DeFi Kingdom Blue Egg

The Defi Kingdom Blue Egg is a rare item your Hero can catch in a quest. Before going into the details, let’s first look at how DeFi Kingdom Quests work.

Quests in the Defi Kingdom

Defi Kingdom is an MMORPG created in a retro pixel style. The game runs on the Harmony and DFK Chain blockchains and offers players features like DEX, liquidity pools, and rare utility NFTs

The gameplay revolves around Heroes who gather resources by participating in professional quests. At the moment, the following quests are available:

  • Mining: this is a passive activity in which heroes can collect resources every 12 minutes. There can be a maximum of 6 mining heroes at a given time. There’re two types of mining resources. In the first one, Heroes can mine DeFi Kingdom’s in-game currency, JEWEL tokens. In the second one, Heroes mine Gold. 
  • Gardening functions similarly to mining; however, you can send only one Hero for gardening quests. The Hero will collect resources, also for 12 minutes. 
  • Foraging: a group of 6 heroes can join foraging quests, and they can attempt multiple times in one transaction. This Quest requires seven stamina per Hero. However, if Foraging is the Hero’s primary profession, the required stamina will reduce to 5.
  • Fishing: here also, 6 Heroes can join the Quest simultaneously. Stamina requirements are the same as in the case of Foraging. 

DeFi Kingdom Blue Egg in the Fishing Quests

Not all resources are available in all Quests. For instance, while Heroes can gather a Grey Egg in foraging quests, they can gather Green Eggs in gardening quests. Yellow Eggs are available in the mining quests. 

And it’s the fishing quest where you can collect a Blue Egg. 

DeFi Kingdom Blue Egg
You can collect DeFi Kingdom Blue Eggs in Fishing.

Which factors determine Heroes’ resource types and yields?

In every Quest type, if a Hero’s level increases, the resource yield from the quests also increases. In addition, if the specific Quest is a Hero’s primary profession, the yield will be higher for that activity. 

Players will receive rare items as rewards for all completed quests, such as blue eggs, milkweeds, ragweeds, or sailfish. The resource type depends on the activity. 

Furthermore, each resource has a different drop rate. For example, in Fishing and Foraging, there’s only a 50% chance that a hero gathers a resource. In mining quests, the probability is even less. These numbers are valid for Level0 heroes, however. By participating in more quests and gathering resources, you can increase the level and the drop rates. 

DeFi Kingdom Blue Egg’s Utility

Defi Kingdom is an NFT blockchain game. Image credit: WEMADE Global.

Different resource types will have other purposes. For instance, players will use fish to produce potions required in adventure quests. 

It’ll be possible to hatch eggs to produce an NFT pet companion, which can yield rare NFTs. That’s why DeFi Kingdom Blue, Green, Yellow, and Grey eggs are all valuable resources. 

DeFi Kingdom Heroes

You need a DeFi Kingdom Hero to participate in a Quest. You can purchase one in the Tavern section inside the game. Before picking a Hero, you should have a look at its statistics which include Hit Points (how alive a hero is), Mana Points (ability to spell), and Stamina (Quest energy), among others. 

Additionally, every Hero comes with one of the five rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and mythic. 

Players can summon two Heroes to create a new one with superior stats and rarity.

Final Words

DeFi Kingdom Blue Eggs are very rare. The drop rate is only 0.01% for Level0 heroes. On the other hand, as stated above, in the future, you’ll be able to hatch them for pet NFTs. That’s why it’s worth trying to increase the chance by levelling up your Hero. 

The Defi Kingdom. Image Credit: The Defiant

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