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The gaming industry has been revolutionized by the Web3 ecosystem, which allows players to earn rewards for their recreational activities. This is referred to as the Play-to-Earn (P2E) phenomenon. Web3 games were created as an alternative to the profit-driven model of Web2, and P2E has become a profitable opportunity.

One such example is Fight Out, which offers an enjoyable gaming experience and rewards players for their participation. The popularity of Fight Out has resulted in significant investor interest, with a presale that raised over $5.47 million.

A Fast-Growing P2E Game

Fight Out is a game on the Web3 platform that provides players with the opportunity to compete in different game modes in order to win cash rewards and digital items. Play-to-Earn (P2E) has become increasingly popular because it offers a way for people to enjoy themselves while earning.

Despite this, numerous Web3 games have not been successful due to their focus on a niche audience of Web3 users who face entry barriers due to the need for costly NFTs and an emphasis on NFT breeding as the quickest route to earnings.ย ย ย ย 

Fight Out is diverging from the norm and introducing a fresh concept. Their P2E platform acts as a bridge between Web2 and Web3 realms.

By reducing the high level of technical knowledge required to participate in Web3 gaming, the Fight Out ecosystem will encourage the widespread adoption of its games.

One aspect that distinguishes the project from other Web3 games is the utilization of “soulbound” NFT avatar. These possess abilities and attributes that correspond to real-life achievements and expertise, for player competition. Individuals have the opportunity to assess their physical abilities in reality and enjoy themselves in a secure setting.

Upon registration, users have the ability to produce a personalized NFT avatar, which represents their unique Fight Out identity. Because the avatar is “soulbound,” it is impossible to purchase or sell.

Each user’s avatar statistics precisely mirror their progress, growth, and successes. As individuals engage in more real-world training, their avatar’s statistics will improve accordingly.

Distinctive attributes are established by dividing the avatar metrics, and each one grants a unique advantage during Fight Out gameplay. These traits include endurance, mobility, strength, cardio, and technique. The performance of the avatar in the Fight Out gaming environment is directly influenced by the user’s training routine.

Moreover, users have the ability to attain or acquire items such as clothing, tattoos, makeup, hairstyles, and accessories, to adorn their avatars. Cosmetic NFTs can be obtained by trading $FGHT on the Fight Out marketplace. These NFTs are capable of being purchased, sold, or traded.

Buy $FGHT and Acquire a Bonus

Fight Out is presently conducting a token presale, which has already generated an impressive $5.47 million from investors. Furthermore, an additional vesting bonus of 42% is available for individuals who choose to secure their purchase of $FGHT for a period of 36 months, thereby maximizing their investment.

The value of the FGHT token is currently at $0.028, and its price increases every seven days to incentivize early investment. Investors should be aware that the presale will terminate in 17 days. Additionally, the asset will be available for trading on centralized exchanges on April 5.

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