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Art makers and collectors are expanding in the NFT market as “Art NFTs.” Artist and filmmaker Charlotte Colbert is launching a 1-of-1 NFT based on her horror film “She Will.” The filmmaker will donate the sale proceeds to support the End Violence Against Women charity.

The NFT, titled Why are we taught to fear the witches? depicts the film’s star Alice Krige in a short video that draws on the film’s folk-horror aesthetic.

An NFT For Women

In the psychological horror film, Krige plays former film star Veronica Ghent, who visits a healing center in Scotland to recover from a double mastectomy. The protagonist experiences haunting visions of witches burned at this location centuries earlier, thus gaining the power in her dreams to avenge past trauma.

Colbert’s NFT launches as part of Goddess, an NFT show by online gallery Eye of the Huntress in partnership with NFT marketplace SuperRare.

The show presents the work of nine female artists from around the world. They appear alongside Colbert in the exhibition: Meta Angels’ creators Aslan Ruby, Eyes of Fashion creator Talia Zoref, and artists Varvara Alay, Lizzy Aroloye, Dayoung Kim, Misha Milovanovich, Laura Shepherd, and Kate Daudy.

Refik Anadol’s “Machine Hallucinations: Coral.” (Oriol Tarridas/Copyright and courtesy Refik Anadol and Aorist). Image Credit: Washington Post.

The exhibition aims to address the gender imbalance in the digital art space; according to a November 2021 report by ArtTactic, women made up just 16% of primary and secondary sales on the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway over the preceding 21 months.

NFTs And Media

Colbert follows in the footsteps of several filmmakers who’ve made inroads into the NFT space. Spike Lee, Kevin Smith, and Quentin Tarantino have launched NFT projects in the last year alone.

Meanwhile, independent filmmakers have seized on NFT sales as a means of funding projects. This week, the indie film Calladita went before with funding from NFT sales, including a novel partnership with NFT collection Nouns.

Netflix, one of the leading streaming services in the world, also announced its plans to make significant moves in the Metaverse. The platform has just launched a new metaverse experience on Decentraland that will be used to promote its action movie, ‘The Gray Man.’ Read more here. 


“This show celebrates the divine feminine who lives within us all, empowering us to build a better, more nurturing and beautiful world.” – Eye Of The Huntress

Alexandra Ray and Catherine Loewe have partnered from both sides of the pond to create The Eye of the Huntress (EOTH). Their deep knowledge of post-war and contemporary art, artists, collectors, and the market, inspired the ardent art lovers to combine their talents to launch an alternative way to view and buy art in the digital age.

Screenshot 2022 09 09 195533
Screenshot 2022 09 09 195533

By embracing the latest digital technology, they present curated works set in a series of stunning locations around the globe. The technology will create an immersive experience with beautiful interior and exterior spaces. The site claims to offer a “seamless nail-to-nail service that includes shipping, insurance, and installation from the gallery or studio to your home.”

They also work with clients to source specific pieces or commission site-specific installations.

Art As A Digital Asset: EOTH

The expansion of the art world is as prolific as the e-market as a whole. Eye of the Huntress selects artworks by sought-after artists and sends curated recommendations to clients.

EOTH is on the frontier of the revolution dissolving the boundaries between digital and physical art. The launch of EOTH during the 2020 lockdown created a new way to view and buy art online.

With the fusion of new technology and the merging of the worlds of art, design, and architecture, a paradigm shift in blockchain technology has inspired new moves in the art world. Innovations such as Defi, NFTs, Metaverses, and the foundation of Web 3 are driving the change.

Justin Sun, a prominent Chinese American tech entrepreneur who has spent millions on NFTs, told The Washington Post that NFTs will “revolutionize the existing trading model in the art market, especially for digital art.”

But NFTs won’t just bring digital art to the fore. Sun also said they aim to advocate: “transparency into the art world” and reward artists with resale royalties. NFTs embed contracts that award artists a percentage every time a work is purchased.

Meta Angels

Meta Angels nft featured
Meta Angels NFT by artist Sarana Haeata, Image Credit: Token Hype

Holding one of its 10,000 NFTs unlocks access to an extensive network and additional benefits. Benefits include top-tier partnerships, collaborations, and programming created exclusively for the Meta Angels community. Meta Angel NFTs are works of art by Māori-Australian artist Sarana Haeata, known as Aslan Ruby in the NFT world. Over 400 hand-drawn elements in the collection showcase the full spectrum of race and gender.

The Meta Angels:

“…represent the vastness and similarity between us all.” The way the project is attempting to showcase these beliefs is through their three core values, those values being “generosity, transparency, and accessibility.”  – Lucky Trader

At the heart of Meta Angels’ is their Wishing Well. The well allows members to provide help, connections, and advice in response to specific asks from their community. The organization promotes inclusivity and access through its pioneering mechanism. It allows holders of multiple Meta Angel NFTs to loan membership to other individuals, enabling them to participate.

Members can apply for one of the weekly no strings attached grants of 0.25 ETH. The only criteria for selection are that it must be for something that will positively impact members’ lives.

Women In The Digital Market

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Meta Angels NFT will change the digital art landscape. Image Credit: Meta Angels.

Forbes reported in May of this year that although there is money to be made on the NFT market:

“What cannot be overstated, however, is how much of that money is being made by men.” – Forbes

And according to a report published by ArtTactic in November 2021, women account for only 16% of the NFT art market. Despite claims that the Metaverse intends to increase diversity and become more inclusive, the only known women in the list of top 10 NFT artists of all time are Nadia Squarci (one half of Hackatao – the other artist is a man) and Monica Rizzoli.

“Ten thousand unique coins created with 300 hand-drawn elements, these NFTs have an exquisite quality you’ll want to adorn your walls with. In fact, they will be available in high resolution so that they can be printed and displayed within your own world; engaging portraits that aim to remind us that we are all in this together, fueled by our glorious differences, armed with accouterments of generosity, strength, kindness.” – Meta Angels Review, Token Hype

This project will unite the digital space with a truly artistic endeavor. It’s exciting to see NFTs evolving to occupy a new space in preparation for the Metaverse. Art is again adapting, proving it isn’t only transformative for the viewer but as a medium for the artist.

And even more empowering is how women are leading the charge.

To learn more about the End Violence Against Women, please follow the link and show your support.

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