Eternal dragons – In keeping with its name, it’s mythological, legendary, breathes benefits as fire, and introduces the NFT platform in a very powerful manner.

As Eternal Dragons have created a great deal of buzz in the NFT space, digital art projects are rising in popularity, with buyers and sellers heading galavanting to pay any price.

 It’s Time to Dive In

Eternal Dragons NFT Game
A Dragon’s Friend. Image Source: Eternal Dragons

Have a Breather! As here comes the most awaited status update on the legend (eternal dragon)

The first gazillion Eternal Dragons NFTs are just around the horizon.

As an automatic consequence, it is the ultimate moment to shed some light on the traits, DNA, and how to prepare NFTs for rarity.

Genesis Eternal Dragons NFTs are assigned a Rarity Score. Because Genesis Eternal Dragons NFTs serve a wide range of applications and utilities, a Rarity Score consists of three factors:

  1. Visual uniqueness
  2. In-game utility
  3. Ecosystem utility

Some notable traits for the dimensions as mentioned earlier are as follows;

  • Each dimension has an exclusive calculated valued NFT
  • If you are wondering what the Rarity Score represents, you can refer to it as the collective assessment of how unusual the Dragon’s DNA is.

The First Dimension

Visual Uniqueness: Visual Rarity Score

A famous quote perfectly fits here – Your vision is your reality!

The probability of luck is present for every visible trait in the Dragon portrait.

In the current revelations, the following traits are as follows:

  • Class
  • Affinity
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Neck
  • Horns
  • Tusk
  • Spine

A very significant point to mention and cast your mind back on is as follows:

  • If you’re serious about flexing, watch your PFP score: the higher your PFP, the higher your Visual Rarity Score.

You will be electrified to read further. Eternal Dragon has stepped up the game by encoding more specific traits in the Dragon DNA, which will be unveiled later. This ticks off all the boxes since those traits are already considered while calculating the other critical scores.

The second dimension

In-game Utility: Power

There is no doubt that this is a game-changer.

How does this score breathe fire for you?

  • The score that you get will determine the power you will have in the game.
  • Many hidden traits have yet to be discovered, which are calculated and the rarity of the visible traits above.
  • It is easy to gauge the NFT’s effectiveness in battle with its power score.
  • Keep an eye on this value if you are searching for a knockout and exemplary dragon to gamble with your buddies and rivals.

The Third dimension

Ecosystem Utility: Gene Pool Value

What is Gene Pool Value?

In simple words, it is an exact exemplification of the unrevealed value of the NFT.

On-chain encryption has been implemented for Dragon’s comprehensive DNA. Because of that, Dragons also possess a genome that is sometimes visible in their actual portrayals, but sometimes it’s not.

So, to calm your nerves down here is something very exciting to note down. The Eternal Dragon holds the key to unlocking its true abilities, even though dragons aren’t particularly exceptional or thunderous.

Don’t just rely on appearances.

As it is widely said, do not judge a book by its cover.

Looks can be double-dealing. In this scenario, you can form an impression of the breeding charisma by putting Gene Pool Value to use.

Some outstanding qualities of Gene Pool Value

  • Using this value, you can determine how much money a dragon would be able to earn if it were bred.
  • Gene Pool Value dragons corner the market with some remarkable DNA pairings. Something which every single player and breeder will be on a hunt for.
  • Sky-scraping Eternium charges are anticipated to be knocked down by the dragons with gene pool value when other users take a fancy to have them for breeding.

Total Rarity Score

Let’s make this a cakewalk for you to understand.

The combination of visual uniqueness, in-game utility, and ecosystem utility mounts to the Total Rarity Score. Thus, it determines the level of rarity for your NFT.

You can best evaluate your NFT’s total value with this score.

How is the Rarity Distribution done?

Eternal Dragons showing an egg
The Egg of Dragons. Image Source: Eternal Dragons

There is no rocket science to it. It is as easy as ABC to understand.

Lay your eyes on the score or at the NFT frame to determine whether you are the one lucky person inhabiting a rare dragon or not.

In turn, the Legendary Eternal Dragons NFT will consider your dragon’s DNA upon scoring 95th percentile for the entire sea of dragons.

Do you have both of the above or any one of them?

If yes, then you can imagine being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

⭐Common 50%

⭐Uncommon 20%

⭐Rare 15%

⭐Epic 10%

⭐Legendary 5%

The Last Golden Words

The Visual Rarity Score is your white knight if you are on a search for the most Olympian and rarest PFP in the Eternal Dragons universe.

As such, look no further than the Power score if you want to battle with the strongest dragons in the game.

When using your dragon to breed and earn Eternium, the Gene Pool Value comes to the rescue.

Just keep your entire focus on the total rarity score for the following two desires;

  • You crave the most multiskilled and worth its weight in gold dragon at hand
  • You have a hunger to be the first on the leader boards for everyone to admire

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