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GAMEE, a renowned game developer, has revealed exciting news about their widely-loved game, Arc8. They have officially declared the launch of a highly awaited update, marking the beginning of two significant enhancements scheduled for 2023. This update introduces five noteworthy additions aimed at enriching the gameplay and fostering a more competitive environment for users.

Competing in the Daily Leagues

The latest Arc8 update brings forth a notable feature called Daily Leagues, offering an exciting new avenue for enthusiastic players to partake in more rewarding competitions. Departing from the usual 1v1 battles, players will now have the chance to ascend leaderboards through league-style contests.

Each day at 1 PM UTC, the system will handpick 100 players for these thrilling competitions. By incorporating performance-based ratings, the top 10% of participants will secure substantial rewards and advance to higher leagues.

It’s worth highlighting that taking part in these leagues will have no bearing on players’ involvement in the ongoing GAMEE tournaments, ensuring that players can continue their participation in both simultaneously.

Introducing Streaks

Another notable addition introduced in the Arc8 update is the inclusion of a feature called Streaks. This innovative feature aims to reward players for their consistent performance by offering escalating rewards for consecutive victories in battles.

Each player’s attempt to achieve a streak will be represented by an Energy Symbol. To maintain a competitive atmosphere, every player will have the opportunity to make three streak attempts per day. However, players with a Premium Pass will enjoy an enhanced limit of four streak attempts daily.

If players happen to reach their daily energy limit, the Arc8 update provides them with the option to acquire additional energy refills through purchases. Alternatively, players can utilize the energy they have already earned or opt for training battles when their energy is depleted. It is important to note that participating in training games will have no impact on their position on the leaderboards.

Reward Packs to Motivate Players

In order to further motivate and encourage active engagement, GAMEE is introducing enhanced reward packs. These packs will be granted to players for achieving victories in 1v1 battles, as well as for those who secure a position within the top 10% of the daily league. While the specific details of these rewards have not yet been disclosed by the company.

Through this update, GAMEE reaffirms its dedication to providing captivating and gratifying gaming experiences. As players eagerly anticipate the upcoming scheduled update, it becomes evident that GAMEE is making substantial progress in improving its platform and elevating the overall gaming experience for its user base.

What is GAMEE?

GAMEE is a mobile gaming platform that merges brands, gamers, and crypto projects, offering a play-and-earn experience. To facilitate its operations, the platform has GMEE, an Ethereum-based utility token. GMEE token utilizes Polygon as an L2 scaling solution, ensuring efficient transactions. Designed as the primary currency for purchases, utilities, and rewards within play-to-earn games on the GAMEE casual gaming platform, GMEE Token is awarded to players as prizes.

These tokens will serve multiple purposes, including covering entry fees for specific tournaments. Additionally, GMEE tokens possess governance functionalities, enabling token holders to actively participate in voting for GAMEE game roadmaps and the distribution of rewards pools.


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