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CyberKongz and Snoop Dogg are two of the most recent experiences in The Sandbox. These experiences start today, and they leave the game on October 31st. Both of these experiences will be locked from 1pm UTC for VIP avatar access only. If you happen to own an avatar, you can earn guaranteed $SAND rewards during this time frame. So, let’s find out more about these experiences! 

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VIP Access Events in Alpha Season 3

To reward avatar owners, the game is creating some special events for players to enter. Owners of seven unique avatar collections will have the chance to win $SAND. Each collection gets one week of exclusive access to owners of selected avatars. During this week, players can play with other fellow avatar holders. To play, you must make sure your avatar is in the wallet associated with your Sandbox account, and enjoy playing! Let’s find out about the two experiences of this week! 

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The Sandbox Snoop Avatars

The Doggies are the exclusive Snoop Dogg avatars in The Sandbox. There are 10,000 Snoop Dogg NFTs playable in The Sandbox. Each of these NFTs is completely unique, hand-crafted with over 150 different traits by the game’s skilled voxel artists. The NFTs are designed and crafted by Snoop Dogg himself, and they’re available on OpenSea. 

As part of the NFT avatars, you can check out Snoop Dogg’s crib in Foreplay. In this experience, you can check out Snoop’s crib and take a look at all the awesome features inside. The experience will be locked from today, allowing players to earn $SAND rewards if they have a Snoop Dogg avatar. One at least one avatar from the collection, and play the experience during this week of exclusive access. If you complete at least one quest, you can earn 20 $SAND straight off the bat! 

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The Sandbox CyberKongz Avatars

CyberKongz entered The Sandbox metaverse a couple of months ago. The ape-like NFT avatars are available to play as in the metaverse, and you can explore the CyberKongz experience, taking a splash in the Tropical Park. The VX Kongz NFT collection is part of Alpha Season 3, allowing players to play as their avatars and earn some amazing rewards. With over 140,000 playable NFT avatars. The Sandbox voxelized the avatars, adding support for external avatars to expand The Sandbox metaverse. 

In the same way as the Snoop Dogg avatars, from today until October 31st, the CyberKongz experience will be locked for those who do not own CyberKongz avatars. However, if you are lucky enough to own one of these NFT avatars, you can enter the experience and earn 20 $SAND! 

CyberKongz VoxEdit Collection Comes to The Sandbox
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The Sandbox Avatar Event Schedule

During Alpha Season 3, NFT collection holders have been granted special access to earn rewards in The Sandbox. Avatar collection holders are special people in the metaverse. Not everyone has the opportunity to own an NFT avatar, so when you do, you are entitled to some great rewards. You can earn some amazing rewards with exclusive access and rewards for holders of seven different NFT avatar collections. Let’s see what the other avatar collections are and what rewards users can earn. 


As we know, seven experiences have opened for a week each, with exclusive access for avatar owners only. During this one week per experience, completing one or more quests will guarantee you $SAND rewards in The Sandbox. After this week has ended, the experience will be open to all Sandbox players. Still, the opportunity to win $SAND will not stand. So, it’s better to know when these experiences begin and end and how much $SAND you’re entitled to. You are only eligible for the program if you have an avatar from one of the following collections:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Steve Aoki Avatars
  • The Doggies Avatars (Snoop Dogg Collection) 
  • CyberKongz Avatars
  • World of Women Avatars
  • World of Women Galaxy Avatars
  • The People of Crypto Avatars

Although the events started on September 11th, there are still more to come! Let’s look at what experiences have happened so far, and what’s left! 

Steve Aoki Avatars

From September 11th until September 18th, players with Steve Aoki avatars had exclusive access to the Steve Aoki Playhouse experience. Players could win 60 $SAND as an avatar owner. 

People of Crypto Avatars

From September 22nd until September 29th, players with POC avatars could explore the diverse metaverse experience and share their avatars with the world. Players could win 200,000 $SAND as an avatar owner. 

World of Women Avatars

From October 8th until October 15th, players who held WOW avatars could enter the experience and play in the World of Women tower. Players could earn 20 $SAND as a reward. 

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Bored Ape Yacht Club Avatars

Owners of BAYC avatars entered the exclusive experience from October 15th until October 22nd. Monkeying around in this experience allowed players to earn 20 $SAND. 

The Sandbox: Bored Ape NFT bought for 740 ETH by Metaverse Giants
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Gods of Rock Avatars

From October 17th until today, players with Gods of Rock avatars had VIP access to the Green Inferno experience. Players could earn 20 $SAND. 

World of Women Galaxy Avatars

After the Snoop Dogg and CyberKongz experiences, WOW Galaxy is the only avatar event left. Players can explore the metaverse from October 27th until November 1st with the new voxelized avatars. When playing in this experience, you can earn 10 $SAND. 

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