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The first next-generation P2E game with negative tax and a holistic ecosystem, Compound Meta, has just been released. Compound Meta is well-known as a remarkable AAA P2E game and is making significant headway into the cryptocurrency market. 

It is also the first holder-centered multiple product in 1 Metaverse with P2E Metaverse game, Swap, Compound interest, Staking, Coin Flip, Negative tax, and Wallet on Binance Smart Chain. In particular, this is not just a vague notion; the majority of these utilities have already been developed, and the website now offers Beta Test versions.

What to keep in mind regarding COMA:

  • Negative Tax: Investors pay only 1% Buy Tax and immediately receive a 1.5% $COMA bonus after the buy transaction.
  • Profit-Sharing: Every 24 hours, the entire Buy Tax converts to $BUSD and is shared with all holders.
  • Ecosystem with multiple revenue streams: COMA utilities like the Wallet, Swap, Coin Flip, P2E Metaverse Game, and Staking are ready to make money for users.

How does the Negative Tax operate?

The framework is “1% buy tax but 1.5% back to the wallet.” Spending just 1% Buy Tax on every buy, $COMA purchasers then receive a 1.5% bonus $COMA back, implying they receive a Negative -0.5% Buy Tax in their wallet. COMA does not retain any user funds. Every day, all Buy Tax converts to $BUSD and is then distributed to all holders. 

The COMA pool and the BUSD pool are the two main pools that the token flow provides.

All utility fees (P2E, Swap, Stake and Early Unstake, Coin Flip (5% winning fee)) go into the COMA pool, which is used to reward buyers with 1.5% in $COMA after every buy transaction. The 1% Buy Tax fills the BUSD pool, which is utilized to incentivize all holders every 24 hours for holding tokens for a long time.

However, the sell tax is just 2%, and COMA does not use it for internal expenses. In order to combat token inflation, 1% will go toward marketing, and the remaining 1% will go toward buy-back and burn.                                                      

Compound Meta | Substack                                                                                            

What’s in the COMA ecosystem, and how can I make money?

  • AAA P2E Game – Dispelling myths about uninteresting P2E games with subpar graphics, COMA offers a triple-A game with absolutely amazing, slick visuals, and an amazing selection of NFT characters. It also features gameplay centered on making quick cash. Winners of 1v1 matches will receive tokens or NFTs as compensation.
  • COMA Staking – Holders could stake $COMA to receive weekly airdrops, daily passive income from DAOs, and other benefits. Several features of the Staking are advantageous to long-term stakers. Early un-staker fees are 10% (8% goes to COMA Reward pool, 2% goes to buy back and burn).
  • Coin Flip – This utility embodies the popular Flip-to-earn trend, enabling users to amuse themselves and make money quickly and easily. Users can wager $COMA or BNB and instantly DOUBLE their wager with a 50/50 chance of winning by playing Head or Tail.
  • COMA Swap – Low gas costs are required to exchange tokens using COMA Swap. Stop losses, limit orders, and other features are also included in COMA. The whole Swap fee will be included in the auto-buyback & burn and reward pool for holders, as was previously stated.
  • COMA Wallet – It is a cryptocurrency wallet with an intuitive user interface that supports the management and storage of tokens, giving users complete control over their assets.




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