Diego Maradona’s New Legend Card

Sorare’s Official Twitter account today announced that Diego Maradona’s new unique Legend Card is here to expand his entire Sorare card collection. The Diego Maradona’s Legend Card is to mark his time with the Argentine Football Association (AFA) back in 1986.

This comes close on the heels of the very recent announcement of Ronaldo’s new legends card for his debut at Real Madrid. 

Which Diego Maradona Cards are Already Available on Sorare?

Diego Maradona’s New Legend Card
A legend in the digital flesh. Source: Hardwaresfera

Diego Maradona already has

  • 565 Limited Cards
  • 123 Rare Cards
  • 15 Super Rare Cards
  • 1 Unique Card

listed on his official Sorare cards page.

In addition, there are 6 from the 2020 to 2021 season, 64 from the 2019-2020 season, 55 from the 1985 to 1986 season, and 587 from the 1976 to 1977 season.

Diego Maradona’s New Legend Card
He fetches a high price. Source: Sorare

The most expensive card listed on there is worth £49,793.80.

Diego Maradona’s New Legend Card
Still a decently-priced card for Diego Maradona. Source: Sorare

The least expensive card listed on there is worth £17.89.

Has Diego Maradona worked with Sorare Before?

sorare marketplace
Be part of something bigger. Source: Cryptowisser

Sorare grew its affiliation with clubs back in 2020 and got the license from Gimnasia La Plata.

The Argentine club joined other groups with a strong reputation abroad, including Atlético de Madrid, Porto, Juventus, and Lyon. In addition, Gimnasia La Plata joined Sorare’s project as the first South American group. Users could locate the players and their coach, Diego Armando Maradona, using this license.

The possibilities for users were increased by this agreement, which was a crucial step for Sorare. As a result, there were significantly more opportunities for playing with clubs around the world and gaining commercial power. Maradona’s was also the first coach card that Sorare ever gave out. Additionally, these cards added various bonuses and gave players access to new features. 

What Other Famous Argentian Athletes are on Sorare?

ronaldo sorare legend card messi sign up
Messi has jumped on board with the Sorare trend. Source: CNN

Recently, Sorare released a brand-new free-to-play social game that features international teams in advance of the Fifa World Cup, which will start later this month in Qatar, as Sports Pro Media recently reported. Sorare has appointed soccer star Lionel Messi as a global ambassador.

The forward from Argentina will work with the business to develop new products and user experiences as part of the agreement, and it is also said that he has acquired an equity stake in the business. Messi recently opened his own investment company, which will focus on ventures in the media, technology, and sports industries.

Plus, over on Sorare there are countless more cards from Argentinian players, with the current card numbers totaling:

  • 58438 Limited Cards
  • 7602 Rare Cards
  • 709 Super Rare Cards
  • 111 Unique Cards
Diego Maradona’s New Legend Card
Half a million for a Sorare card?! Source: Sorare

The most expensive Argentinian card is Matías Suárez at an insanely pricey £503,019.00!

Diego Maradona’s New Legend Card
A cheap way to start playing Sorare. Source: Sorare

The least expensive Argentinian card is Facundo Mansilla at only £0.43, which is a great entry point for new players looking to test the waters playing Sorare. 

Serena Williams, a tennis phenomenon, and Kylian Mbappé, Messi’s PSG teammate, are among the athletes Sorare has as investors. The business is hoping that Messi’s fame will help promote its platform and boost sign-ups. Additionally, Kylian Mbappé has invested in Sorare.

What do Sorare’s Legend Cards do?

ronaldo sorare unique nft
The rarest of them all. Source: Sifted

Each legend card highlights a unique season that served as a turning point in the player’s illustrious career. 

A season that continues to be frequently brought up in conversation among football fans worldwide – a season that radiated so much happiness and passion for the game that they adore. The Sorare team claims that there were a few athletes who had numerous legendary seasons and were worthy of a card.

Please be aware that in order to satisfy demand, there will be 1,111 different variations of each Legend’s season card. If your Legends win the Legends Challenge competition, they will eventually return to the pitch.

According to SorareGuide.com, Legends will use the player in their club who has the highest scoring average for their position when calculating their scores for these new competitions.

A Fabio Cannavaro Juventus legend defender card, for example, will have a score of 51 in Game Week 252, which is the same as Matthijs De Ligt’s score, who is the highest-scoring Juventus defender that week. This is due to the fact that De Ligt leads all Juventus defenders in scoring.

What are the rules for Sorare’s Legend Card scores?

sorare nft game
Sorare abides by lots of rules to keep things fair. Source: Sorare

Consider the utility of a Michel Platini national team edition card as an example when thinking about the use of, as Nyambura reports, the super-fast-selling NFT Legends cards that include jerseys from a national team.

In the weeks leading up to the club game, Platini will record the Juventus midfielder’s score—who had the most goals for the team he was playing for during the season—on the scorecard.

During international Game Weeks, Platini will be awarded the score of the France national team’s top-scoring midfielder. He will be able to claim credit for more goals as a result. 

These rules only apply to Sorare Legends who are playing in their national team uniforms. For example, the Ronaldo PSV card won’t lower a player’s score during International Game Weeks.

Which Sorare tournaments allow the use of Legend Cards?

sorare rewards box
Who can say no to weekly prizes? Source: Caan Berry

Legend cards are only permitted to be used in competitive play during the “Legends Challenge Pro” and “Legends Challenge” championships. These competitions are listed under the heading “Competitions” in the Mixed section of the menu.

You must have at least one legend card in your collection in order to participate in either of these championships. Three legend cards are the maximum that can be used. Therefore, the last two spots should be filled by players who are still actively playing. Only a small number of cardholders are allowed to enter the “Legends Challenge” competition.

On the other hand, the “Legends Challenge Pro” competition allows the use of cards that are uncommon, extremely uncommon, or even unique. 

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