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Remember the early 2010s? When everyone was playing online games every day. Life was fun, there weren’t any crypto crashes, no NFT value drops, no token crashes, and certainly no crypto-induced games that required upfront investment in the ecosystem to get into the game. Well, there might have been no crypto crashes, but there was one type of game that got extremely popular, very quickly. NFT Farming Games presented a very different, very laid-back sort of gameplay. No one-on-one fighting, no actual immersive 3D gameplay, and despite the absence of these features, these games made a name for themselves. 

Remember Farmville? Farming Simulator? Hay Day? These were games that shaped our childhoods. They taught us far more than 3D combat games were teaching us. They were teaching us about production and consumption, more about farm finance, etc. What is even more interesting is that so many RPG and Strategy games learned from the mechanics these traditional farming games were using. Remember the resource generation mechanics in Clash of Clans, the feed generation in Dragon City? Where do you think these ideas are generated from? The truth is, that modern mobile gaming owe a lot to farm games. 

NFT Farming Games to Play and Earn

Well, if you don’t already know, the NFT gaming market has pretty much revived the farm game scene. There are interesting farm NFT games studded with unique features. The biggest advantage these games have over the more traditional games that were being played in such massive numbers is the fact that these newer games employ De-Fi and Social-Fi elements.

Imagine the evolution of a certain type and level of virtual crop into a virtual asset?

Doesn’t this concept sound incredibly exciting?

It does, and for that reason, the NFT farming games got popular right after making their debuts in the market. 

Without further ado, here are four of the best blockchain farming games you can earn crypto and NFTs with…                                          


CropBytes Farm NFT Game
CropBytes Farm NFT Game. Source: Crop Bytes

CropBytes started as one of the first few farm NFT games in the space. It brought together the elements of business, farming, and strategy games to create its main mechanic. The game launched in 2018. From 2018 onwards, the game has had quite a journey. Amassing as many as 450K downloads on the Google Play Store and the Apple Appstore, it was obvious that the game was a hit. 

Ever since then, the game has been featured in articles and content created by names like, NEWSBTC, CoinTelegraph, and many more. The game is predominantly backed by the Polygon chain. Which is one of the most decorated chains for NFT-related projects. The game offers the $CBX as its governance token. One $CBX stands at almost $0.07 and has held much of its value in the recent crypto crisis. 

CropBytes offers Crypto farms for you to command and make into successful money-making machines. Players are given a certain number and types of resources when they start. They are then expected to grow food and crops for sustenance, as well as for commerce. How does sustenance work? Well, a farm doesn’t only consist of plants and crops, it also consists of animals, both domestic and cattle. Players are expected to feed them so the resources they generate are consumed and reinvested. This entire process entitles you to a reward from the game in the shape of the $CBX, which can then be traded for the $USD.

For more information on the game, and how it works, visit the link attached to the game title on the previous page. 

Farmer’s World

Farmers World NFT Game
Source: Farmer’s World

Farmer’s World is a far more recent development in the farm NFT games circuit. It officially has not even been a year since the game was first seen on the market. But already the game has been able to muster up an impressive 190K active users and more than 100K active members on its Discord channel. 

Slightly different from CropBytes, Farmer’s World requires a little bit of upfront investment. But, the game boasts one of the best idle gameplays, or maybe “passive gameplay” is a better denomination. The game features three in-game tokens, $FOOD, $WOOD, and $GOLD. We are sure that each has a very self-explanatory usage in the game. 

The game employs another cool feature. Which is very different from conventional farm games? The game allows the trade, development, and usage of farm plots. Making it a very balanced mix of farm, strategy, and virtual estate gaming. The game divides its gameplay into five important parts. Mining, breeding, building, cultivating, and also involves an interesting feature such as “wild animals”. The entire gameplay is focused on this cycle. Where minerals are mined, animals are bred for their resources, and sophisticated NFTs are built to aid with the farming process. 


MOBOX iOS Farm NFT game
Source: MOMOVerse

The MomoVerse is known for its superior interoperability and compatibility. The interdependence that each game has, with the other is what drives the entire metaverse forward. The metaverse has constantly been featured as one of the most influential titles in the market. 

MOBOX: NFT farming takes traditional farm NFT games one step ahead. It makes use of staking and farming methods of the token to try and turn up a capital gain for investors. Offering yield farming and decentralized finance mechanisms. This makes this game one of the better idle and passively played games in the market. 

MOBOX offers $MBOX as its governing token. The $MBOX token trades at 0.5708$ in the exchange market. The token is one of the more competitively priced tokens in the market, but that hasn’t helped against the market-wide drop in value. 


Wanaka NFT Farm Game
Source: Wanaka Farm

Before we move on to the game itself, we feel that we have to commend the marketing that this game has done. The game offers one of the most creatively developed websites in this niche. 

Wanaka Farm was launched in late October last year. And in a short amount of time, the game has held up impressive numbers. Boasting more than 30K followers on Twitter, despite being from such a small niche in the market, as well as more than 30K active daily users, the game has sure created a buzz around its name. Having said that, the game has struggled to create a lot of market dominance for itself. People are interested but not enough to invest in it, and for those reasons, the game continues to struggle against bigger competitors. 

Wanaka’s governance token, the $WANA is one of the cheapest tokens in the niche. That can be an advantage and disadvantage. But with dormant activity in the game, the token value inches closer to a more negative outlook. Having said that, the game has been showing steady improvement. Wanaka Farm produces almost 34K USD worth of trading every day. For a game of that scale and size, those are sizable numbers. 

The game randomly assigns a plot of land to a new player. Many of the mechanics are the same as the ones mentioned above. Except maybe, from the idea of cross-breeding. These cross-bred animals may then produce more valuable little ones that usually possess better resource-producing potential.

Final Thoughts

Make no mistake, there is no doubt about the fact that NFT farming games are still a small part of the play-and-earn market. But that does not mean that the niche does not have the potential to outgrow other niches in the market. We genuinely believe that most titles have not been able to create a unique selling point about themselves. And if they have, they have failed to effectively advertise their core competencies. If these games can produce the best possible offering to the market, they would easily see a significant spike in their numbers. Simply because idle gameplay and the concept of passive earning from the NFT gaming market are slowly taking a deeper route. Maybe, with time, when many of these young games have sufficiently justified their roadmaps, they would find themselves in more favorable positions.  


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