Decentraland is offering designers an opportunity to create unique merchandise for its upcoming Metaverse Music Festival.

Creatives have until October 25 to submit Wearable and Emotes designs to be featured in the Marketplace if they use the #MVMF22 in the Builder.

This year’s festival theme is Cyberpunk Meets Nature.

Creatives can compete to have their design featured on the Marketplace. Image Credit: NFT Evening.

Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival 

The Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival is coming October 21st-24th.

The first event of its kind is a fully decentralized music celebration. Decentraland offers a strange and wonderful brew of the world-class headline acts, mind-blowing stages, games, exclusive artist merch, collectibles, and more.

For four days of fun, dancing, partying, and diverse music from over 150+ global artists, all set in a fantastic cyberpunk landscape overrun by nature, players can RSVP now. On November 10-13, players can dress their avatar in its best wearables and jump into an experience like no other.

MVMF22: The Big Web3 Event

Decentraland’s 2021 Metaverse Music Festival (MVMF) saw performances from top Web3 talents like 3Lau, Alison Wonderland, Deadmau5, and Paris Hilton, among others. 

Furthermore, the Festival went beyond music performances, including airdrops, POAPs, giveaways, virtual fashion, and more. The Festival’s first edition was one of the most extensive metaverse experiences on the planet. The 2022 Decentraland experience promises to be even bigger.

Decentraland Gears Up for its Second Annual Metaverse Music Festival. Image Credit: The Crypto Times.

Though Decentraland is yet to announce the lineup, tweets guarantee “a weekend to remember.” Don’t miss out on the place to be for all things web3 and music. 

Additionally, with all the new upgrades and innovations they’ve made in the past year, Decentraland is growing in its ambitions and wants this event to spark a swathe of new Web3 attendees. 

What Is Decentraland?

The big event will take place on November 10 to 13 on Genesis Plaza. Image Credit: Arch Blog.

Decentraland is a digital environment that exists in parallel to our physical world. It’s a virtual social world because players can create an account and avatars.

Players can then enter Decentraland with others to attend events, play games, trade in a marketplace, develop scenes and items, or hang out and chat. The Metaverse is the term coined to describe a collection of Decentraland-style online worlds. By ‘entering the metaverse,’ players are immersing themselves in this parallel virtual experience that mirrors our physical world but is effectively limitless in terms of its potential.

The Decentraland Market

The winning Item will feature in the Decentraland Marketplace tab. Image Credit: Cryptowisser.

A unique Marketplace tag is being introduced today for the special occasion of the Metaverse Music Festival! Competitors need to add the #MVMF22 tag to their festival-themed Emote or Wearable. The winning Item will feature in the Decentraland Marketplace tab dedicated to the Festival. Add the tag before October 25  to be in with a chance!

The Marketplace allows you to:

  • Sell parcels and Estates of LAND, wearables, and unique names. Set your price in MANA and the expiration date for the offer.
  • Buy parcels and Estates, wearables, and unique names for sale.
  • Transfer your Decentraland assets to another user.
  • Explore the world through a map to see who owns what, existing wearables, or claimed avatar names.


Players can also design wearables inspired by this year’s theme, “Cyberpunk meets nature.” Image Credit: Euronews.

Competition Time

Decentraland is also launching a dancing and signing Emote contest to celebrate the Festival. 

  • First Place: 800 $MANA and the title of the official Emote of the Festival. 
  • Second Through Tenth Place: 600 $MANA each. 


  1. To qualify, Emotes must already be approved and published in the DCL marketplace by the contest deadline.
  2. Emotes must be dancing/music festival-related.
  3. Entrants may submit no more than 3 Emotes and may only claim one prize.
  4. By submitting an Emote in the competition, Entrants give the Decentraland Foundation permission to use depictions of their Emotes in marketing materials and share them on social media.
  5. MANA prizes will only be deposited into the Creator’s wallet address linked to the Emote in the Marketplace.
  6. Submissions will only be accepted if they are sent via the official contest application form before October 31, 2022, 7 AM UTC.


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