Epic Games, the creator behind smash-hit game Fortnite, has listed its first NFT Web3 title. The game is called Blankos Block Party, a free-to-play multiplayer NFT game featuring digital toys named Blankos. Let’s find out more about this exciting news. 

What is Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party is the new NFT game on the Epic Games Store, hosting the awesome game. 

Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play NFT game. The game is preparing for full launch on 28th September. This launch will feature the content of Season One. The game comes as an exciting development, being the first blockchain game approved explicitly for sale on the Epic Games Store, which is slowly set to become a Web3 enterprise

In an interview with GamesBeat, CEO of Mythical Games John Linden, remarked that it has been a long time coming. The experienced CEO stated that:

“We’ve been working for years to get some of these networks to start. We spent over a year with Epic working through this.”

Blankos Block Party' is an NFT Trojan Horse for the video game industry |  Engadget
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How Does The Game Work? 

Blankos Block Party thrives in a goofy, multiplayer world with heaps of possibilities. The game focuses on the amazing custom art design, world-building elements, and the personalization of the game avatars. 

The whole idea of the game is to allow players to own digitized assets on the platform. These assets are playable NFTs, and players can have the freedom of developing them to their taste. These NFTs allow players, artists, brands, musicians, and creators to become stakeholders and owners in these unique Web3 game economies, earning money how and when they want. 

The avatars can be improved to add value and can eventually be sold for a profit if you wish. The more you level up your characters, the more of possibilities there are. Merge your characters together to create new characters, and sell them for more money on the game marketplace. 

Mythical Games' Jamie Jackson Talks Blankos Block Party, Future of NFTs
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What are the NFTs in Blankos Block Party?

There are over 100 unique NFTs in Blankos Block Party. In the game, you can collect, brawl, and explore the biggest block party in the metaverse and the world! 

The Blankos are the NFTs in this awesome game. Inhabiting The Junction, the quirky game world, these NFTs thrive in a good, fun environment. Unlike a lot of NFT-based games, these NFTs do not have actual attributes and qualities to the same extent as other games. Instead, they have wearables and physical elements that make them more valuable. Merge them together to make even more profit! 

What Can Players Expect from Blankos Block Party? 

New players can expect a wealth of earnings and entertainment opportunities from the game. This includes a huge selection of developer and player-created maps that can offer a great amount of immersion, fun, and earning potential. 

Now, let’s get onto the Blankos themselves. Blankos are collectible digital vinyl toys that are brought to life. Although this sounds quite a niche, they look incredibly cool. Well, what can you do with these Blankos? You can allow them to simply live in this changing, immersive, quirky world. Players can use these Blanks to race, shoot, collect and battle to their heart’s contempt. 

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The game sounds super exciting. So exciting that the Chief Creative Officer at Mythical Games, Jamie Jackson, said this: 

“We’ve had a blast watching the Blankos community grow in size and creativity since our launch. On the eve of our full launch, we’re excited to welcome the Epic Games Store community to our vibrant player base which has already created over one million accounts thus far.”

In the game, the unique characters come with NFTs, and this confirms the player’s ownership of these characters. Additionally, this assures the right for these NFTs to be sold on the Mythical marketplace that exists outside the Epic Games Store.

What is Mythical Games? 

Mythical Games is the marketplace that powers this amazing game. As a marketplace, it allows players to own their own assets and buy and trade these assets in the game marketplace. We’re sure you already knew, but Mythical Games has helped create some of the world’s most exciting games. This includes Guitar Hero, Skylanders, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty. 

Mythical Games raises $19 million for blockchain-based games with  'player-owned economies' | VentureBeat
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Final Words

Blankos Block Party looks like a super exciting game, with a unique look into the weird world of the Blankos. We cannot wait to see how this game works and the way it’ll encourage a whole new range of players. 

Thanks for reading! 

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