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Looking to find DeFi Kingdoms’ Gardening best stats? You’ve come to the right place. But for those who don’t know, DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) is a game, decentralized exchange (DEX), liquidity pool (LP), market of uncommon utility-driven NFTs, and all of these things come together in a smooth way in the style of fantasy pixel graphics.

How to start playing Defi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms Garden Trees In-Game
Come get gardening. We dare you. Source: Medium

You only need a suitable browser with the MetaMask extension to set up your system because DeFi Kingdoms is a web-based game.

You also need Harmony ONE tokens for in-game conversion to JEWEL and for gas expenses. In general, you will need to locate an exchange that trades ONE, such as Binance,, or Kucoin, and then send the ONE to your MetaMask wallet.

You can access the game once MetaMask and your browser are configured, and you have enough Harmony ONE in your wallet.


What are Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms NFT Hire a Hero
NFTs to satisfy your eco-friendly fingers. Source: Medium

Heroes, the utility-based NFTs that can earn resources through professions and eventually take part in combat quests and even PVP, are at the focus of a large portion of DeFi Kingdoms’ gameplay. To purchase Heroes, go to the Tavern. The NFT Agent, who can help in buying, selling, and renting out Heroes for use in the Summoning Portal, is present at the Tavern.

The two Heroes used to infuse the Summoning Crystal decide in part the classes, stats, and rarity of the additional Heroes that can be summoned by pairing them.

It’s okay if you don’t have enough JEWEL right now to buy a Hero. To start earning more JEWEL, you can invest what you already have through the Jeweler (DEX fee sharing) or in the Gardens (liquidity pooling). Of course, in order to trade for JEWEL in the first place, you must first go to the Marketplace.

What are Stats in DeFi Kingdoms?

Before choosing a hero, it would be beneficial to learn more about the many types of heroes. The stats of a hero should come first. Every hero’s skills are determined by the same set of stats. The bonuses added during the summoning process (given by the summoners paying extra Gaia’s tears and/or specific enhancement stones) will determine each hero’s initial stats. These bonuses are decided by the hero’s class, stat bonus genes, rarity, and class bonuses.

All the stats in DeFi Kingdoms, including the DeFi Kingdoms gardening best stats, are listed here:

Hit Points (HP)

A hero’s vitality is quantified by their Hit Points. A loss of HP necessitates either rest or the use of healing potions. If it reaches 0, the hero may become exhausted or even die.

Mana Points (MP)

You need Mana Points to use abilities and cast spells. Until the hero drinks a potion, he or she will lose the ability to cast spells or use skills.


Quests require stamina to complete. If the hero runs out of stamina, they have two options: 

  • Either rest naturally by regaining 1 stamina every 20 minutes
  • Or visit an inn and pay JEWELs to significantly speed up their stamina recovery rate.

More Specific Stats Include:

Strength (STR)

Physical attacks and abilities, in particular, benefit from a strength bonus.

Dexterity (DEX)

When defending, dexterity is less important, but it does affect the damage dealt by some weapons.

Agility (AGI)

A hero’s response time in battle is dependent on how agile he or she is. There’s a part to play in that, too, when it comes to dodging.

Vitality (VIT)

Increases in vitality are the primary factor in HP growth, and it also helps you recover faster from certain debuffs.

Endurance (END)

A high endurance rating improves your defenses and makes you less susceptible to debuffs.

Intelligence (INT)

Intelligence increases the multiplier for many actions, especially those involving skills and magic, and affects how one avoids the effects of magic. In addition, this stat affects the amount of extra MP earned at higher levels.

Wisdom (WIS)

Increases resistance to magic and provides a multiplier for magical attacks and skills. This stat – though to a lesser extent than INT – also affects the amount of MP gained at each level.

Luck (LCK)

A hero’s chances of scoring a critical hit increase as their luck rises. You can increase your chances of obtaining rare items and avoiding detection by a small margin thanks to a dash of luck.

