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What is a Decentraland map? This is one of the most important things you should know after learning about the platform. You can find out more about all the LAND parcels in a specific virtual region by using a Decentraland map. Different kinds of LAND parcels can be found on the Decentraland map.

Now that you know about the map let us brief you about Decentraland too.

A community and virtual environment based on blockchain – this is what describes Decentraland. Land plots, artwork, and Non-Fungible Tokens are created and owned by users (NFT). Members participate in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization of the platform as well. Decentralanders can purchase MANA on a number of exchanges with cash or cryptocurrency.

ERC-721 non-fungible tokens serve as a representation for Decentraland’s distinctive assets, including LAND property and other priceless items.

Virtual Event In Decentraland
Here is what the Decentraland gameplay looks like. Image source: Decentraland

How does the Map work?

Decentraland’s map is divided into different parts. These parts are sorted by different colours and they are as follows:

  • LAND (Dark Grey): These are the LAND properties that are privately held. It is tradable on the online markets.
  • DISTRICTS (Purple): These are exclusive, privately owned themed neighbourhoods
  • PLAZAS (Large Green Squares): This is the place where players are respawned. This means that it has high traffic and is not for sale.
  • ROADS (Light Grey, Straight Lines): this represents the roads in the game and is not for sale.

The value of real estate has increased, making it a possible investment for many. Real estate prices seem to be increasing even online.

This helpful video shows you how to buy land in Decentraland if that’s of interest.

The Finer Details

The light grey lines on the map represent the roadways that are used on some land but cannot be touched. Nine green squares on the map, known as plazas, are part of Genesis City.

Each has a different theme and is managed by the Decentraland community.

  • The one in the centre is the Genesis Plaza and is where new players spawn.
  • The private property owns the darker grayer land.
  • The bright, light blue building lots are currently for sale on the Decentraland marketplace.
  • Certain guests are catered for on purple plots of land, such as a fashion center where businesses can be built.

Just like in the real world, land plots in more desirable locations fetch a higher price. The most expensive parcels of land are those that are near heavily trafficked roads or the Genesis Plaza.


By pressing a button, users can quickly teleport to any area or location on the map. The coordinates have a 2D grid-like layout.

Decentraland’s land pieces have a significantly distinct appearance. The geographical range includes games with a dragon theme and an arid desert. Each NFT terrain has a corresponding 3D model with distinctive graphics, textures, and audio.

Atlas View

This view provides an aerial perspective of every colour-coded estate, street, neighbourhood, and plaza in the Decentraland marketplace. By clicking and dragging the mouse, you can move around the map, zoom in or out, or hover the mouse pointer over a parcel to view its x, y coordinates, and owner. Any parcels that are now on the global market for purchase will come up here. To view a parcel’s status, location, and owner’s public address, simply tap on it (if it has an owner). From this screen, you may also buy the parcel or put a bid on it.

Decentraland alternative games

How to Use the Map to Find Land

Decentraland has emerged as a big draw for company owners looking to capitalize on it. This platform is more than simply another NFT in your cryptocurrency wallet. Here users can participate in activities offered in several realms, such as designing an avatar and learning about the way of life in the new society.

Decentraland is presently open for users to explore and is in the spotlight. However, any sort of participation requires MANA. Decentraland map functions as an engaging platform for users to keep themselves on the site thanks to the variety of games available. In addition, the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies for cash makes the metaverse a possible source of revenue.

3 Reasons To Buy Land in Decentraland And 3 Reasons Not Too
There are lots of great reasons to buy land in Decentraland. Image source: Decentraland

The Benefits of Owning Decentraland NFTs

Participating in the Decentraland metaverse gives users a wide range of alternatives as a brand-new economy waits. Users can locate a good business idea and eventually earn-out money by investing in NFTs or playing at online casinos. Holders can communicate with one another using the optimum features to maintain the experience. In addition, creators support live auctions of digital artwork that give everyone the same chance.

Holders of NFTs can participate in the new world by creating in it. This presents a fascinating chance to earn MANA and investigate an entirely new source of revenue. The world is only accessible at this time from a 2D viewpoint. Creators are incorporating virtual reality into traditional media.

NFTs show up on the Decentraland map as individual pieces of land with distinctive properties. Also, Genesis City currently has 90601 land parcels available. NFT holders are free to purchase and change the features, such as roads, plazas, lands, and districts, as they see fit.

Decentraland Maps: An Overview

New plots on the Decentraland map have the potential to inspire future creative endeavours. The lack of available land will draw users’ attention while also promoting clever incentives as new estate development continues. Therefore, by participating in this metaverse, let your ideas fly!

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