Popular LFG platform, Gamerse has announced its partnership with OpiPets – an economy-based role-playing game (RPG). The partnership is geared towards combining both platforms’ core and gaming mechanics in creating engaging content. This way, unity can be promoted among the widely-spread blockchain gaming community.

Notably, Gamerse aims to provide fun and entertainment to gamers by flowing with the latest trends. And to bring gamers together, it sees the need for interesting projects. According to the platform, partnering with OpiPets brings it “one step closer” to achieving that goal.

Now, both platforms will work on incorporating powerful codes and datasets into joint projects. Consequently, gamers will enjoy the excitement of video games while earning incentives in form of tokens. On top of that, they just need to play to earn without spending money.

What Should Gamers Expect from This Partnership?

Currently, both platforms are working together to offer gamers the best of both worlds. Should things go well, OpiPets will display its virtual pets in Gamerse’s ecosystem. Gamers can access these pets on OpiPets’ Verified Game Page.

Also, OpiPets will offer its current users a fresh gaming experience by integrating their virtual pets into their favorite games. They can choose from a variety of available pets that are customizable, creating more ways to enjoy the Gamerse experience. Similarly, Gamerse users can interact with their favorite streamers and watch them play games with their virtual pets in real-time.

Furthermore, OpiPets users can meet a wider community at Gamerse. For instance, they will be able to expand their networks through connections on the Gamerse platform. This way, they create healthy relationships and better virtual experiences.

Integration of OpiPets into Gamerse’s SAM

As a platform that aims to unite the blockchain gaming community, Gamerse is eager to achieve greatness with OpiPets. The platform has announced that it will be launching OpiPets into its NFT Social Aggregator Marketplace (SAM). This way, it hopes to provide gamers with new gaming experiences.

Gamerse intends to offer gamers with the thrills and feelings associated with playing with realistic and adorable virtual pets. Currently, the social aggregator marketplace is still in its development stage. But in due time, the integration will be completed and accessible to everyone.

Gamerse’s SAM is a multi-platform social hub where exclusive gaming NFTs are minted and displayed. Also, these NFTs will be tradable on the platform, as it operates on various blockchain networks. The social aggregator marketplace (SAM) is truly a one-stop shop for blockchain gamers.

Opipets company
OpiPets is a grand, strategic role-playing game that involves adventures, storylines, and quests. Image Source: Techcabal

In turn, this will make accessibility much easier for players, as they would be able to launch the OpiPets game directly in the Gamerse ecosystem. Similarly, the displayed NFT assets will be available for purchase on the Verified Game Page on Gamerse.

Furthermore, gamers will get to participate in social engagements. In this case, social engagements are activities or tasks that gamers can perform to keep the platform alive. Examples include clicking on OpiPets game links, retweeting, liking, commenting, and sharing special gaming moments with friends. 

While this seems interesting, more features will be included for gamers. However, Gamerse is currently focused on launching its SAM. More information about the partnership will be released at an undisclosed date.

Exclusive Giveaways

In collaboration with OpiPets, Gamerse will be hosting exciting giveaways. From OpiPets NFTs to other in-game assets, gamers will get the chance to win various rewards. However, there are no scheduled giveaways at the moment.

Assumably, the giveaways will come in after the launch of Gamerse’s social aggregator marketplace (SAM). This way, gamers will be able to access every in-game item from OpiPets as they participate.

Other Partnership Projects to Expect

While the integration of OpiPets into the Gamerse’s SAM is the biggest announcement, both platforms still have tricks up their sleeves. As announced, gamers should stay tuned for more details about upcoming projects. They include:

  •  Gamerse X OpiPets Cross-Community AMAs
  •  Gamerse’s “Game of The Week” series featuring OpiPets
OpiPets Trailer
OpiPets will be launched on Gamerse’s social aggregator (SAM). However, the SAM is in its beta phase of development. Image Source: Payonwhatsapp

What Is OpiPets?

OpiPets is an engaging, free-to-play pet battle game where gamers can customize, grow and breed pet characters. Also, they can mint, collect, and trade exclusive OpiPets NFTs. The platform provides enthusiastic gamers with thrilling opportunities to challenge friends in the Opiverse, defeat enemies, and complete tasks.

Also, the platform offers over 20 arcade games and many more treaties. With OpiPets, gamers can become Entrepreneurs in the Opiverse. This gives them the opportunity to raise the best OpiPets, customize them, and challenge other gamers. Thus, they can earn rewards by winning challenges, PVP matches, and earning top spots on the leaderboard.

OpiPets is more than just a game. It is a mystery waiting to be solved, with hints hanging around in form of videos, guides, missions, battles, and hidden items. Also, in the game, there are NPCs that gamers can interact with.

Top of it all, the game is ‘infinitely customizable. Gamers can design unique NFTs right from their imaginations. Additionally, there are over 60 OpiPets that can be customized with more than 25,000 wearables.

About Gamerse

Gamerse is a blockchain gaming platform that seeks to unite the various factions in the NFT gaming community. It strives to achieve this by applying its solution-oriented processes to create an “NFT gaming social ecosystem.” This way, gamers can explore various NFT games, from popular ones to the newly-launched ones.

By so doing, gamers get to enjoy exclusive airdrops as well as smooth in-game transactions. Thus, they can buy and sell NFT assets ranging from wear and land to custom effects and weapons – on a single social marketplace.

gameverse nft games
Gamerse provides access to several NFT games as well as NFT assets. This way, it hopes to bring the global blockchain gaming community together. Image Source: Gamerse

Since it began operations, Gamerse has partnered with several platforms. Notable partners include CryptobladesPolygon, CryptoPolis, GameStar, Unix, and Chainlink.

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