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Every discussion surrounding the metaverse cannot be completed with a mention of Decentraland. As one of the best blockchain-based platforms, Decentraland has many unique experiences to offer to its users. Whether it’s to purchase and sell virtual land plots and digital real estate or trading other NFTs, Decentraland is packed with ways to earn. With this, we’re going to talk about Decentraland Events too.

What truly makes Decentraland stand out is the number of virtual events regularly held on the platform. Today we will be highlighting the ten greatest events of all time, hosted virtually on Decentraland. So let’s dive straight into it! 

Before we begin to rank these events, it is certainly worth noting that there are hundreds and hundreds of them, with a significant portion recurring on a frequent basis. Therefore, to do justice to them, we will break down this list into three categories, namely: the best ‘first-ever’ events, ‘top-featured’ events, and ‘weekly recurring’ events. Let the Ranking Game begin! 

Best ‘first-ever’ Decentraland Events

There are lots of great events to look forward to in Decentraland. Image source: Decentraland

#1- Metaverse Fashion Week 

Held between March 24th and 27th, the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week created a big buzz all around the world. Its popularity was a result of its true inclusion nature. Most fashion weeks are on an invite-only basis and permit a few selected guests. Whereas the Metaverse Fashion Week is free and open to everyone. Users can simply log into the browser-based platform and join the event from virtually anywhere. 

#2 – Live Music Festival 

Big names, including DeadMau5 and Paris Hilton, were some of the main stars of a four-day Metaverse Music Festival hosted on Decentraland. With five main stages and different music themes, the total count of artists performing during the festival crossed well over 80! The attendees of the festival could purchase digital merchandise (NFTs) as well as unique wearable NFTs for their avatars. The festival was no short of a full-scale physical event as the organizers even offered (digital) portable toilets for a maximum experience. 

 #3 – US Metaverse Wedding 

According to Yahoo Finance, Decentraland also hosted the first-ever US Metaverse Wedding. Yes, you read that right. A fully immersive metaverse wedding. Last year, a couple in the US wed with their digital identities. And it was not just a showcase wedding. It was formalized legally by the Rose Law Group. The law firm also went as far as registering the wedding on the blockchain as an NFT. The attendees of the wedding were also able to get a rare NFT party favor that represented the historic event. 



Top 5 Trending Events (according to Decentraland)

#4 – Cretaverse | Hyundai’s New Creta Launch

The popularity of metaverse events has reached beyond the creative industries. It has even taken over the automotive world. With Hyundai launching the New Creta in Decentraland, it is certainly worthy of a mention in our list of ten greatest events hosted in the metaverse. Attendees were able to see this brand new SUV in a completely new light while enjoying live music and free wearables that were offered on June 9, 2022. 

#5 – Live DJ Music and Dancing in Unity Cafe 

The next trending event on the list is organized by CarlFravel, hosted at the Unity Cafe in Decentraland Conference Center. You can immerse yourself in a complete virtual world of live music and dancing every Saturday from 5 pm to 6 pm (UTC). Like in-person events, participants can socialize, network, and learn more about the activities in Decentraland at the Unity Cafe. 

#6 – Techno Saturdays | Rage Nightclub 

With the festival season starting all across the globe, Decentraland has been at the forefront of metaverse party season. If you’re familiar with the Decentraland platform, you are likely to have heard of RAGE NIGHTCLUB. It is a revolutionized nightclub venue in the famous Metaverse Festival District of Decentraland. Considered rave heaven for the lovers of underground techno music, the venue offers an absolute fun Techno night every Saturday. Each week there are an average of 180-200 visitors attending this event, so make sure to tune in!


#7 – Dice Masters ALPHA Boss Challenge 

Starting on June 12, 2022, the journey to Antrom begins! Defeat the Luch Boss Challenge and earn yourself a special tester NFT. The event is organized by DCLDating and is intended to last for four weeks, ending on June 26. At the end of the NFT, it will be airdropped. 

#8 – Elvis Block Party | Guinness World Record  

The Guinness World Record is heading to the metaverse! Elvis Block Party aims to set the world’s first-ever official Guinness World Record in the metaverse for the most Elvis impersonators in the Decentraland. Elvis fans from all over the world take part in this virtual event which honors the legacy of the artist. Join in for renowned dance moves, outfits, and fun-filled live performances, all in the Elvis Block Party. 

Weekly Trending Events


#9 – QuizZone Leagues

According to Decentraland, QuizZone Leagues is by far the most trending and popular weekly occurring event on the platform. Described as a simple, fun multiplayer game where players complete entertaining quizzes to reach the peak of the leaderboard. The winner also receives praises and recognition as the savviest and greatest quizzer on the metaverse. 

#10 – MetaTrip 

Last but not least, MetaTrip is also among the top five most trending weekly occurring events that take place in the Decentraland. Hosted every Tuesday from 5 pm-6 pm (UTC), a guided tour also allows participants to explore and select different places in the Decentraland. It is a fun and engaging way for users to discover new spots while getting to know the community better. 

Final remarks 

The best news about most events in Decentraland is that they are free to attend and are open to the public. For both those who are introverted and extroverted, Decentraland offers a unique opportunity to invite all types of people and connect with each other in harmony. Perhaps that is the reason why Decentraland gained so much popularity and trust in such a short period of time. 


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