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DeFi Kingdom (DFK) is finally releasing its ‘Hero Duels’ feature. In a tweet, the game appeared to tease the upcoming addition to its metaverse

Hero Duels will start rolling out in June this year. The feature is designed to act as a side game and is part of a broader effort by DeFi Kingdoms to give users richer, more exciting content.

DeFi Kingdoms Hero Duel – What you need to know

DeFi Kingdom introduces Duel. Image Credit: Medium

Hero Duel was always part of the plan for DeFi Kingdoms. Yesterday’s Tweet only confirms what we have known for months. Nonetheless, Duel is an exciting new feature that will allow users to fight and compete against each other in in-game duels. 

Winners will earn special rewards that they can use across the game. DeFi Kingdoms sees Duel as a simple player vs player side game that will have more straightforward mechanics and stats. 

Also, the game plans to create “roll-off” duels between players that will continue for days until a winner emerges. As of now, the new feature will only be available for selected Heroes NFTs.

Why is DeFi Kingdoms Duel Important?

DeFi kingdoms have worked hard to create an integrated play-to-earn ecosystem with a DeFi component. The main tenants of the ecosystem involve a survival-style P2E game where players use NFT-backed “Heroes” to build virtual communities on the DFK metaverse.  

Users can purchase virtual land and send their Heroes to mine the Jewel token. Jewel is the primary utility token for the platform. But until now, there has been no player vs player contests. Duels will likely add a new dimension to the game, including an edgy competitive vibe that should be exciting for everyone. 

Defi Duel
Defi Duel

DeFi Kingdoms will also retain the DeFi aspects of the ecosystem. Users will still have the chance to swap tokens and earn additional rewards by staking their mined Jewels in liquidity pools—all on a single platform.

How to Take Advantage of the New Feature

We still don’t have a lot of details about how DeFi Kingdoms intends to roll out the new Hero Duels feature. Other than the teasing tweet yesterday, we haven’t seen any follow-up with added details. However, the feature will likely roll out in small phases. So far, we know that only selected Heroes will be eligible and will ideally help create some exclusivity. 

How to duel using the new feature from DeFi Kingdom. Image Credit: Medium

Nonetheless, DeFi Kingdoms is living up to its promise of expanding the ecosystem to accommodate more exciting new additions.

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