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Role-playing blockchain game Chumbi Valley is partnering with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) project Kumaverse, and we are excited!

Kumaverse Kuma Toy NFTs are free-to-mint and super cute. As part of the partnership launch, Kumaverse will give away 100 Whitelist spots for the upcoming Kuma Toy NFT sale. Chumbi has also given Kumaverse 100 Whitelist for the forthcoming Gen1 Chumbi NFT Sale!

By joining the Kima Discord, players can learn more about their giveaway.

Chumbi Valley

Chumbi Valley is a captivating role-playing blockchain game built on BSC and Polygon, and its creatures are charming NFTs inhabiting a lush and mysterious forest valley. All in-game items and creatures are blockchain-based tokens and NFTs. Chumbi Valley’s visuals and gameplay are entirely original and inspired by classics like Pokemon, Zelda, Stardew Valley, and Studio Ghibli films.

There are tons to do and enjoy in the valley, including planting rare seeds to start a farm and gathering resources with a Chumbi to craft NFT items for your world. Players can breed and collect Chumbi, explore with them, and battle to earn crypto rewards as the main character.

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Chumbi Valley is an enchanting RPG Play-to-Earn blockchain game built on BSC & Polygon. Image Credit: Chumbi Valley

Stylistically, the game recalls the designs of the past. In its Litepaper, Chumbi Valley declares:

“We believe that now is the time for blockchain games to feel like the beloved video games that we grew up with.” – Chumbi Valley Litepaper

The valley focuses on fun and rewards. Its central concern is its community, providing a familiar gaming experience without complicated blockchain jargon. Players can also own NFT land plots in Chumbi Village, enhancing the community feel. Their gamers can interact with other players and build their unique communities.

The game is on the BSC and Polygon blockchains to take advantage of their near-instant transaction speeds and almost zero fees, an essential addition for our play to earn readers. The game’s cryptocurrency is the CHMB and has a total supply of  30,000,000,000 (30B), and the game is available on personal computers and mobile devices.

Playing To Earn

According to the Litepaper, there are numerous ways to earn in the Chumbi universe. As players expand their Chumbi team and improve their Chumbi skills, they can complete more play-to-earn tasks. Some players may focus on battling, whereas others may take a more relaxed approach and focus on exploring and farming.

Chumbi Valley also recently held a carnival, offering its players fantastic opportunities to earn serious rewards. Through a partnership with KuCoin, the carnival provided opportunities for players to win from a total reward pool of $50,000 tokens. As Chumbi will partner with Kumaverse, we can expect other large-scale earning opportunities in the game’s future.


The ‘Kumaverse’ is an alternate dystopian universe featuring planet Earth, but not so pleasant for humans. In a Kuma world, humans live side-by-side with Kumas, an extraterrestrial species on the brink of extinction. Kumas are intelligent bear-like creatures who quickly adapt to their surroundings.

Kumaverse is set on dystopian earth where humans live alongside intelligent bears. Image Credit: Kumaverse

According to Lucky Trader, there are 2000 known Genesis Kumas worldwide, and the game teases another ten ancestors KUMAs are possibly still in existence. A player’s mission is to repopulate the Kuma species by finding $PAW Shards, a catalyst for them to breed Kuma Cubs. Breeding requires two genesis Kuma NFTs and 600 $PAW (each Genesis Kuma yields 5 $PAW daily), and its limit is 8,000 new NFTs, bringing the total maximum collection size to 10,000.

The Kumaverse is part way through Phase Two of its Roadmap, and the next step in the current phase is a surprise! So, we should all keep our eyes open. The focus for Phase Three on the Roadmap is gamification, but the details are not yet known. The expectation is that $PAW will have further utility post-breeding.

Kuma Toys

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Ten Kuma Toys will have Chumbi traits. Image Credit: Kumaverse

These cute and cuddly-looking delights are a free-to-mint collection of Kuma Toy Figurines. There will be a 10,000, and a genesis and tracker holder will automatically be Kuma-listed towards this collection.
Kumavalley isn’t stopping there. Through some notable projects in web3 spaces, they can distribute the Kuma Toys Ticket to their community.

— A Short Summary or TL;DR —

Total supply and wen mint?
10.000 Kuma toys in total. The mint date is TBA but very, very soon!
Kuma toy will take part in the game ecosystem.
Genesis/ Tracker NFT holders
Holders automatically get a Kuma Toys Ticket. 1 for each Genesis, 3 for each Tracker.


All in all, these partnerships will be a continuing trend for Chumbi Valley and Kumaverse. They’re both fun, quirky games with a lot of character, so we’re thrilled to see them joining forces!

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