode in CALO run.


Recovery will build up your stamina quicker, taking less time to recover. 

How To Withdraw in Calo

Go to your wallet section, and you should see your token balances. You can receive, transfer, or trade these balances. Convert into a fiat of your choice, with a similar process to depositing funds. This can be carried out through Trust wallet, as well as other mediums. You can do this by transferring the balance directly to a Trust wallet, or check Binance to find out more. 

Calo App Potential

Thanks to a variety of investors and sponsors, Calo app has reached around $1.9 million in fundraising. It also has partners and backers based in Vietnam, ensuring the app builds strong bonds with brands and the ever-popular crypto community. Calo app also has plans to apply augmented reality to their platform, creating a more dynamic interface. 

Calo Metaverse Raises $1,950M in Private Sale; IDO on Dec. 20

So far, Calo has already made connections with popular VC’s in the industry, with backers such as BMW Capital, Monihub, Crypto Future Venture, and Gamehub. This is exciting for the future of Calo, and the future of more move-to-earn games

Calo combines crypto, with NFTs, and potentially AR technology. Similar to the likes of Pokémon Go! And Peloton, Calo offers rewards and perks for movement, but in cryptocurrency tokens. The move to earn gaming industry is booming with NFT-based games, but Calo has more of a burn-to-earn experience, meaning the app actually has fewer competitors. 

Is Calo Popular? 

So far, Calo has over 8,000 Discord members and 150,000 Twitter followers. With thousands of users, 5.8 million FIT tokens have been earned already. Users have already accumulated a distance of 1 million kilometers. 

Final Words

The Calo move to earn app is exciting, with the potential to continue growing and updating in the coming years. When using Calo Run, there is the potential to get a lot of tokens. Obviously, this will depend on the type of sneakers you have. We hope this guide was helpful, and you try out Calo yourself. After all, Calo Run promotes a healthier lifestyle in exchange for rewards – what more could you want?

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