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It’s time for a new destination in the Decentraland metaverse. This time, it’s Crystal City. This experience features a huge towering crystal tower, sculptures, and community event spaces. Let’s find out more about this destination and its contents. 

How Does Decentraland Work?

Decentraland is the hub of awesome experiences and destinations, much like The Sandbox. However, Decentraland allows creators the freedom to build what they like and showcase their talents in the community. Whether this is in the form of markets, shops, or live events, Decentraland is the place to be if you want to get involved with a large community. 

Decentraland is a user-owned virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that users can play, interact, and earn from their experiences and creations. In Decentraland, you can also find parcels in which you can build your own environments, marketplaces, and applications. 

Welcome to Decentraland, the metaverse world with its own crypto where 'land' is worth millions | Euronews
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To earn in Decentraland, you can buy MANA tokens to stake, but you can also buy LAND tokens. These LAND tokens represent plots of land where you can build, invest, and sell for more. After all, LAND tokens are NFTs, so their value can increase over time. 

Explore Crystal City in Decentraland

Crystal City is the newest destination in Decentraland, and it’s now available and open to the public. The experience has 548 feet crystalline tower named the Crystal Tower. This tower is the main feature of the 16-acre experience. 

The 16-acre experience hosts offices, art galleries, shops, events, and the highest observation deck in the entire NFT game. This makes it a unique destination with a lot of potential.

The observation deck and the sheer size of this destination is an amazing places for businesses, retailers, artists, musicians, and creators to lease space in the tower, marketplace, and event area. 

In addition to creators, brands are also allowed to lease parcels to develop brand-new HQ structures. The launch party went ahead today, with music and a lot of activities to celebrate the new experience

What is Crystal City?

Crystal City is a brand-new experience in Decentraland. The experience is designed by young architect Felipe Escudero from Estudio Felipe Escudero for LEDY, one of the most popular metaverse developers. As well as LEDY, Decent Amusements manages the district, breaking the barriers between the metaverse and the physical world. 

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As we know, the name Crystal City is mostly dedicated to the experience’s large tower. This crystalline tower is a soaring metallic piece of art, towering prominently over the entire experience. The observation deck meets the tower on the 16th floor, twirling around its shiny surface. 

As we mentioned, Crystal City is a huge 16-acre experience. Part of these 16 acres includes a large performance and event space. It’s a public space spanning over the side of two football fields.

This space makes up the main base of the experience, and in the middle of this space is GEM, a 2-story sculpture created by Escudero. This sculpture becomes a type of community art or gallery space, intending to showcase artists’ work. 

Crystal City Features

Amongst other features, Crystal City also features a public marketplace in the event space. The floor of this marketplace provides a shimmering appearance of water, with sci-fi features.

Above this market is a ceiling of ice, making this experience even more eye-catching. Once the market is in use, it will grow up and outwards, allowing for a spectacular place for creators to show their goods. 

Eventually, the ceiling ice will melt away to accommodate the market’s exponential growth. Our physical world is metaphorically represented here. Industrial development adversely affects the earth and its inhabitants. This experience will not impact the world and people, presenting as a virtual reminder and stark contrast. 

Usually, parcels cost thousands of dollars in Decentraland. In the Crystal City experience, affordability is the key. Artists, creators, and retailers will be permitted to lease spaces and hold events for affordable prices, allowing them to showcase their work. In addition, tenants and developers are free to do anything their imagination desires at an affordable rate. 

Designing Crystal City

When designing Crystal City, Felipe aims to house a studio and gallery of his own design that resembles the floating glacier near the towers. With this in mind, Gallery OBIO will showcase his recent projects, mixing music videos, fashion, and objects. When speaking about the design, Felipe was adamant he wanted to create pieces that feel animated and are inspired by nature. 

​​“The metaverse is a space where new design opportunities exist. Here I can apply ideas that cannot exist in the real world, ideas that may provide inspiration and vision for what might be in the future, physical world.”

Final Words

So, the new Crystal City destination is super exciting for Decentraland, with an emphasis on creativity and allowing creators to showcase their art. We can’t wait to see how this experience goes down with the Decentraland community. 

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