Forbes has announced that it is partnering with the Sandbox to bring its legendary party experience and atmosphere into the metaverse.

The partnership will also allow  Sandbox users to get close and personal with Malcolm Forbes, including his life, history, and passion that drove him daily.

But that’s not all. Forbes also intends to use its virtual presence on the Sandbox to showcase some of its NFT-backed wearables to the community.

The publication also plans to provide a metaverse version of Forbes’ 30 Under 30. Here, a gallery of this popular list will be provided virtually, where users can interact with it as they see fit.

More on The Forbes Sandbox Experience

The goal of the Forbes Sandbox experience is to offer an all-inclusive metaverse adventure for all users. In fact, ultimately, the publication wants to give the Sandbox community a chance to discover more interesting facts about Forbes through an exciting virtual interaction.

This will be done through the Forbes Hub, an integrated metaverse space where all the experiences will be based. The experience is also not just about Forbes.

The sandbox
The Forbes experience on the Sandbox will give users a closer look at the publication, including its history. Image Source: The Sandbox on Medium.

There is talk of creating this party atmosphere within the Forbes Hub where users can interact with each other and have some fun.

Additionally, the Forbes experience is perfectly themed for the holiday season. It will run from December 14th through to December 28th.

Prizes for Participants

There will also be a ton of exciting prizes for the participants. However, the grand prize will feature a pot of around 50,000 SAND tokens.

Although the Sandbox has yet to release the modalities through which these tokens will be distributed, it is enough incentive for the community to get involved.

Forbes Sandbox experience
Forbes and The Sandbox are offering 50,000 SAND tokens in prizes and a few special NFTs. Image Source: The Sandbox on Medium.

Nonetheless, the Sandbox team says that distributed rewards will be based on how many people participate in the experience. All these things will be determined at a later date. For now, let the fun begin!

Forbes Special NFT Rewards

In addition to the 50,000 SAND tokens on offer, The Sandbox also intends to offer exclusive Forbes NFTs as part of the prizes. We do not have any details about the nature of these NFTs. In fact, Forbes wants to make them a big Christmas surprise.

It is likely that the NFTs will be tucked away inside a series of puzzles or adventures within the Forbes experience. As such, users who intend to participate are advised to keep their eyes wide open.

We are also learning that part of these NFTs may include lifetime Forbes subscription memberships. Additionally, users will also be able to generate their own special NFTs once they participate in this experience.

For example, once you’ve completed all the quests, you can picture your Avatar in any location on the Forbes Hub. You can then share this photo on social media, after which you will enter a draw to win an exclusive Forbes VIP Balloon NFT. For now, The Sandbox intends to offer around 400 special NFTs.

Who is Eligible to Participate in the Forbes Hub

As with all Sandbox experiences, the Forbes Hub will be open to each and every member of the community. However, there is a small caveat for Forbes Subscription holders. In fact, if you hold any subscription to any Forbes services, you will be eligible for early access to the Forbes Hub.

The metaverse
The Forbes Sandbox Experience is open to all community members, but Forbes Subscribers will get early access. Image Source: The Sandbox on Twitter

Subscription holders will be able to meet other folks and interact with the metaverse before everyone else. There will also be special trivia and other experiences for these early access members.

Despite this, the early access will likely be a day at most. After that, the whole hub will be opened to the entire Sandbox community. You do not need any special avatars to participate in the show.

Why Forbes is Hosting the Experience on The Sandbox

The idea of hosting the Forbes Hub on the Sandbox is a no-brainer. For now, The Sandbox has established itself as one of the leading metaverse projects in the world. In the just concluded Alpha season, the Sandbox managed to average nearly 40,000 daily users.

The sandbox is one of the leading metaverse platforms in the world. Image Source:

Additionally, over 1.6 million people visited the Sandbox website monthly. This makes the platform the undisputed king of the metaverse. It, therefore, makes sense that Forbes would want to share its experience with this large community.

Besides, it’s not the first time The Sandbox is hosting major brands in its virtual space. In fact, some of the leading brands in the world, including Samsung, Playboy, The Walking Dead, and so many others, have set up their experiences on the platform.

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