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The Funko and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers NFT collection,’ The Power Rangers Digital Pop!’, is now live! Released via the Droppp NFT platform, it will consist of animated versions of the most iconic Power Rangers characters. The new ‘The Power Rangers Digital Pop!’ adds to the playful pop culture-focused NFT collection, including those the company made in collaboration with beloved painter Bob Ross and the sci-fi series Star Trek.

Players will have two tiers of digital “pop!” packs to choose from, Ā digital “pop!” packs: a “standard” and “premium” pack option — both of which will consist of 22,500 unique NFTs. This latest release brings a welcome dash of 90s nostalgia – we’re here for it!

Funko Pop NFTs

Funko describes itself as a “leading pop culture lifestyle brand.” that sells Non-Fungible Tokens and physical items. The company powers the Loungefly, Mondo, Funko Games, and Digital Pop! brands while also offering a large selection of pop culture consumer products.

After celebrating its first anniversary, Funk began releasing itsĀ Digital Pop! line, which offers popular characters’ non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as digital trading cards, with the rarest NFTs redeemable for physical Pop! Collectibles. Funko’s previous collaborations include Warner Bros., Hanna Barbera, My Little Pony, Kellogs, Transformers, and DC Comics.

Power Rangers: “It’s Morphin’ Time

The new ‘The Power Rangers Digital Pop!’ collection features celebrated characters, including the Green Ranger, Scorpina, Zordon, and more. Fans can purchase a Standard pack for $9.99 or a Premium pack for $29.99. The packs contain 22,500 pieces for 450,000 Power Rangers NFTs.

In each pack, six rare Digital Pops redeem a limited-edition physical Pop! figurine of that character for no additional cost. The physical collectibles have received some negative reviews for their poor quality.

This series of NFTs is exclusive to the Droppp.io platform, and fans need a Droppp account and a credit card to buy the collectibles. Digital pop is a wallet that holds Funko pop digital collectibles. With Digital Pop, users can collect the NFTs by sending them safely. It also keeps track of the mint number and details of the tokens.

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Funko is releasing NFTs that are collectible assets. Image Credit: Esports


Collectibles need certain traits to beĀ investible, which are now enabled in the digital world thanks to NFTs.

  1. A digital collectible, such as a trading card, a piece of digital art, a video clip of a sports highlight, a photo, a piece of music, etc., can be anything.
  2. A certificate of ownership, the NFT itself, is where the value lies. Without it,Ā  it might as well be a screenshot or a copy rather than an original, one-of-a-kind piece.

A digital collectible is a unique or limited-edition copy of a virtual item and usually has a visual element. These elements can be digital art, a video clip, or a digital trading card. Theoretically, it could be anything represented by 1s and 0s, such as digital music recordings.

Through their partnership with Droppp, Funko created a platform and an NFT marketplace that enables fans to shop for Funko digital Pop! The NFT uses the WAX blockchain. WAX allows users to track and access all of their previously purchased digital Pop! items.

Suppose players complete their Royalty Collection (by collecting one of every Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic Digital Pop!ā„¢). In that case, they become eligible to receive a limited edition physical collectible figure designed exclusively for this release.

The NFT Marketplace

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The new Power Rangers range was released today. Image Credit: Comic Book.

Players can sell and buy collections on the NFT marketplace.

Here is a quick checklist of what you need to do to start trading NFTs.

  1. Get a wallet: The first thing you’ll need to do is get a crypto wallet. Most NFT marketplaces will have a shortlist of recommended crypto wallets to download, or you could connect with your pre-existing wallet. Bear in mind that the wallet will need to be able to operate with the Ethereum blockchain to trade NFTs.
  2. Get your cryptos: Once you’ve set up your crypto wallet, it’s just a matter of getting the digital currency from a cryptocurrency exchange. Again, you’ll probably be buying Ether coins to trade at most NFT marketplaces.
  3. Browse and start trading: Now the fun begins as you’ll get to browse all of the digital assets available on the NFT marketplace. Once you’ve connected your wallet, you’ll be able to customize your profile with your username, photograph, and so on. You’ll instantly be able to buy an NFT for a fixed price or put in a bid on an NFT auction.

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