Ceek has announced that its virtual land sale is now live. The entertainment-focused metaverse sees virtual land as a core part of its overall utility. Land will give creators the platform they need to expand their Ceek virtual creations, interact with fans, and monetize their art easier. While getting ready to launch its metaverse launch and virtual land sale, Ceek secured a strategic partnership with World Music Awards. This award was hosted by Miley Cyrus and some big artists were present at this event, such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and Kanye west.

CEEK #Metaverse is excited to announce a partnership with @WORLDMUSICAWARD to bring music’s most prestigious show ft. top global icons. Fans will be able to enjoy voting, #NFT collection & show via $CEEK, https://t.co/uFFwe1Oxmz #CEEKVR app on @Meta + more! #WorldMusicAwards pic.twitter.com/efs5jv4XZO

— Ceek (@CEEK) June 9, 2022

Ceek Land: All You Need to Know


Ceek Land will be an NFT-backed ERC-721 token. It is also going to be fully transferable across the Ceek metaverse and in other third-party NFT marketplace. Also, the land will help unlock incredible utility for users.

As of now, 7 different block types will be availed as part of this sale. This will include simple parcels to concert venues, boat docks, and even private islands. Ceek is even giving users the chance to purchase whole cities and estates too.

All land purchases should also be made via the Metamask or Ceek wallets. There is however a plan to add more wallet integrations in the future.

Ceek Land Prices and Categories

There are two ways to acquire land in Ceek. The first option is via auction and the second one is through a fixed price. Each block of land will have a different starting price depending on its size, rarity and type.

Lands available for auctions will also start at a predetermined price. Users will then send in their bids until the final bid is announced. Once land is transferred to owners, they are free to do whatever they want with it.

The Perks of Owning Land

Ceek is offering three main options to earn money in the metaverse from land. First, land owners can resell it at a profit. They can also rent it out for events, or even stake for annual rewards. Also, land owners can develop land to adapt it to the core utility of the Ceek metaverse.

For example, land can be repurposed to become a concert venue where owners get paid to host events. Landowners will also get the tools to build custom games and apps to be utilized on their land. The metaverse will also bring concerts to user-owned land. Land owners get to earn 3% of total ticket sales for each event.

In the end, Ceek sees the sale of land as the most important step in unlocking the full power of its metaverse. The sale will give creators more control of the way they earn from the platform.

Ceek Property Marketplace

To make it easier for users to sell and buy land, Ceek is also going to launch a dedicated land marketplace. However, the marketplace will be expanded to include all utility items in the metaverse.

This will include things like virtual concert tickets, virtual cars, apps, games, and so much more. The marketplace will also be open for all 6.5 million Ceek users.

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