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Metaverse platform, The Sandbox has announced the final migration of Land smart contracts to Polygon. The new migration will allow LAND owners to build, trade, own and monetize their LAND assets with a meagre fee. Meanwhile, everything is for total migration on or before April 27, 2022.

Read more about Sandbox and the LAND migration to the Polygon layer two platforms. 


Polygon As a Layer Two Solution

Ethereum, as a decentralized cryptocurrency, is home to several use cases and applications on the blockchain. In fact, it powers a larger percentage of the DeFi and NFT ecosystem. This is because Ethereum is compatible with smart contracts and, therefore, can power many applications.

Ethereum also powers many metaverse platforms, including The Sandbox and Decentraland. However, the high gas fee and carbon emission are great setbacks for Ethereum. 

However, Polygon, a layer two scaling solution, provides solutions to many Ethereum problems while maintaining its benefits. Using the Polygon sidechain, NFT collectors, holders and metaverse users can enjoy faster transactions, lower gas fees and low carbon emissions. Polygon has grown as an excellent layer two Ethereum solution for NFT, gaming and metaverse.


The Sandbox Introducing L2 Solution To Ecosystem Assets

The Sandbox LAND migration
Smart Contracts. Image Source: The Sandbox

Like other metaverse platforms, Sandbox is fast growing in providing innovative solutions for its users. The metaverse platform will finish migration for all LAND assets to the Polygon network on April 27. The migration will enable all LAND assets to be deployed and bridged to Polygon layer two. Therefore, users and holders can enjoy low fees, faster and more secure transactions, and long-term benefits.

Users can only bridge their LAND from the new smart contract to avoid confusion or loss of assets. However, LAND that has not been migrated will be forced to do that before the final date on April 27. With this, users can enjoy the benefits of Polygon with the auto-upgrade without taking any steps. Users can also manually set reminders to upgrade their LAND to the layer two networks.


Migrating Sandbox LAND Assets to L2 Smart Contract

LAND owners can migrate their assets seamlessly and easily by going to their LAND contracts. In fact, the process does not incur gas or transaction fee. The Sandbox will cover all charges from the upgrade. You can watch the video below to understand the process better:

However, checking your LAND to ensure they’ve not been upgraded to the new smart contract is necessary. To check the status of your LAND assets, follow the steps below:

  • Start by connecting your Sandbox account to your wallet. Ensure the wallet holds your LAND assets.
  • Continue by going to the MIGRATION SECTION to see the status of your LAND assets. Check the upgrade status for each of your LAND.
  • If there is a green mark on your assets, that means all your LAND assets have been migrated. Otherwise, all or some of the assets may need migration.

In case all or some LAND assets are yet to be migrated, you will see something similar to the image below, indicating your assets need migration.

Sandbox LAND migration
Old and New LAND. Image Source: The Sandbox

To migrate your LAND to the new smart contract.

  • Click “Migrate All My LANDS To The New Contract” to migrate all your old LAND assets.
  • Follow instructions and execute the process.

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