Decentraland vs Horizon Worlds

In this post, we’ll compare a giant metaverse platform, Decentraland vs Horizon Worlds, a virtual world made by Meta (Facebook).

The rapid growth of innovation and increased attention to the crypto industry has massively grown the concept of metaverse and web3. The metaverse, as we know it, emerged from the notion of satisfactory interaction in a virtual environment.

As an early concept, a metaverse envisions creating a 3D virtual world that is only accessible through a single character. You only need a PC with a reasonable amount of processing power and an active data connection to start using them.

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Decentraland is an Ethereum-based 3D virtual world. Users can sell parcels of land on this platform’s autonomous metaverse. It features a fascinating 3D immersive graphical technology with a virtual world that provides a tremendous interactive ecosystem.

Typically, Decentraland is a two-word phrase that encapsulates its most essential aspects. Participants in the metaverse can have augmented and virtual reality experiences thanks to the ability of completely decentralized blockchain technology.

To join Decentraland, players must use their in-game characters, which can be modified and transferred between individuals. Players may travel across the virtual world using the avatar and participate in various events. Also, a wide variety of items are available to make and personalize avatars. Decentraland uses MANA as its in-game currency.

Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds

On the other side of this guide is Horizon Worlds. Horizon Worlds (previously Facebook Horizon) is a free online VR platform that enables users to develop and experience virtual worlds. 

The platform was released in the United States and Canada for the Oculus VR headsets in December 2021. Players can explore virtual reality worlds through the application. Meanwhile, they can also create their ideal virtual worlds for others to tour.

Still, in its open beta stage, Horizon Worlds focuses on flawless communication channels, such as chat rooms and social media. Horizon Worlds is Meta’s most significant and extensive endeavor to bring individuals together in virtual reality. This follows Meta’s massive investments in virtual reality tech and a substantial shift in priority as part of their metaverse aspirations.

Technology and Innovation

The first point of debate in Decentraland vs Horizon is the innovative technology both sides offer for its users. Decentraland is built on a Web-based 3D rendering engine that powers its blockchain activities and rich virtualized online environment. Ethereum smart contracts form the foundation of Decentraland’s multi-layered architecture. Apart from this, Decentraland assigns ownership, location in the digital realm, as well as associated documentation to every piece of LAND.

In terms of general usability, Decentraland is available for PC devices only. Unfortunately, there is no VR support for Decentraland. Therefore, there’s no natural realism since it is not accessible on any headset. The use of virtual or augmented reality can improve Decentraland as a viable competitor in metaverse platforms. Also, this could be a key factor in deciding which ones will be successful in the long run.

As for Horizon World, it is not based on any blockchain platform. Meanwhile, it allows for the creation and launching of worlds inside its environment. Players can quickly make and run online games, virtual worlds, and interactive virtual communities. It utilizes a set of open and easy-to-use technologies for game development, automation, and customization. 

There’s a Builder Bot that can help users build their world without having to deal with complex programming issues. It is a voice-activated AI assistant that empowers users to call pre-made environmental components into reality.

Virtual Assets and Real Estate

Another point to consider with Decentraland vs Horizon Worlds is their respective in-platform virtual assets and real estate composition. NFTs are the main components of Decentraland’s metaverse. It includes digital parcels of land, virtual artworks in its galleries, and many other assets. LAND tokens represent the NFT connected with lands in Decentraland’s virtual world.

Decentraland vs Horizon: LAND

There is 90,601 sqm of land in Decentraland. Among these parcels, there are 43689 privately owned land plots, 33886 public land plots, 9438 roadways, and 3588 shopping areas. Players can use MANA tokens to acquire whichever land they want. 

On the other hand, Horizon Worlds features platform assets created by users. Although they are not NFTs, they include created and usable digital assets that allow users to explore the world.

Horizon Worlds

Meanwhile, there are plans to incorporate NFTs in the platform because it would play an important role in creating a permanent virtual realm where users can communicate using virtual characters and move items effortlessly.

Decentraland vs. Horizon World: Fees

When it comes to the trading of assets on Horizon Worlds, Meta’s fees are much higher than those charged by Decentraland. On Horizon Worlds, Meta charges 47.5% for asset trading and transactions. It includes a 30% Oculus hardware fee and a 17.5% fee for the Meta App Store.

Decentraland charges a meager fee of 2.5% on all transactions. However, since it is built on the Ethereum blockchain, users will have to pay hefty gas-free for transactions. Fortunately, the platform is planning to shift asset trade and mining to Polygon. As soon as the Decentraland’s Polygon DApp is released, it will undoubtedly be a nice boost.

Decentraland realms

Ecosystem Tokens

MANA cryptocurrency controls the Decentraland metaverse’s economy. The token is useful for buying parcels of land, goods, or commodities. Decentraland uses LAND tokens to represent the property pieces and track them.

MANA is an ERC-20 token that also controls the ecosystem DAO. Apart from its utility function, it enables users to make governance decisions.

On the other hand, since Horizon Worlds is not a blockchain-based virtual world, it doesn’t feature any in-platform token yet. However, as part of Meta’s efforts to build a sustainable digital world, the company plans to introduce Zuck Bucks. The new currency will power Meta’s social media and metaverse platforms.¬†

Zuck Bucks will be available in the Horizon Worlds virtual reality game before its introduction to other Meta platforms. Meanwhile, the digital currency won’t be built on a blockchain. However, it will function as an in-app currency with its own use case and ecosystem. Furthermore, Meta is planning to reward its users and creators with upcoming “social tokens” or “reputation tokens.”

Horizon Worlds

Growth And Numbers

Growth and number of users and achievements is another factor to consider, especially when choosing between Decentraland vs Horizon. Decentraland undoubtedly belongs to one of the most popular metaverse platforms. Outside of Decentraland, the community gets help from places like Discord and Reddit, which are gateways to virtual worlds where people can share addresses of places and promote NFT drops.

Even though Decentraland launched in 2020, it has remained among the most widely utilized metaverse platforms. It has millions of users and over 300,000 monthly users, as well as 18,000 people that log in every day to utilize the service actively.

Meanwhile, Horizon Worlds is powered by Meta, one of the biggest technology firms in the world. In fact, Meta is probably the father of the modern-day virtual world.

Meta has accomplished important feats, especially with its user base in the US and Canada. Even though it is still under development, Horizon Worlds hosts more than 300,000 monthly users. Meanwhile, only time will tell if Horizon Worlds is the dream metaverse.

Decentraland vs Horizon: Final Verdict

This metaverse platform comparison between Decentraland and Horizon Worlds shows that it might be tough to choose the best one. For one, Horizon Worlds’ revolutionary technology and metaverse approach is stunning. 

Decentraland, however, remains a leader in the metaverse due to its long history of service to its fans. Remember that Decentraland has been around for almost two years and counting in the metaverse business. 

Even though Meta just published Horizon Worlds in December of last year, we have no idea what the Metaverse has in store for its users in the future. In all likelihood, it will experience some adjustments, given that the metaverse sector is still a relatively new concept. Nevertheless, Horizon Worlds is a formidable competitor. Plus, it gives you a greater view of Earth’s natural magnificence in the virtual world.

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