For all of those who have been following the crypto trend for a long period of time, you might have heard of CropBytes. In fact, CropBytes made its debut before the play-to-earn movement gained any traction. Soon celebrating its four-year anniversary, CropBytes has received all sorts of reviews. From being accredited as a pioneer in the P2E scene to being declared a scammer by some users. 

In this article, we will provide an unbiased review of CropBytes so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth your time. 

What is CropBytes?


First introduced in 2018, long before the crypto buzz overtook the world, CropBytes is described as a “game of business”. It is built on the play-to-earn model of blockchain games. A virtual world where players get to play in an economy that allows them to create, raise and nurture their farmland. All while contributing to the growth of their virtual economy. Players have a wide variety of options from growing crops to raising barn animals, and trading resources with fellow users.  

Players can also earn and win many rewards by progressing within the game. The aim of CropBytes is to resemble, or clone, real-world economic growth. By entering this simulation, players can “work and earn” a living within a virtual ecosystem, just as they would in real life. The earnings gained in-game can be exchanged for real-world currency through numerous exchanges. We will cover this in greater detail in the section below. 

CropyByte has been crystal clear on its mission with this project: creating real wealth for players, building a community and simulating real-world economic principles. 

CropBytes Gameplay

One of the main focuses of CropBytes has been to introduce something for everyone. Whether you enjoy actual gameplay or simply value crypto projects from an investment point of view, there’s a role for you. Currently, CropBytes supports three main types of in-game roles: 

  1. Farmers: gamers who join their journey in CropBytes as farming; 
  2. Traders: users who are more interested in increasing the value of their assets and trading them for higher net gains; 
  3. Owners: some players can also buy digital assets such as farmlands to hold them for the long term. They can gain most earnings from CropBytes over a period of time. 

Game Flow 

There is a generic and systematic game flow that all players go through when starting in CropBytes. The first required action is to buy in-game assets and start farming. The following step is to grow crops on your farm and make food. While doing so, players also need to farm their animals and gain extracts, such as milk. Next, collect different utilities which can be sold. 

All extracts from animals and crops can be exchanged to CBX, the in-game currency of CropBytes. 

All assets in CropBytes’s virtual economy have an intrinsic function and contribute to the overall ecosystem. For example, (virtual) trees and croplands produce crops and fruits which require water supplied by wells and lakes. Each one of these items is a digital asset. 

In addition, animals can produce milk, wool, eggs, and so on which can all be converted to CBX. These gains in CBX can be further used to buy more digital assets and grow your wealth. 


Collaborative environment 

Similar to a real-world economy, CropBytes’s growth depends mainly on players’ collaboration. There are many incentives placed to promote the trading of essential commodities between users. Players are also encouraged to visit other players’ farms to get insights into their assets and determine the potential for trading. 

Tokenomics and Potential to Earn

CropBytes Characters on Farm
Say Howdy to Rewards! Source: CropBytes

Once again, resembling the real-world economics, the price of in-game assets is totally dependent on supply and demand. The creators have no control over any market pricing in the game. This certainly ensures that the gameplay is fair amongst all the players, without any concerns of manipulation. 

Availability, variability and other factors all determine the supply and demand. For example, if a particular crop is overproduced by many players, it can lead to being oversupplied and hence a drop in value. 

In-game token – CBX 

We briefly mentioned CBX in our review guide. CBX is the native in-game currency of CropBytes and is primarily used as a utility token. In simpler terms, CBX serves as the main medium of exchange between players. Therefore, it is not intended by any means to be used outside the ecosystem of CropBytes. 

As declared by the creators of CropBytes, CBX is deeply integrated into the various economic cycles of the game. Players following the CropBytes game flow will be rewarded in CBX by simply playing the game and participating in various quests and activities. The more progress they make, the more CBX they will be able to earn in rewards. 

How Much Can You Earn in CropBytes?

CropBytes CBX Earning
Keep on Earning to Get that Awesome NFT Cow Crown. Source: Blockonomi

Perhaps this is the real question you all have been waiting for in this review. Unlike other NFT-based play-to-earn games, CropBytes is primarily designed to increase user activity in duration. The only secret recipe to earning more is by spending more time playing the game. The game runs on CBX tokens. These can be traded for Superhero NFTs, which are special and rare. These NFTs can increase players’ profits and are breedable. The more time you spend earning CBX and trading them for Superhero NFTs, the higher your profit will be. 

Final Remarks

 CropBytes started in the earlier days of crypto games, well before it was a hot topic of discussion. The game had existed for a couple of years before finally going through ICO last year, in December of 2021. Although the current roadmap outlined by the creators is not clear and the potential for early adopters seems skeptical, it has been profitable for some users. 

After our extensive research on the creators of the game and the community surrounding CropBytes, it is safe to assume that it’s not a scam. We can agree that the possibilities to make an earning may be far stretched by the founders. However, it can still offer immersive gameplay. 

Our key takeaway would be to conduct your own research before spending time and money to CropBytes. It may be attractive for some and maybe repulsive for others. It entirely depends on what you’re looking to gain out of this adventure. 

Any investment/financial opinions expressed by Play to Earn Diary are not recommendations. Our content is for educational purposes only. If you plan to invest in any game or cryptocurrency then please do your own research and only spend what you can afford to lose.

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