Decentworld realizes the full financial potential of the Metaverse with its 3D replica cities. Its 3D Downtown Dubai now features Metaverse Billboards that enable businesses to showcase their logos and videos on virtual buildings.

A Swiss-owned Metaverse, Decentworld plans to create a virtual 1-to-1 copy of the whole globe. It intends to interpret how buildings and streets look in real life and offer an entire world of earning potential.

Decentworld: The Next Generation Of Web 3.0

Decentworld is a digital real estate platform built on blockchain technology to offer the next-generation Web3 experience. The platform allows members to buy and trade Digital Street NFTs, which users can add to their collections. Completed and staked collections have additional value because they produce yields paid to the owner. Using state-of-the-art security features, DecentWorld also stands for trust and transparency in the blockchain industry.

According to Raconteur, restaurant chain Chipotle opened a store in Roblox as part of a promotion that resulted in the brand’s highest digital sales day. Tressie Lieberman is vice-president of digital marketing and off-premise at Chipotle. She believes that if brands are going to cut through in the space, they must realize they’re not the experts.

decentworld nft metaverse real estate
Decentworld offers NFT Metaverse real estate. Image Credit: Cryptoflies

The Chipotle project is a singular example of how brands can create compelling interactions with customers in the Metaverse. Users could travel back to the original 1993 Chipotle location when the Chipotle burrito was born and build and roll burritos like a genuine Chipotle crew member. Players can earn Burrito Bucks and unlock virtual rewards.

Simulating Planet Earth In The Metaverse

DecentWorld’s team of 3D artists, developers, and architects are working to recreate every aspect of our world in the Metaverse. Its current cities offer minute detail, including scooters on the roads to avatars simulating the real world.

A cosmopolitan city couldn’t thrive without a strong marketing presence. DecentWorld knows this well and can see the future potential of marketing in the virtual sphere:

“Metaverse marketing is one of the most advantageous ways in which brands could engage their new and existing customers. We seek to enable businesses to be at the forefront of most modern brands and have their first metaverse ad up and running on one of our virtual Billboards located in the 3D Downtown Dubai area,” shares Audrius, one of the product owners.”Coinspectator

Many businesses are rushing to catch up with the transition to e-commerce following the Covidd-19 pandemic and recoup their losses. The entire physical world shut down, and many companies began considering how they might innovate in the digital space to capture attention in a saturated market. Enter metaverse advertising, a method of grabbing shoppers’ attention while exploring virtual reality.

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Investing in the future of commerce in the Metaverse. Image Credit: Global Newswire.

Inclusivity In The Virtual World

Not everyone can afford a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, and although the most immersive way to experience the Metaverse, Decentworld ensures everyone can enjoy its world. Choosing accessibility of exclusivity – and expensive- technology, there is a desktop version of the Metaverse, which is inaccessible from anywhere in the world.

“We wanted to give everyone a chance to experience Downtown Dubai. Soon we are also planning to implement the option of accessing the virtual world with VR headset, which will further enrich one’s experiences,” shares the team.” Business News

The innovative Metaverse platform is also enabling the possibility of further integrations that will allow the creation of virtual shops, exhibitions, and other activities for users. The most significant advantage of having a shop in Metaverse is that users can view the product in 3D.

Swiss Ethics And Transparency

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Expanding the Metaverse for everyone to enjoy. Image Credit: Crypto Briefing.

This Swiss digital real estate metaverse is, at its core, concerned with transparency and safety. Users will find bullet-proof in-game logic and a vast array of metaverse real estate digital Assets. Buying Streets and combining them into Collections enables gamers and other metaverse enthusiasts to obtain certified ownership of their virtual real estate and receive yield generated by their Collection Assets.

The platform integrates Swiss-quality security features such as KYC and user verification processes, two-factor authentication, and data privacy measures to ensure the validity and transparency of transactions and data handling. Sustainability is the key to creating stable digital economies, and DecentWorld’s team knows the score. The real estate NFT metaverse’s tokenomics design guarantees the best value for investors.

Future Concerns

Ethical concerns in the Metaverse largely reflect our current social issues in reality – such as privacy, social and economic inequalities, accessibility, identity control, freedom of creative expression, etcAs the Metaverse is still developing, we can’t yet know what new concerns might emerge. Some predict hackers might access biometric or brainwave data for unscrupulous purposes. These can include controlling thoughts and behavior; or the ability to have multiple identities for different digital spaces. These are unrealized fears, however, and currently, DecentWorld appears to be taking the necessary steps to avoid such ethical pitfalls in the future.

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