In the spirit of tricks or treats, Decentraland announced its collaboration with Dappcraft on October 26. The leading metaverse platform stated its interest in partnering with Dappcraft to host the Halloween Treasure Hunt.

The treasure hunt scheduled to kick off on October 27 comes with much-awaited adventures. A thrilling experience is certain for those participating.

This goes without saying, but what is a Halloween adventure without the fright? The treasure hunt’s adventures will include five tasks with wearable goodies and an endless supply of Easter eggs to unearth. Of course, there will be loads of nerve-racking frightful moments. Be careful not to piss off your pants.

This collaboration demonstrates the willingness of metaverse platforms to work together to satisfy gamers’ needs. The partnership will also create a new metaverse environment, which might be a new game or an improvement in the meta world. But a new world is unquestionably coming.

A Brief About Decentraland

With thousands of users, Decentraland is unquestionably one of the biggest crypto games in the market. Their thousands of LAND parcels are available for purchase in the enormous open-world simulation.

The project progresses well thanks to a robust economy, and fresh innovation from the metagame comes daily.

The platform came into the limelight to the public in February 2020 and has earned itself thousands of worldwide users.

Since then, transactions involving billions of dollars in virtual real estate purchases have been on the Decentraland platform. In the game, the economy thrives on selling LAND, which is also a blockchain asset.

It also uses the Ethereum blockchain with its two indigenous tokens, MANA and LAND. Users may build gaming events and NFTs to sell and use in those events, just like The Sandbox allows. Recent real estate transactions broke records when The Metaverse Group paid $2.43 million for a Decentraland property.

 Decentraland in the Metaverse

Digital real estate is not complete without the Metaverse. This concept allows users to establish their virtual personalities and participate in game activities with their online or actual pals. It entails several virtual worlds that will enable users to escape reality.

The Decentraland currency
The Decentraland currency is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies.  Image Source: Arch Blog

The Decentraland currency is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, as measured by market capitalization. It was among the top-performing tokens in the prior year, with returns of up to 5,300%. The prominence of Decentraland will influence the adoption of MANA as a top metaverse game.

The attraction of Decentraland’s proposition to institutional investors causes large price volatility. When compared to many other top cryptocurrency projects, MANA has a lot of viable competitors.

This is notwithstanding that Decentraland’s real estate industry is expanding and has promising long-term potential. However, other virtual reality environments compete with Decentraland.

Decentraland Guide
Decentraland offers virtual land for folks to build experiences. Image Source: Medium

Some of them include; Microsoft’s The Sandbox and Meta’s Horizon Worlds. Both businesses are far more accessible and resourceful than Decentraland.

 What To Know

There is no ideal spot to purchase LAND in Decentraland. However, there are a number of factors to consider which may help safeguard your investments.


Your LAND parcel will cost extra money if it is near a well-known landmark in Decentraland. Finding a plot close to The Plaza, where players of Decentraland begin their journey, is one such instance that springs to mind.

So it stands to reason that purchasing LAND there will be costly. As a result, if you want to earn the most money for your land, ensure it’s adjacent to a well-known monument.


Choosing LAND near a road would be wise when purchasing it in the game. A piece of land in the middle of nowhere, distant from the city, will probably be less valuable if you purchase it. Therefore, if you’re seeking a more expensive piece of LAND, choose a location next to a road, ideally a big road.

LAND asset in Decentraland
Here are things to know before buying LAND.  Image Source: KAGURYU BLOG

Market Studying

Finding LAND whose value will soar and making an early investment is key. The train has passed; therefore, don’t try to acquire land near The Plaza now because its worth probably won’t soar again.

You should now be on the lookout for new construction projects and be sure to purchase LAND close to them. Your investment may double, quadruple, or even tenfold if you jump in at the appropriate time.

More than a Game

The Decentraland initiative goes much beyond just a simple game. The game’s development team asserts that it is a whole virtual reality. You may literally live a second life in this virtual environment.

In the past, we’ve used a lot of excellent virtual simulators. Consider The Sims, Second Life, or any other social virtual environments with avatars, group interactions, and the whole nine yards.

But one important component was noticeably missing from all of these projects: funding. Gaming has always been only an amusement throughout its existence—that and perhaps a strategy for interacting with others.

More so, to make money from gaming in the past, you had to be an expert at a particular game. You could make a lot of money as a professional DOTA or FIFA player.

But it had no benefit for casual players. NFT games, in general, including Decentraland, have drastically altered how people view gaming.

The Decentraland meta is one of the most immersive in the world. Image Source: Decentraland on Twitter

Decentraland: Technology & Fees

Decentraland’s multi-layered architecture lies upon Ethereum smart contracts. A web-based 3D rendering engine powers the blockchain-based operations and sophisticated virtualized online environment of Decentraland.

In addition, Decentraland identifies ownership, location in the virtual world, and related documents for each piece of LAND.

Decentraland is exclusively accessible on PC devices in terms of general usability. Decentraland does not, regrettably, support VR. Natural realism cannot be accessed on any headset; hence there is none.

Decentraland’s ability to compete effectively in metaverse platforms can improve through the usage of virtual or augmented reality. This could also play a significant role in determining which ones will be successful in the long run.

Decentraland metaverse
Decentraland’s architecture lies upon Ethereum smart contracts.   Image Source: Decentraland

Decentraland levies a low 2.5% fee on each transaction. However, because it relies upon the Ethereum blockchain, users will have to pay expensive gas fees for transactions. Thankfully, the platform intends to move asset trade and mining to Polygon. It will surely be a welcome boost once the Polygon DApp from Decentraland is published.

Unquestionably, one of the most well-known metaverse platforms is Decentraland. Asides from its collaboration with Dappcraft, the community receives assistance from websites like Reddit and Discord.

They all work together to create entryways to virtual worlds where users can share location information and advertise NFT drops.

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