Eternal Dragons

The initial official PvP tournament for Eternal Dragons is scheduled to begin in March-end. It presents a fantastic chance for those who aspire to become dragon tamers as the prize pool exceeds $15,000 USDC. Recently, PvP was introduced in Eternal Dragons, a dragon-themed auto-battler, and the upcoming tournament will feature a new function called Player Cards.

If you desire some practice before the tournament, the second Eternal Dragons Alpha PvP League will commence tomorrow, March 20th. The leading three players will receive rewards, providing them with a chance to hone their skills. The top-ranked player will be awarded three Descendant Eggs, second place two, and third place one.

The Eternal Dragons Alpha Tournament

From March 31st to April 2nd, the inaugural official tournament of Eternal Dragons will take place, featuring 128 available slots for players. Among these, 100 slots can be bought for 5 SOL tokens, and the rest of the 28 slots are reserved for partner promotions.

Ticket sales will commence next week, with individuals possessing 35 or more Genesis Dragons and the top 25 contestants from the first season of the Alpha PvP League receiving priority access. The tournament follows a single-elimination format, with best-of-three matches until the final round, which will be the best-of-five matches.

The prize pool for the tournament consists of the $15,000 base amount and the sum of ticket sales. The top 64 players will be rewarded, with the winner receiving a minimum of $3,000. This is a considerable reward and an excellent incentive for players to participate in the tournament.  

Eternal Dragons Tournament

Player Cards

Eternal Dragons has unveiled a distinctive and captivating feature called Player Cards. These cards are granted to all players who sign up for an Eternal Dragons tournament, and each player will receive 100 of them to track their stats.  

Moreover, these cards symbolize a stake in the tournament and can be traded with others. Anyone who possesses a Player Card will share in the rewards earned by the cardholder.

This is a remarkable attribute, and it will be fascinating to see how players utilize and trade their Player Cards, and how markets might evolve around them. Holding a Player Card also grants its owner access to the Eternal Dragons alpha, which is an added benefit.

More on Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons is a game that falls under the auto-battler category, and it utilizes the Solana blockchain. Players can use Dragons as their combat units, with a variety of classes available, along with position-based abilities and elemental affinities. 

This makes for a diverse range of strategies and team building options. Dragons come with basic stats, such as hit points, elemental power (magic damage), and physical power (physical damage).

Apart from these basic stats, units in Eternal Dragons possess other attributes that impact their combat abilities. Each Dragon comes with a default skill they use most frequently, ranging from attacks, healing, buffing/debuffing, or a combination of these abilities. 

Additionally, Dragons have prime stats that they prefer, and players can add items to their Dragons that match these prime stats to increase their combat value. Dragons also have Skill Sets, which are collections of abilities that only Dragons with matching Skill Sets can use. Finally, Class Skills are exclusive to specific Dragon Classes.

In Eternal Dragons, each Dragon class has specific “neighboring dragons” that they work well with, which means they share Skill Sets and complement each other’s class skills and abilities. Furthermore, Dragons receive bonuses if they share affinities with their teammates, which are associated with each NFT, such as Earth, Air, or Void.

Given these considerations, there are many factors to think about when forming teams and playing the game. Eternal Dragons aims to become one of the web3-enabled eSports games by providing strategic depth, which is crucial for achieving this goal.


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