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Well, Steppers, the time has finally come. Earning FAT points for referrals is finally over today. Throughout this time, Step App has seen a phenomenal amount of referrals and FAT points earned. So, let’s find out more about this news and what’s coming next! 

What is Step App? 

Step App is an upcoming move-to-earn app with a huge amount of hype. Similar to STEPN, the app pays you in-game tokens and cryptocurrency in exchange for your hard-earned movement. 

Currently in its beta stage, the app is set for release at the end of the year. This date is expected to be December 1st, so we only have a month to go! The app is getting a lot of hype, and with its recent announcement of a conference in Tokyo, the conference involves some amazing stars, such as Olympic athlete Usain Bolt. 

FAT earning has ended
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In order to take advantage of the $100 billion fitness market, Step App uses FitFi to combine finance and fitness. In order to dominate the FitFi app market, fitness influencers and athletes will be serving as brand ambassadors and serving as spokespersons for Step App. This is super exciting, as we can see more athletes are getting involved with the move-to-earn craze! 

Step App’s clever and aggressive marketing strategy will likely result in incredible success for this app. It had already attracted millions of users before the app had even been released!

$FITFI tokens are rewarded when you move your body with Step App. Use the Step App to earn tokens and get rewarded if you use an NFT sneaker to track your fitness progress. With a range of NFT sneakers, players can track their movements and see their daily steps converted into valuable cryptocurrency. 

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Referral Period 

Just two weeks ago, fellow Play to Earn Diary Jack reported that Step App had hit the 10 million mark for referrals. Over 10 million members of the Step community completed referrals, earning millions of FAT points along the way. 

The referral period invited Steppers to follow a link and invite friends, family, and anyone and everyone to get on board with the app. Once players have completed this, they can enter the Step App referral program. This program starts on January 1st, with only a few beta activation codes available. Of course, this period ended today, and we’re entering a cooldown period. 

Cooldown Period

The cooldown period refers to a period where all app operations are suspended for a set amount of time. Although this may seem bizarre, it is indeed necessary for a stable game economy and fair token distribution. After all, all games with currencies require some type of cooldown period in order to function. The cooldown period begins tomorrow, November 1st, and ends on November 10th. 

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Earning Fat Points for Referrals Ends Today! 

The ability for Steppers to earn FAT points for referrals has ended today. It’s time to say goodbye to referrals and FAT earning and time to greet earning rewards. Millions of people participated in this great opportunity, with over 12.7 million referrals during this period and 566 million FAT points earned by lucky users. 

So, now it’s time for the rewards. Rewards will be in the form of lootboxes. Now the earning period has ended for FAT points, the FAT claiming period will start. In order to claim your lootboxes when the Step App official app goes live, you must claim your FAT points on-chain first. 

The claiming period for these FAT points will end on the last day of the year, December 31st. So, make sure you have claimed all of your FAT points by this date. According to a Step App official tweet, instructions on how to claim your FAT points will be released when the claiming period begins. 

FAT Points

FAT points can be collected by walking, and players refer as many friends as possible to earn these points. By having more friends, you will have a higher chance of receiving lootboxes and referrals.

The redemption period for FAT points runs from November 11th to December 31st. As a result, your on-chain wallet will now contain FAT, so linking your wallet to your Step App account allows you to receive rewards. Connecting your Step Network wallet to the move-to-earn app allows you to earn more FAT every day.

You will be able to see loot boxes starting December 1st, depending on your FAT balance. The more FAT you have, the more chances you have to earn lootboxes. At this time, loot boxes can be opened by you. In addition to gems and energy, these boxes will also include KCAL. 

So, Steppers! Get ready to earn some amazing rewards with Step App! 

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