What are Professions in DeFi Kingdoms?

Defi Kingdoms Professional Zone
Known as ‘The Professions Zone’. Very
fancy! Source: Defi Kingdoms

Heroes will be able to pursue one of four possible professions:

  • Gardening
  • Mining – both Gold and JEWEL
  • Fishing
  • and Foraging. 

Each profession has a skill corresponding to it that has a chance to advance every time a Hero completes a task corresponding to that career. The Hero’s capacity to profit from that job will grow along with those skills.

Additionally, each of these occupations is linked to a gene. When heroes complete profession missions that are compatible with their profession gene, they also benefit from higher prizes and a decrease in the quest’s Stamina requirement.

What are Profession Quests in DeFi Kingdoms?

Besides Summoning, Heroes mostly rely on undertaking quests in order to acquire useful things and experience

Two categories can be used to divide quests:

  • Profession Quests 
  • and Training Quests. 

Profession quests are non-combat focused missions to master several useful skills for the kingdom.

Resources obtained from profession quests serve a variety of functions. Some fish, for instance, can be used to make potions that can be employed in adventure tasks. You can also utilize other items, such as pet eggs, to raise a pet (NFT).

Generally speaking, everything may be exchanged for JEWEL through Trader Matoya or sold for gold, which can then be used to purchase specific products.

What is the Gardening Profession in DeFi Kingdoms?

Defi Kingdoms Profession Questions Druids Gardening
New reality show: world’s greatest digital gardener. Source: Defi Kingdoms

You can assign Heroes to perform the passive task of gardening. A garden can only have one Hero each visit. Every 12 minutes of gardening yields prizes for Heroes, according to the quest screen.

Heroes who specialize in gardening will instead collect awards every ten minutes. The number of complete 12-minute (or 10-minute with Gardening skill) periods that have passed after the player ends the Hero’s gardening activity will determine how many prizes they earn.

One Hero at a time can complete Gardening Quests in each of the incentive pools indicated in the Seed Box in the Gardens.

By speaking with Druid Lam, the Gardener, in the Professions section, the quest can be started. Heroes are allowed to garden in any of the various gardens, however the more seeds a player plants in a given garden, the higher the JEWEL harvest will be.

Whether or not the player has seeds in the garden, there is a minimum JEWEL output from all gardens, a potential jackpot accessible for every 15 Stamina spent, and a chance for Heroes to be rewarded with plants, Gaia’s Tears, Shv’s runes, and Green Eggs.

All plants can be traded with Trader Matoya for JEWEL or sold to Vendor Zada for gold in the marketplace. Some plants can be used as ingredients in potions that Alchemist Herbert can make.

What’s best? It’s possible that all plants have undiscovered functions. Best hang onto them.

What are DeFi Kingdom’s Gardening Best Stats?

Defi Kingdoms Profession Cheat Sheet
Not so much a cheat sheet as a cheat paragraph… but still helpful! Source: DeFi Kingdom Reddit

A now-deleted Reddit user developed this cheat sheet to simplify things. It shows which stats best boost certain professions. As you can see:


  • Strength
  • Endurance


  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence


  • Luck
  • Agility

And, most importantly for this Defi Kingdoms Gardening best stats guide


  • Wisdom
  • Vitality

As you can see, gardening calls for Wisdom to allow plants the space they need to flourish, and it seems that plants respond better to those who have high Vitality. 

Gardening is primarily done in one’s own garden, which aids in the JEWEL plants’ rapid growth, but spending some time in any garden can still yield some helpful harvests. More JEWEL prizes and more opportunities to find additional resources can result from improving a Hero’s gardening abilities.


So there you have it. The best Gardening stats in DeFi Kingdoms are Wisdom and Vitality.

If you can’t get enough DeFi Kingdoms already, DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale launched early this year! This is DeFi Kingdoms’ first expansion, and it will be available on the brand-new DFK Chain.

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