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Decentraland, Decentral Games, and GITEX GLOBAL have teamed up to create a scavenger hunt on Decentraland. Explore Decentraland and find scavenger hunt NFTs to claim a special NFT wearable for your avatar. Let’s find out more about this exciting event and when it starts.

What is Decentraland? 

Decentraland is one of the biggest NFT games out there right now, with thousands of active players. The game is a unique world, with various opportunities to earn whilst playing and discover fun tasks. 

In Decentraland, you can buy, sell, and build tokenized real estate, art, and NFTs. In Decentraland, players are granted the full ability to have ownership over their in-game land, and choose what they do with it. You can sell it, buy it, and build it. In Decentraland, there are MANA and LAND tokens. 

These tokens can be earned through playing a variety of different games and burning MANA tokens in the Decentraland world. The LAND tokens represent a plot of virtual land in the game, meaning you can increase their value. MANA tokens are burned when a LAND token is produced, meaning the game economy is stable in comparison to other games.

Resembling games such as Second Life and The Sandbox, Decentraland is a great life simulation game with ample opportunities to earn. 

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What is Decentral Games?

Decentral Games is a casino platform creating and hosting play-to-earn games. Decentral Games takes pride in building games that rewards users to play. As a DAO focused on building NFT play-to-earn games, the games on the platform are fun, with earning potential. As a community-owned metverse casino, players engage in a decentralized and secure ecosystem.

With Decentral Games, you can play various casino games, even those that have been around on old computers. For example, poker, blackjack, and more. Every aspect of the ecosystem is controlled by the $DG token, acting as the governance token and the earning token. Players can stake digital assets in order to create a stable ecosystem, ensuring players stay interested in the gameplay. 

If you’re wondering why the name is so similar to Decentraland, it’s because the two are somewhat related. Decentral Games leverages two previously existing blockchain platforms, Decentraland and Matic Network. The Decentraland platform allowed users to create and monetize on the blockchain, and the Matic Network provided seamless, secure transactions. 

Decentral Games Poker blockchain game is free to play & play to earn!
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GITEX GLOBAL is the world’s largest tech show based in Dubai. Decentraland is partnering up with GITEX GLOBAL and Decentral Games in order to have a presence in the Scavenger Hunt in the metaverse. The Dubai-based company sponsors the Scavenger Hunt event, bringing it to life. 

Based in the Dubai World Trade Center, GITEX GLOBAL aims to create an enjoyable and memorable experience in person with some great tech exhibitions and shows. These shows can be based on certain social topics, as well as for entertainment purposes. 

Merging business, economy, society, and culture through innovation is the company’s vision, and the step into Web3 ensures a bigger audience and potential interest. From the power of 6G to the virtual business ecosystem of the metaverse, GITEX GLOBAL is slowly integrating its way into Web3, whilst remaining involved with investors, academia, startups, and coders. 

GITEX GLOBAL 2022 - IoT For All
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Scavenger Hunt Details

From Monday, October 10th, to Friday, October 14th, you’ll find five X-VERSE Stations scattered around Decentraland. Find each one of the X-VERSE stations to claim your Scavenger Hunt NFT. Once you‚Äôve collected all five of the scavenger hunt NFTs, you can also claim a special X-VERSE hoodie NFT.¬†

The Scavenger Hunt NFTs have different properties, with different colors and numbers to match their corresponding station.

Source: Decentral Games

The X-VERSE wearable hoodie NFTs can be claimed after finding all five scavenger hunt NFTs, and you can place it on your avatar, sporting it around the Decentraland world. 

x-Verse hoodie
Source: Decentral Games

X-VERSE Stations

The X-VERSE stations are located in several locations around the map. Here, we have the locations around with the coordinates.  

1 – located in the Stronghold Lounge (-99,127)

2 – located in the Decentraland Convention Center (68,17)

3 – located in the Tominoya Lounge (-119,133)

4 – located in the Decentraland Art Plaza (63,61)

5 Рlocated in the Crypto Valley Art Gallery (58,22) 

The Wearable Claim Station – Located in the Crypto Valley Art Gallery (54,23)

Each one of these X-VERSE stations is super recognizable, numbered 1 through 5. To interact with the stations, click on one in first-person view and collect an X-VERSE scavenger hunt NFT. 

The Kickoff Party

The Kickoff Part starts October 10th at 12pm EST, and it will be held at the Decentraland Stronghold venue. Get involved, and come and join the scavenger hunt, as well as listen to a live set from DJ T-RAX. So, if you’re interested, here are the event details for the Kickoff Party.¬†

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