BopoVerse, the decentralized visionary community, actively engages players in empowerment and body positivity. BopoVerse is preparing to launch its Women Collection NFT collection, designed to promote female empowerment and expanded utility. This innovative and necessary news piece is wonderful for the community. Furthermore, since only 10% of women have engaged with cryptocurrencies, it holds the potential to engage broader audiences in the metaverse.

BopoVerse nevertheless conveys messages of empowerment in every way. The metaverse entertainment brand is empowering all through its decentralized community. Let’s find out how.

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What is BopoVerse? 

BopoVerse is a metaverse entertainment brand with the goal of building an empowered, inclusive community that values body positivity. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the brand conveys messages of freedom, self-love, inclusivity, self-expression, and body positivity. These empowering messages are seen through art and NFTs on the platform. 

Throughout our lives, we have all been subject to shaming for our physical appearance. This happens to almost everyone, but it leaves a prominent mark. The BopoVerse aims to offer an alternative to the often harsh reality of the real world and the internet. 

The web3 decentralized community and entertainment metaverse aims to empower anyone and everyone through unique artwork. The exclusive digital art on the platform holds strong values that aim to celebrate specific groups. For example, the Celebrating Women Warriors NFT artwork drop (part of the BopoVerse Women Collection, aka BPVw) is hand-drawn digital art. Over 6,000 hours of drawing went into producing this collection. 

BopoVerse NFTs

The BopoVerse has a collection of 7,777 BPVw NFTs. This collection is the women’s collection to empower women around the world. Each NFT has its own rarity, and are randomly distributed during the minting process. Each of these NFTs is unique, generated from hand-crafted elements and rare accessories from a pool of over 300 traits. The rarity of these NFTs are weighted as 40% common, 28% uncommon, 18% rare, 7% epic, 5% legendary, and 2% mythic. 

The BPVw collection has 7,777 NFTs. 7,000 will be sold in a private mint, whereas 777 will be kept for community airdrops. 

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Utility and Multimedia in BopoVerse

The BopoVerse is going to act as a key player in Web3 through the dynamic use of NFTs in the metaverse. Obtaining BopoVerse NFTs will grant you exclusive access to special BopoVerse projects. This will include music NFTs, comic books, and virtual land. The entire idea of the BopoVerse is to become a global multimedia entertainment platform. 

Special edition NFT comics will align with representation within BopoVerse, with the standard to uphold diversity and representation efforts. Working with leading international artists, BopoVerse looks to grow the international influence of the BopoVerse through its inclusive NFT comic books. 

Additionally, the BopoVerse has an animated series starring characters from the Genesis Collection. This will increase the accessibility of the BopoVerse, whilst conveying messages of body positivity through media. 

There will be official BopoVerse merchandise that will be sold on the marketplace. This allows community members and BopoVerse fans to get their hands on some awesome digital art and physical merchandise. A lot of the time, these are limited edition artworks and can prove valuable as digital items. Aside from trading and selling their NFTs, this gives members the opportunity to trade further artworks and build a BopoVerse collection.

Finally, the BopoVerse plans to collaborate with notable music producers to expand messages into the sonic space. Sharing messages about self-love and inclusivity through music in the metaverse encourages more involvement in the project.

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The BopoVerse NFT Collection

We’ve spoken a little about the NFT BPVw collection, but we’re going to take a look at some details. Shalock, the renowned digital artist, hand draws the collection of 7,777 NFTs. Shalock’s designs are the first of their kind and will convey the message of positive spirituality. 

Along with this collection of NFTs, BPVw holders will receive first access to the BopoVerse club, as well as the comic book. In the BopoVerse club, members will be able to connect with members of the BopoVerse community, as well as play games in the BopoVerse arena! 

Here are the details of the mint: 

September 8th, 15:00 UTC for WL, 15:15 for public

Mint Price: 0.2 ETH

Total Supply: 7,777

7,000 of these NFTs will be sold during the mint, whereas 777 will be dedicated to the drop. The BopoVerse team gave 2,777 whitelist spots to community members, with members being chosen at random out of 25,000. 

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Final Thoughts

The BopoVerse is gearing up to be an exciting empowering project. With the goal to empower everyone and promote body positivity, it’s hard to deny the potential impact of this exciting multimedia project. We can’t wait to find out more when we have more details. 

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