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Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable X, recently appeared on popular YouTube channel Crypto Banter to reveal his thoughts on Web3 gaming, the importance of true ownership, as well as his favorite Immutable X games.

The software engineer turned Web3 co-founder had a lot to say about the philosophy behind blockchain gaming, and in particular allowing players to own their assets and progress.

He shared his own journey to becoming a co-founder and the reasoning behind Immutable X.

Immutable X is a layer 2 protocol allowing users to trade NFTs on the Ethereum network. It has instant trade confirmation abilities and, importantly, comes with no gas fees for trading.

The platform boasts significant successes with more than 30 million NFTs minted this year alone with 0 gas fees.

In his latest interview, the co-founder of Immutable X  revealed important details about exciting upcoming games and the future of the company as well.

Immutable founders
Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable (right), revealed his favorite Immutable games and exciting details about the future of the company. Image source: Immutable X

Why Immutable X has some of the top Web3 games right now

Immutable X has several big-name partners creating experiences via the company. But it is the gaming aspect that Ferguson is most excited about.

And it’s easy to see why. In a previous tweet, Ferguson said: “Gaming is bigger than music, movies, and TV combined.

“It’s compounding 10% year on year.

“The $100bn a year spent “renting” items is going to turn into a trillion-dollar ownable economy.

“All of it will be built on Web3.”

Asked what games on Immutable X are his favorite, Ferguson made a point to stress that all Immutable games represent the best of Web3 gaming as a whole.

“We have a 70-person team focusing on business development and taking on advisory roles. They focus on finding the most meaningful games being built on Web3 and get them to be built on Immutable.

“That’s why more than half of the top 10 blockchain games are built on Immutable.”

Illuvium is one of the many top-notch projects currently hosted on Immutable X. Image source: Illuvium

Revealed: Ferguson’s favorite Immutable X games

But despite being excited about all projects as a whole, Ferguson named a few key projects that gamers and NFT enthusiasts alike should keep an eye out for. He said:

“Some games I’m really excited about include Ember Sword and PlanetQuest which is utilizing Web3 to organically grow traction.

“We obviously have Guilds of Guardians and Gods Unchained which is Immutable-published content.

“Deviants, I’m pretty excited about who came over from Terra as well.

“Cross The Ages is a trading card game which has a high potential to go mainstream.”

Gods Unchained involves collecting cards of deities and pitting them against each other, while Ember Sword will appeal to fans of PvP and MMORPG alike.

Cross The Ages is a brand new offering which includes a trading card aspect as well as several novels outlining the lore of the universe. It will appeal to fans of fantasy and sci-fi alike, as the innovative concept aims to marry the two fandoms.

And all three projects have elements similar to the popular, mainstream Clash Royale game.

Immutable X
Immutable X is going to collaborate with Cross The Ages to deliver this awesome new project. Image Source: Immutable X

Get excited for the future of Immutable X and its true ownership potential

Over the next three to five years, people can expect a lot from this company which is still in its infant stages. And Ferguson teased some upcoming priorities in the interview.

He said that the first role of Immutable is to get 100 million gamers participating in the platform. Another priority is to make Immutable the backbone of decentralization across any marketplace.

But tokenizing the world beyond gaming to ensure everyone has true economic property rights is another idea for the future as well.

immutable x partners
Immutable X has several partners in the Web3 gaming industry to help it deliver on its ambitious mission. Image source: Immutable X

Ferguson reveals his journey to Web3 and Immutable X

During the interview, the co-founder revealed that he was a software engineer with a background in startups before he got involved with Ethereum, believing this would be the future of finance. It was from there that he discovered Web3 and the enormous opportunity that it presented.

His love for gaming led him to create the first-ever multiplayer game on blockchain. And it was his experience with this project that led him to create Immutable X.

Speaking about Immutable X’s mission, Ferguson said:

“We’re not that excited about luxury art or expensive NFTs being traded as the future of Web3.

“Where we think the hundred-fold increase in users comes from is taking the couple billion people who play games around the world, they have digital property ownership.”

The full interview can be found here:

Ferguson: Why ownership and property rights are key in Web3

Ferguson believes that mainstream gaming is not set up to give players ownership of their assets. And that is what is fundamentally wrong with the current state of gaming, in his view. He said:

“The incentives aren’t set up to give players rights. The expectation is not set up as an industry that that should be the standard. I think that’s pretty messed up.

“As we launched Etherbox in 2017, we had Counterstrike launched trade lock their assets. Overnight, a $300million company, OpSkins, went out of business as a result. Players lost hundreds of millions of dollars and time spent earning these items.”

Ferguson reasons that this shows that gray marketplaces do not result in true ownership for players.

Immutable X aims to change this by creating true ownership through NFTs and marketplaces.

And with several fascinating projects on the go, as well as a strong mission-driven team, Immutable X might just be the future of Web3 gaming.

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