Defi Kingdoms’ DFK blockchain has achieved 100 million total transactions. The game features DEXs, liquidity pool opportunities, and a market of rare, utility-driven NFTs. Its design takes inspiration from retro features, from its fantasy pixel art to its immersive world. The Role Playing Game (RPG) currently lives on the Harmony and DFK Chains.

DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain

DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain play-to-earn game that uses Role Play Game (RPG) elements in a retro-art style with collectable NFTs and integrates with a decentralized exchange to trade digital assets. Additionally, the platform recently partnered with  Synapse Protocol to create several new tokens for bridging to the DFK Chain.

These new tokens include:

  • KLAY (Klaytn)
  • MATIC (Polygon)
  • FTM (Fantom)
  • BTC.b (Avalanche Bitcoin)

The DFK chain is going from strength to strength, and as it reaches 100 million transactions, it’s an exciting time to invest.

Defi Kingdoms
Defi Kingdoms has become one of the most popular blockchain games. Image Credit: Defi Kingdoms.

From Harmony One To Klatyn

Harmony One is an L1 smart contract-enabled blockchain. It has low gas fees for its chain and a quick transaction finality time of 2 seconds. Furthermore, Harmony also aims to address the famous “blockchain trilemma,” To do this, they use a technique known as random state sharding.

DFK had always been a flagship project on Harmony One. At one time, DFK held more than 50% of Harmony One’s total value locked (TVL). In April 2022, DFK announced it was setting up a similar project on Avalanche’s subnet.

Klaytn 1661498250
DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) will soon move its Serendale map to the Klaytn network. Image Credit: Play to Earn.

DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) will soon move its Serendale map to the Klaytn network, however, and will roll out a series of updates to aid the transition, including tokenomics changes and new in-game bridge services.

The Klaytn team presents itself as faster (4,000 TPS) and safer to run on the L1 blockchain. The move is likely due to the difficulties Serendale has had working with Harmony.

Advantages of DFK Chain

defi kingdoms jewel
Defi Kingdoms JEWEL reduces gas fees for DFK users. Image Credit: CryptoRus.

DFK Chain uses JEWEL for gas, which adds additional utility to the JEWEL power token and means P2E players don’t have to hold a second token for gas fees. By using JEWEL for gas, the game can better control gas prices. This mechanism enables developers to ensure stability in the network and keep costs as low as possible for users.

In addition, the DFK Chain will only handle DeFi Kingdoms transactions, on RPCs managed by Ava Labs and POKT, with more nodes to come. Because of this, the block speed and transaction finality are not placed at the whim of the blockchain, giving Defi Kingdoms more control over its user experience. 

DeFi Kingdoms’s Features

Defi Kingdoms 2
Defi Kingdoms has two decentralized exchanges that use the tried-and-true UniswapV2 Protocol. Image Credit: Buy Bitcoin Bank.

Decentralized Exchange Swap

DeFi Kingdoms has two decentralized exchanges that use the tried-and-true UniswapV2 Protocol. DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale’s DEX trades in JEWEL, ONE, and a host of tokens on Harmony, while DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale’s DEX trades in CRYSTAL, AVAX, and a variety of tokens on Avalanche.

Investing is one of the main reasons users are attracted to blockchain technology.

The Staking Jeweler

The Jeweler accepts “deposits” of power tokens, allowing the player to participate in fee sharing and to cast governance votes. The in-game menus break this down to their simplest form, but more complex gaming mechanics are happening behind the scenes.

defi jeweler
Defi Jeweler: Depositing, Staking, and Claiming. Image Credit: medium.

The Heroes

Enlist other users’ heroes to defend the gardens, and unlock their locked farming tokens faster. Hero NFTs are full RPG characters with stat blocks, consumable resources like HP, MP, and Stamina, and a leveling system.


With the expansion of DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale onto the DFK Chain, the developers created a new token to power that realm. CRYSTAL fills the same roles that JEWEL does but within Crystalvale.

Here are its standard utilities:

  • Purchase and mint Hero NFTs.
  • Swapped on the in-game DEX.
  • Staked for fee sharing, pooled for liquidity, and applied to applicable governance votes.
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The CRYSTAL token powers the Crystavale realm. Image Credit: Medium.

The total supply of $CRYSTAL is one-fourth that of $JEWEL, and the issuance schedule is adjusted accordingly.

– Avaxholic

Defi Kingdoms is a fun, immersive meta experience offering players real earning opportunities. The latest run of transactions shows its popularity is only increasing, and its future looks bright. One hundred million transactions is impressive; let’s see what else they can do!

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