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A partnership with Upland Metaverse has been announced by Gala Games. Gala Games is a pioneer in Web3 entertainment and gaming. Gala Games’ VOX will become Upland’s first Ethereum partner in the platform’s Ethereum interoperability portal. This helps Upland reach its goal of making the economy more open.

Growing Interoperability in the metaverse

Upland is pretty damn cool. Source: The Cryptonomist

Upland is the largest city-building and property-trading metaverse platform. It encourages players to start their own metaverse businesses. Collectible ERC-721 NFTs are integrated into the Upland ecosystem and open economy through the partnership with VOX using Upland’s NFT portal. 

Through their partnership, Gala and Upland are laying the groundwork for their shared goal of making an open metaverse. Within this open metaverse, you use assets with other ones. This is relevant as /Web3’s core principle is the concept of true ownership in the digital age. The VOX and Upland ecosystems, as well as true ownership, are strengthened by enabling users to move their assets between platforms.   

Upland’s headquarters will be in the VOXverse, a future metaverse that was made by Will Wright, who made the SIMS game, and Gala Games. A metaverse building, shops, and developer studios that lead to experiences and games will also be present in Upland thanks to VOX.

There are fun events that “Uplanders” host as a welcome to the VOX Community. Such as races to open new cities, hunts for hidden treasure, and car races (Alpha). There are group efforts to build sports stadiums with exciting Upland partners like FC Porto or the NFLPA. Furthermore, the establishment of hubs and communities where like-minded individuals can work together toward a common goal.


Working together to create new metaverse narratives and experiences

Gala Games
Party on down with the Upland Gala. Source: Gala Games

The text-based choose-your-own-adventure game VOX Odyssey, is playable in the Upland Discord, and is available for fans to play while the VOXverse is being finalised. VOX Odyssey enables users to embark on quests and adventures with their VOX. This is while gathering resources. Storylines that are unique to Upland will be a part of the VOX-Upland collaboration and made public at launch.

Gala Games’ CSO James Olden said that the company’s new relationship with Upland was natural. Why? As unsurprisingly, Upland’s achievements in the blockchain gaming/metaverse space have not gone unnoticed. So, it was thrilling to connect the two worlds and communities in pursuit of a common goal of genuine interoperability. The potential of substantive progress in this area is large.

Olden said he’s thrilled to have them join the VOXverse, and he can’t wait for VOX to start investigating Upland in more depth.

Upland’s co-founder and co-chief executive officer, Idan Zuckerman, said that since the beginning, Upland has held that the future of an open metaverse hinges on close collaboration with like-minded platforms to create interoperability. Upland’s collaboration with VOXverse, who share this vision, and the merging of the Gala Games and Upland communities is very exciting, says Zuckerman.


What is Upland?

Not bad for a video game. Source: Bitcoin.com News

A blockchain-based game called Upland allows players to buy, sell, and trade virtual assets that are modelled after actual properties. Users can create homes and earn UPX coins. After, they can establish themselves as “digital landowners.” Each property on the Upland platform is connected to an NFT by the project using blockchain technology. 

Upland is trying to make a digital economy based on a market that blurs the lines between the real and virtual worlds. This may make it different from other new blockchain-based games. 

Users can use fiat currency or cryptocurrency (the UPX coin) to buy virtual goods within the game. They can trade those goods with other players. It’s important to remember that for a while there was no way to cash out your UPX tokens. The only option was to reinvest them in other properties, which produced more UPX. 

Upland uses Tilia Pay, the payment system for Second Life that primarily accepts PayPal, Upland.Me’s users can sell their digital NFT property assets. Its partner Tilia Pay is an expert at assisting video game developers to build in-world economies and monetize their user interaction. Thanks to this partnership, users can now bridge the gap between the real world and the digital world by turning their holdings back into real-world value. 

In Upland’s simulated environment, users can buy NFTs to buy virtual representations of real estate. These are flipped for real, monetary USD.


Who are Gala Games?

Gala games blockchain
The massive NFT gaming platform. Source: GalaGames

Gala Games is a blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming platform that rewards players with virtual goods for their performance in-game. The difficulty in claiming ownership of items got through gameplay is a significant problem that previous video game players have experienced. Gala Games addresses this issue.

The Gala Games platform offers a variety of games. This includes real-time strategy (RTS), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), role-playing game (RPG), and others. Despite the fact that each game’s gameplay is very different from the others, players in each game receive digital rewards such as the GALA cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  

Gala Games’ technology is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Nevertheless, the platform has a partnership with the Polygon network and has successfully built a bridge to the BNB Chain using this. Players can send and trade their tokens using the Network Bridge dApp at a reduced gas cost. 

GALA is Gala Games’ native token, an ERC-20 token spent on in-game items. It is also used as a medium of exchange between players. 

It uses the Ethereum network. But the project’s development team said that it will introduce Project GYRI, a stand-alone blockchain supported by the GALA token.

Gala serves as the medium of exchange. It enables token owners to make purchases and send money among themselves inside the platform’s ecosystem.


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