Riveted Games, the company behind CryptoBlades and many other P2E games, has announced the launch of AscensionPad.

This crypto-based start-up will give CryptoBlades SKILL holders a chance to earn more from their assets. AscensionPad will offer token staking and launch a tiered reward system for potential users.

CryptoBlades AscensionPad: Features and Details

AscensionPad will act as a web3-focused start-up. Its aim will be to leverage the technical expertise of Riveted Games to launch innovative new projects in web3. However, instead of having its own token, the launchpad will use SKILL, the in-game utility and governance token of the CryptoBlades gaming universe.

The start-up will let users stake SKILL. In return, they will qualify for several tiered rewards as part AscensionPad. Also, CryptoBlades fans will get the opportunity to use unclaimed SKILL to get first dibs on AscensionPad projects.

In fact, the plan is to allocate 70% of AscensionPad opportunities to SKILL holders and the other 30% to holders of Unclaimed Skill. Eventually, AscensionPad hopes to take advantage of the growing CryptoBlades network to launch new projects and raise the resources needed to finance such initiatives.

AscensionPad: More Utility For SKILL : r/CryptoBlades
AscensionPad: More Utility for SKILL tokens. Source: Reddit

What Benefits Will CryptoBlades Fans Get?

CryptoBlades players will enjoy a series of significant benefits from AscensionPad. First, the launchpad has adopted SKILL as its primary token.

This adds more utility to the native CryptoBlades token, which will help generate future demand. As a result, the value of SKILL could go up significantly.

The AscensionPad also gives the CryptoBlades community early access to exciting new projects by Riveted Games and its partners. Interested community members can use their SKILL holdings and unclaimed SKILL staking rewards to access upcoming P2E and web3 projects early.

Thirdly, the AscensionPad gives the CryptoBlades community more staking options for SKILL. This will help enhance earnings in the future.

AscensionPad Future Projects and Vision

AscensionPad is lining up several projects as part of this new start-up. The first project goes by the name Bolstyr. This low-fee and fully decentralized content creation suite allow creators to showcase their innovative works and connect with fans free of charge. Bolstyr already has over 30 million people under its brand, and it’s a big catch for AscensionPad.

The launchpad will spare no effort in bringing high-quality blockchain and web3 products to its large community of fans. This will help propel Riveted Games to the forefront of crypto innovation while generating more incentives for SKILL holders to stake their assets.

So far, CryptoBlades remains the most successful project from Riveted Games. The P2E game has reported a 20% growth in daily active users over the last month. More success is expected in the coming months as well.

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