decentraland day of the dead

Today, the official Decentraland Twitter account announced that, in partnership with the Mexico City Government, @EzelLife_ is bringing a virtual metaverse version of the traditional Day of the Dead parade right into Decentraland.

The parade will float straight on by the Frida Kahlo Red House located over in the Arts District.

Come celebrate with Play to Earn Diary by learning more below. This iconic cultural event all month as it opened on October 29th and runs the entire month of November by jumping in over here.

What is the Day of the Dead Parade?

decentraland day of the dead
Get your skeletal-groove on. Source: Decentraland

The Great Parade of the Dead will begin on October 29 at 5:00 p.m., according to a government announcement from CDMX. This year, there is an additional surprise that fundamentally alters how we view the show that draws thousands of citizens and visitors from around the world.

Forbes reports that “The authorities reported that the parade will be broadcast not only on television and social networks, since you can also enjoy it in the metaverse, a transmission that will be carried out by the company Ezel.Life and not only can be seen in Mexico, but in different parts of the world.”

What can you do in the Decentraland Day of the Dead Parade?

decentraland day of the dead
Time to get your parade-hat on. Source: Decentraland

For the first time, take part in the traditional Day of the Dead celebrations in the metaverse! Visitors to Spatial are invited to a metaverse festival with a Day of the Dead theme, and those who visit Decentraland can take part in a virtual Day of the Dead parade.

Come and take part in the festival, dress up as characters in themed outfits, and learn about the history of this famous cultural occasion.

The Decentraland and Spatial metaverses can be reached by using portals to access the one-of-a-kind experience and switch between the two virtual worlds.

What is Ezel.Life? team
Meet the Ezel.Life super team. Source: Ezel.Life

Time, culture, and humanity are all brought to Web3 by Ezel.

Key points:

  • To provide distinctive experiences to audiences worldwide, the company collaborates with top content producers.
  • Immersive learning experiences are created from artistic, cultural, and historical stories.
  • With a sizable and expanding pipeline, a portfolio of exclusive, original content
  • A group of successful entrepreneurs founded it in 2021
  • Offices in Sydney, Miami, and Mexico City

The team:

Pedro Quinzanos 

Entrepreneur as well as an innovator. Virket’s creator. Fifteen years in the world of digital transformation.

Luke McFarlane 

Entrepreneur and financial expert. Creator of Mountain Ash, Natural MedTech, and Vikara Capital. 16 years in the financial industry

Mark Riccio 

Entrepreneur and financial expert. Creator of Natural MedTech, Nova Royalty, and Vikara Capital. 21 years of experience in corporate finance

Sara Murillo 

A mathematician and business owner. Founded both Materia Arte and BioNextia. 7 years of experience with graphic design and technology

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland environment
Decentraland is a digital social environment powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Source: CryptoPotato

With thousands of players, Decentraland is unquestionably one of the most popular crypto games available. There are thousands of LAND plots for sale in the enormous open-world simulation known as Decentraland. The project is doing well thanks to a strong economy, and every day, new innovations are made available. Why not invest in a game whose currency is essentially a cryptocurrency when its economy is so stable? Sales of LAND, which is a blockchain asset in and of itself, form the bulk of the game’s economy. 

What is Decentraland’s LAND?

Decentraland Map
Aeriel View Of Decentraland Map – Source:

At its core, LAND is a type of tradeable virtual property that takes place in Decentraland. Purchasing LAND is exactly like purchasing a real-world land parcel. To make a wise financial choice, you must plan in accordance with the various environmental scenarios that occur nearby the plot.

In any case, the LAND in the game is essentially a plot element. This LAND is available for purchase by players, they may sell it if they have any to spare, or they may even rent it out. We refer to it as a real-life simulation because the game mechanics are closely related to actual actions.

Similar to real life, there are literally a gazillion things you can do with the LAND once it is yours. On the plot, you can open a business where you can provide services to other players and charge them for them. Or, if you have the money, you could even construct a whole mall there. You can pretty much do anything you can think of, including renting the space to someone else and paying salaries.

If you use your LAND plot wisely, you can actually increase its value. Your LAND’s value may significantly rise if a well-run property is constructed there.

Overall, there isn’t just one best place to buy LAND in Decentraland because it varies depending on the buyer. But whatever you do, avoid choosing a remote location just because it’s less expensive. Choosing a location that is not overly populous but does contain some people is always a wise move. Additionally, a property’s proximity to the road is important.

Does the Decentraland Metaverse Have a Future in Gaming?

Metaverse VR and AR
The Future of the Future. How Meta. Source: MIT Technology Review

Most metaverse experts have long held the belief that there is still nothing to be discovered in this field. Decentraland and the Sandbox are in fact metaverse platforms, but they still fall short of what we’ve come to expect from them.

Of course, the industry is just getting started. There are currently a huge number of ambitious metaverse projects in development, and the market will probably eventually become more developed.

According to this Bloomberg article, the metaverse market is expected to be worth $820 billion by 2030. As technology advances and provides users with more immersive experiences, we anticipate investments in the sector to rise even further.

Although Decentraland and the Sandbox are currently leaders in this field, it’s possible that they won’t continue to be so in ten years.

Overall though, they are unicorns in the cryptocurrency world right now. This implies that they must be performing well after all.

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