Is Decentraland Free to Play?

Decentraland is a virtual world of digital assets. It is one of the most highly reputed metaverse games presently and competes with big names like Sandbox and Axie Infinity. It is a browser-based platform where users can buy virtual plots of land as NFTs using MANA,  an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. Users can also build land either by using the decentraland builder or the decentraland SDK. In this article, I will be giving a guide on how to use the decentraland builder.

What is Decentraland Builder

Decentraland Builder

The decentraland builder is a simple drag and drop editor. It does not require the writer to write code, unlike the SDK. It is online-based so users do not have to install anything. To get started, click here

Creating your scene

decentraland builder create your scene

Scenes occupy LAND parcels. 1 LAND parcel is 16×16 in size. Sets are naturally rectangular, and if the user wants an irregular-shaped scene, you need to use the SDK. To start making scenes, click the “click here” button. Name your scene and write the description.

decentraland builder

 Next, you select the size of your scene. Remember that scenes are just a bunch of land parcels and 1 land parcel measures 16×16. You can also edit other scenes.

decentraland builder

Now you have your scene set and good to go.

Set the background

decentraland builder set background

Having created your scene, you now have to set the ground. Decentraland builder provides you with a variety of textures for the ground.

To select your ground texture, just select a ground texture of your choice and it will be applied.

Add and position Drop items 

Decentraland Builder

Now the actual fun part. Decentaland builder allows you to drag and drop from various items, including tiles, plants, and rocks. You can either click on the item you wish to add and position or carry it to where you want to set it. 

For greater precision, I recommend you make use of the position tool. With the position tools, you can move, rotate and duplicate an item. You can also delete a thing if you do not like it. 

It is essential that all items stay in your parcels as an intrusion into a neighboring parcel is not allowed.

Preview and Publish 

Now that you have created your scene, you can now preview it. Decentraland gives you a complete 360degree preview. To preview the scene, click on the eye icon displayed on the screen and use your mouse to rotate the scene to view it from all angles. 

Finally, click Publish to publish your scene. You can still make changes by clicking ‘update scene’ and then save your changes. 

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