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South Korean metaverse platform Carrieverse is partnering with Polygon. The Ethereum scaling platform is onboarding millions of users to Web3 to build and market its upcoming Carrieverse metaverse platform on the Polygon network.

The team behind the project describes itself as an expert in blockchain and game publishing, striving for better technology and a better platform. In fact, the team hopes to become the most beloved metaverse and game publishing company in any universe. 


The platform is a content-based social metaverse mirroring real-world content, including Web3 games, education, social, and commerce. Carrieverse promotes brand onboarding and tools for creators to build their worlds. This is a Generation Z and Alpha platform that aims to recreate the real-life activities of younger individuals. It develops unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so players experience immersive digital feelings in the Carrieverse.

“Using the sophisticated technology and economic ecosystem of Carrieverse, we can build the Web3 platform and applications powered by Polygon,” says David Yoon, CEO of Carrieverse. “We will implement the Web3 metaverse with cutting-edge tech and Polygon’s sustainable ecosystem.”¬†– Yahoo Finance.¬†

Carrie is an 11-year-old character taking players on an exclusive metaverse experience. In Carrieverse, users can experience and enjoy different content, from education, games, and entertainment to real life. Cariverse is the I.P. holder of ‘Carrie and Friends,’ and Mentisco, the developer of the PS4 / PS5 / Steam game ‘Hunters Arena: Legend’, estimates it has 12 million downloads worldwide. A joint venture, the corporation’s experience, I.P., and technology has made it one to watch on the global market.

Leading Carrieverse to its new partnership with Polygon.


The Polygon blockchain platform exists on Ethereum Layer 2 and is a scalable project to provide network improvements. The leading blockchain development platform offers scalable, affordable, secure, and sustainable blockchains for Web3.

Urvit Goel, Head of Global Games Business Development at Polygon, said:

“Carrieverse is an all-encompassing metaverse experience that reaches out into gaming, commerce, NFTs, and comes out the gate with global I.P. recognition in Carrie and Friends. We’re eager to do our part in furthering the expansion of Carrieverse by providing Polygon blockchain tools to make the project a success.” –¬†Martech Series.

Polygon offers a scalable and safe solution for Carrieverse developers. Image Credit: Bitcoin.com

As an Ethereum-based blockchain protocol, Polygon functions within the Ethereum network by lowering transaction fees and accelerating processing times while maintaining security. Polygon also guarantees that it will offset the entire carbon footprint of every transaction.

Coming Next: P2E “SuperKola”

Carrieverse also intends to develop a¬†Play to Earn¬†(P2E) tactical game called¬†“SuperKola,”¬†with an NFT collection. The game will is in development, with Kim Bo-tong, the director of Netflix’s smash drama, D.P., taking a leading role.

Carrieverse also plans to release NFT game “SuperKola”. Image Credit: Carrieverse. Additionally, “SuperKola” is an NFT game where players adventure with “Kola From Space”… While this does sound a tad mad, It is the metaverse, and we’ve all seen stranger worlds there.

SuperKola came to Earth in search of a friend and is a real-time-turn strategy-based RPG. The alien SuperKola is a “puppy doll” traveling around the globe, and players can join him in defeating the villains and saving the planet.

Carrieverse also plans to release NFT game “SuperKola”. Image Credit: Carrieverse.

At this project’s core are companionship and communication. Carriverse relates to the core project by focusing on communicating with players through Carrie. Bo-Tong Kim plans to participate in future Carrieverse world-building, producing episodes and images from his drawings.

In April this year, Central Investment Partners and KJN Investment Partners chose to invest $3.1 million into Carrieverse. Starting with the partnership with Bo-Tong Kim, we plan to accelerate the establishment of a solid platform through partnerships with various people and companies.

Gen Z Lives The Metaverse

It’s no secret that Gen Z is learning to live in the digital world, with recent studies showing that they spend more time chatting with friends online than in person. Relative anonymity and Virtual Avatars allow users to immerse themselves in the metaverse. Through their unique online identities, they let go of the worries of the real world in exchange for the comforts of a screen.

metaverse meaning
Studies show Gen Z interacts more online than in person. Image Credit: XR Today

Studies show Gen Z interacts more online than in person. IX.R.ge Credit: X.R. Today

Gen Z has made no qualms about its feelings about identity and individuality. This generation stakes its value in self-expression and determination, something to be admired. As the metaverse grows and more people develop their avatars, they want their favorite brands, from technology to fashion, to join them in the virtual space.

Carrieverse’s design calls directly to this need by engaging users in a relationship with Carrie herself. Equally important as the potential to play and earn, is the opportunity for players socialize. They can shop, explore and live in this metaverse consequently combining their virtual and real selves.

In any event, we’ll soon see what the launch of “SuperKola” brings and how the Carrieverse continues to grow.

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