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Gods Unchained has announced that Daily Play and Earn is now live. The feature was in the works over the past few weeks. It now begins rolling out today, right on schedule. Daily Play and Earn will allow Gods Unchained players to earn GODS tokens daily through normal gameplay.

Daily Play and Earn: Key Details

Gods Unchained announced Daily Play and Earn about a month ago. The goal of this new feature was to give active players a chance to maximize earnings through GODS rewards, the main game token on the Gods Unchained Ecosystem.

As the feature rolls out today, it will also come with additional perks. For starters, players can earn GODS tokens for the first ten games they play every day. The feature also allows players to double the number of Fragment Points earned for the first three games.

Gods Unchained
Daily Play and Earn offers players an opportunity to earn GODS Tokens. Source: Gods Unchained Blog

This is the first time Gods Unchained players will earn GODS tokens directly from the gameplay. Before the feature, rewards in the game were paid through Flux, an in-game utility currency.

How Daily Play and Earn Work?

Three key factors will determine GODS earnings in Daily Play and Earn. This includes the total amount of fragment points earned by an individual player in a day, the total fragment points earned by the whole community, and the total amount of GODS tokens on offer on any given day.

So, let’s start with the Fragment points. To put it simply, Fragment Points are assigned based on the player’s performance in the Daily Play and Earn event. To earn Fragment Points, a user must complete at least ten ranked matches each day and win some of them.

NFT card game
The number of GODS earned will be determined by 3 main factors. Source: Gods Unchained Blog

How Many Points Can An Individual Player Earn?

Fragment Points can only be generated from wins in Ranked matches. However, as noted above, in the first three ranked matches of the day, Fragment points will be doubled. The second aspect of the Daily Play and Earn feature is the pool of GODS tokens available on any given day.

The total number of tokens up for grabs each day will adjust automatically based on the total number of players eligible for the rewards. The goal for Gods Unchained is to change the daily GODS token pool to reflect a balanced reward system.

So, if the number of eligible players increases, the daily GODS token pool will expand dramatically. This will be done to ensure that, on average, daily GODS rewards for individual players remain roughly the same.

The initial GODS pool will have 14,000 tokens. This number will be adjusted upwards in the fulness of time. However, the maximum GODS tokens available for any given day will not exceed 30,000.

The third and final aspect of Daily Play and Earn is the Community Fragment Points. This is the total number of Fragment points earned by all participating players each day.

How Rewards Are Calculated Per Player

The total GODS tokens earned for every individual player will be calculated using a fixed formula. GODS tokens earned per individual will be equal to the Daily Individual Fragment Points divided by the Daily Community Fragment Points. This will then be multiplied by the total number of GODS tokens available in the daily pool.

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GODS Daily Rewards will effectively turn Gods Unchained into a P2E game. Source: Gods Unchained Blog

Please note the only thing that remains constant during the day is the value of the GODS token in the daily pool. For this reason, the total GODS earned per player will change in real-time. While Gods Unchained intends to give an estimate of daily GODS reward, the final earnings will be calculated at the end of the day.

Will Daily Play and Earn Affect Weekend Ranked

Before the Daily Play and Earn feature, the only way to earn GODS in Gods Unchained was through Weekend Ranked tournaments. However, this option will be phased out. Daily Play and Earn will run for seven days and will now be the only way to earn GODS in the game.

Despite this, Weekend Ranked tournaments will still be available. But moving forward, players will only be able to earn NFT Packs by winning tournament matches. Gods Unchained will also integrate a comprehensive Daily Play and Earn dashboard that will give users vital stats about their performance.

Gods unchained NFT card game
GODS rewards in weekend ranked will be phased out. Source: Gods Unchained Blog

The dashboard will have info about how many Fragment points you have earned at any given time of day, how many fragment points have been earned by all participating players, and of course, an estimate of the GODS token earned by your account.

Players will, however, need to claim GODS rewards for the tokens to be transferred into their accounts. The rewards will only be available seven days after they are assigned or awarded to a user’s account.

Gods Unchained says that the waiting period is designed to guarantee the system’s integrity. The seven days will be used to audit all accounts and remove any bots or bad actors from the reward list.

Why GODS Rewards Are Important for Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is one of the most popular play-to-earn games right now. According to data provided by Messari, the game has built a community of nearly half a million players. It has also seen over $34 million worth of NFTs traded since it launched.

Over 1 million NFT trades have been completed in Gods Unchained, especially after the card trading game shifted from the Ethereum Mainnet to Immutable X. Although these are notable successes, Gods Unchained has often maintained that it wants to expand earnings beyond tradable NFTs.

This is where the GODS token comes in. For now, GODS is just the primary token of the game. There are, however, plans to make it the main governance token. Gods Unchained is also working on a staking program that would allow users to earn GODS as well.

But since these things are not yet launched, the game sees Daily Play and Earn as a great way to offer the GODS token to its loyal user base well ahead of the staking schedules. The plan is to use the rewards to help incentivize existing players to stay. At the time of writing, the GODS token was trading at around $0.3. The token also has a limited supply of 500 million.

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