The Sandbox

GamerHash has announced a new strategic partnership with The Sandbox. The deal allows the gaming studio to bring as many as 700,000 traditional gamers into the metaverse.

GamerHash is also hoping to explore this new partnership to deliver unique gaming experiences for its users.

What GamerHash Gets from Sandbox

GamerHash has confirmed that it will acquire a 6×6 Estate in the Sandbox metaverse. The land will be used for several purposes. However, the gaming studio is trying to give its 700,000 traditional gamers access to exciting metaverse games.

In fact, GamerHash is planning to roll out its first metaverse game on The Sandbox. The game, which is dubbed ‘TRAVERSE: Mars is Mine’, is however not the last. Ultimately, GamerHash is looking to develop a robust ecosystem of gaming apps for its users.

On its part, The Sandbox has always billed itself as the ultimate metaverse for gamers. The platform has integrated so many traditional gamers as it builds its P2E web3 community.

The deal with GamerHash will not only bring in 700,000 new users. It will also underline Sandbox’s growing popularity for gaming and web3 experiences.

TRAVERSE: Mars is Mine

As noted above, GamerHash’s first gaming experience will be delivered through its Sandbox-based game ‘TRAVERSE: Mars is Mine.’. The game is actually based on GamerHash’s brand hero Astro. However, a new backstory will be introduced to add an edge to everything.

The gaming studio will pursue a Play and Earn model as a way to incentivize its community to play. Leader boards and tournaments will also roll out in due time. GamerHash says that ‘TRAVERSE: Mars is Mine’ will launch in Autumn.

But before that, the gaming studio is planning a series of exciting promotions and marketing activities for its gaming community. This will include things like NFT presales and other goodies. More details on the game will come out in phases over the coming weeks.

More on GamerHash and What It Does

GamerHash is a decentralized ecosystem that allows users to earn by selling their computing power. The platform targets gamers in general. It provides a simple and passive way to earn crypto with very minimal start-up investments.

However, GamerHash wants to be more than that. In fact, the studio says that it wants to create gaming experiences that cut across web2 and web 3. The partnership with The Sandbox will allow it to expand its innovative gaming experiences into the web3 sphere.

GamerHash will also become the first Polish gaming studio to get into the Sandbox ecosystem. Eventually, the studio wants to build a gaming experience where crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse can integrate and work together.

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