Crabada has finally announced the launch of its new Arena Mode. The new feature will be integrated into its main battle game and offers players a chance to compete against numerous challengers for rewards.

Arena Mode will have a leaderboard system. Rewards will be won on a weekly basis while the overall winner will get the distinguished title of ‘Arena Champion’.

Crabada Arena Mode: Key Details

There are several key details on Arena Mode that have already come out. First, Crabada is introducing Arena Points as part of this experience. These are basically points that a player accrues by participating in arena matches.

In the end, the total amount of points accrued determines the player’s ranking on the leaderboard. However, Crabada adds that each player will by default start each week with 1000 points.

Now, users can earn these points in three main ways. First, you can challenge an opponent for an arena match and see some points added to your total. Also, if an opponent challenges your defense team, you will be entitled to a few points.

Finally, users earn points too when they seek revenge on lost challenges. Please also note that every battle you lose leads to a reduction in arena points.

Introducing Arena Tickets

To participate in any Arena Matches, players must have Arena Tickets. Crabada has also limited the number of tickets you can own at any given time to 3.

However, at the start of each week, players will get 3 free tickets. Also, Crabada will add one ticket to each player every 4 hours as long the 3 ticket limit holds.

In essence, users will only qualify for a refill if they have less than 3 tickets under their names. Nonetheless, Crabada will allow users to buy additional Arena tickets when they run low.

All tickets must be purchased in bundles of 3. You can also buy a maximum of 30 tickets per day.

Crabada Defense Teams: Set Up and Additional Info

Defense Teams will also be a huge part of Arena Mode for Crabada. In fact, you can only challenge players for Arena Matches only if you are part of a defense team. Defense teams can be attacked by other players too. Also,

Crabada is making it easier for players to find opponents. Each day, a list of 5 opponents will be generated automatically by the game. This will largely be players with roughly similar AP points as you.

However, if you don’t like the auto-generated list, you can refresh the screen and get a new list of 5 opponents. This will however cost you 20 TUS.

Crabada is also announcing that there are other important events in the pipeline. A major website UI update is for example going to roll out very soon.

The game will also launch its Battle Bounty Campaign and officially announce its Swimmer Network ecosystem grants.

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