The Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival 2022 is coming on November 10th-13th.

“A four-day celebration of music, culture, and creativity in the virtual social world of Decentraland, the Metaverse Festival is a grand collision of light, sound, and portable toilets.” Decentraland.

What To Expect


It’s the first event of its kind – a fully decentralized celebration of music that offers a strange and wonderful brew of world-class headline acts, mind-blowing stages, games, exclusive artist merch, collectibles, and more.

On October 21, players can dress their avatar in its best wearables and jump into an experience like no other.

Decentraland And The Metaverse

Decentraland is a digital environment that exists in parallel to our physical world. It’s a virtual social world because players can create an account and avatars.

Players can then enter Decentraland with others to attend events, play games, trade in a marketplace, develop scenes and items, or hang out and chat.

The Metaverse is the term coined to describe a collection of Decentraland-style online worlds. By ‘entering the metaverse,’ players are immersing themselves in this parallel virtual experience that mirrors our physical world but is effectively limitless in terms of its potential.

The Metaverse Festival

The Metaverse Festival allows everybody to enjoy an immersive experience in a virtual world. Image Credit: NFTS.WTF.

Aside from an incredibly diverse lineup of musicians from around the world, there are games, merch stands, a VIP lounge, chillout zones, and more.

This year’s Festival theme is Evolution (the main stage name). Over the four days, the Festival will transform from

  1. Water 

  2. Earth,

  3. Space and finally

  4. Metaverse

-The Metaverse Festival

Joining The Metaverse Festival

roblox Insomniac Land Aerial View
On October 21, dress your avatar in your very best wearables and jump into an experience like no other. Image Credit: Venture Beat.

1. A computer: Ideally, a relatively new machine or one with a decent amount of power and a dedicated graphics card to handle the experience. Check out this page for more computer hardware recommendations and tips.

2. A browser: Decentraland is a web-based experience, and Chrome is the recommended browser.

3. A wallet: To fully enjoy the Decentraland Festival experience, attendees should invest in a digital wallet. Digital wallets work as personal accounts, keeping all digital assets (such as NFTs, LAND, and cryptocurrency) and progress safely.

The Festival will feature four days of “Evolution” themed events. Image Credit: Festival District.

You can still enter Decentraland without a wallet by signing in with your email address (via Fortmatic) or as a Guest. However, without a wallet, partyers won’t receive daily rewards and airdrops, trade in the Marketplace, or log in with a different device using the same ID and avatar.

The Future Of Partying Is The Metaverse

The global cost-of-living crisis is threatening the entertainment industry’s profits. Fans can’t afford tickets, transportation, and accommodation for traditional in-person events. By partying in the Metaverse, everyone can find a way to satisfy their hunger to escape reality with fun 3D virtual experiences for a fraction of the usual cost.

Decentraland is a digital environment that exists in parallel to our
physical world. Image Credit: The Metaverse Festival.

We don’t need to compromise on the real-life experience of partying, even if the price is too high. The Metaverse offers everyone an immersive experience and the chance to see their favorite bands and celebrities and party with people worldwide.

It isn’t there to replace the physical experience but enable another dimension to experiential entertainment.


As the virtual world continues to attract celebrities, football clubs, and musicians to its stages, Metaverse events will likely become increasingly popular. Anyone who wants to connect with their favorite bands but isn’t in a position to attend in person can now find them in an immersive virtual world and be a part of a global event.

The lineup for the 2022 event includes the following:

  • Nina Nesbitt
  • The Turbans
  • Ben Walker & Kirsty Merryn
  • Connie Digital
  • Aaron Sevilla

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