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What is Cookie Run NFT about?

A building game featuring elements of a role-playing game. To make your cookies more effective in the arena, there are some things you need to do. These include building structures, allocating toppings, forming teams to engage in combat, and powering them up. The game has plenty of functions and features to try out in-game.

A player-versus-player (PvP) warfare mode, an engaging RPG story mode, and numerous export options are all Cookie Run: Kingdom features.

Starting can be difficult because there is so much to do. But don’t worry at all as this article will tell you all you need to know…

Getting Started

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Before beginning your Cookie Run: Kingdom journey, you must put together a team of five characters (or cookies). Cookies play different roles and abilities. You can create parties and choose the strongest cookies with the aid of our characters list guide.
Five cookies must be arranged in a party, with one each going in the back, the middle, and the front. The front usually contains defense, the middle usually contains the attackers, and the back usually contains the support.

When you begin a new game in Cookie Run: Kingdom, you have a choice between two servers. The original server was Pure Vanilla, whereas Hollyberry is the latest version.

Players tend to be more experienced in Pure Vanilla, hence the PvP mode there will be more difficult. Since Hollyberry is a more recent game, you won’t encounter quite as many seasoned veterans who have been playing since the beginning. If you desire to play with your friends, you must be on the same server as they are.

Quick Cookie Run Tips

Upgrade your buildings gradually. Although it may be tempting, resist the urge to upgrade all of your structures at once. Wait to upgrade buildings that assist you in producing goods like Robust Axes and Jellybean Jam. Even though upgrading buildings that provide you with raw materials like Roll Cake Wood and Sugar is acceptable early on. These production facilities will need increasingly complex items as you upgrade them.

Always keep your buildings busy. What this means is that your buildings should always be making something. This will save your precious time as items will be made even if you’re not playing.

Make sure to outfit your cookies with as many toppings as you can if they are weak. This is necessary as power depends upon the toppings you use.

In Cookie Run, toppings serve as the equipment equivalent, each of which boosts a different stat. Put defense-enhancing toppings on your frontline cookies and attack or cooldown-enhancing toppings on your healers’ and attackers’ cookies.

More Useful Tricks

The toppings are arranged in three levels. Before you can obtain the M-sized Epic Toppings, don’t spend money upgrading your Toppings because you’ll reach a stage where other sizes are useless.

Gather cookie soul stones to improve and receive new cookies. You may always utilize Cookie Soulstones to access new cookies if you’re not having much luck in the Cookie Gacha. Soulstones are obtained by finishing levels in Dark Mode.

Notably, Ancient Cookie shards are accessible for PvP cash and Rainbow Shell’s reward shards for the Legendary Sea Fairy Cookie.

Continue gathering Soulstones even after receiving your cookie in order to enhance them and boost their stats even further. You don’t have to buy anything in the game to receive every cookie, thanks to Soulstones.

You bring three Treasures, each with a unique impact, along with your cookies and toppings to every combat. Protect these treasures as they are as important as the cookies if not more. While others erect barriers, heal your party, revive a party member, or provide a debuff to foes, some passively increase your defense or attack. These are very significant since you may require an additional layer of defense when facing a difficult level.

Kingdom Arena?

On the team edit screen that occurs before you begin a level, you can swap out your Treasure. Your Treasures are the three hexagons atop your cookies. As you obtain duplicates in the Treasure Gacha, be sure to equip and enhance your treasure.

Lastly, always make sure to refresh in the PvP Kingdom Arena. Every 30 minutes, you can update your list of possible Kingdom Arena opponents for free. Do this and take down players that are weaker than you whenever you can. Surprisingly, completing this alone will get you a high rating. People with startlingly low power levels can be found in Platinum and higher grades.

cookie run nft

The Kingdom Arena is an optional gameplay feature that you don’t actually need to engage in to advance, but it’s still worthwhile to try out because of the rewards.

NFT project

According to reports, the company Devsisters Corporation, which created the well-known game Cookie Run, intends to introduce NFTs for it. The group has not yet issued an official statement. But the market is abuzz with the news.

Several gaming firms are currently indulging in the idea of creating NFTs for their most popular games. After the NFTs launch, the game will therefore be widely publicized on a global scale. Additionally, money’s worth will eventually rise.

But the real question is: Is it required? The public won’t readily embrace this shift. Even though the corporation has not yet made an official announcement, individuals are nonetheless opposed to this move.


NFTs of newly developed content, software, or games are simple to launch, but updates to things that are already in existence might cause a lot of animosity among users or other stakeholders. NFTs are therefore not a negative thing. But since it is a change, it could take some time for the average person to grasp it.



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