Looking for games that are like the hugely popular Clash Royale? If you’re interested in P2E and love Clash Royale, there’s good news! There are several P2E games out there that are similar to Clash Royale and come with the potential to earn real-world rewards.

Clash Royale is a popular free-to-play mobile game that incorporates elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena games. With more than 100 million downloads and an average rating of 4.4, Clash Royale is a firm favorite among gamers and mainstream players alike.

The game’s slogan ‘epic, real-time PvP battles’ sums up the gameplay as a whole. Players use a team of in-game characters to defeat their opponents by capturing their towers before the opposing team.

Several P2E games boast similar gameplay. So if you’re looking for the fun of Clash Royale with the potential to earn of P2E, make sure you check out the games below!


Splinterlands is a play-to-earn collectible card game that is based on the idea of summoning different monsters to battle against randomly-selected opponents. It has several similarities to Clash Royale.

The game is broken up into two different types of cards: summoners and monsters. Summoners are magic users who use one of six primal forces to summon different monsters.

Monsters are creatures that are called forth by a Summoner to battle. The actual fighting is done by the monsters.

Splinterlands wallpaper ultimate guide
Splinterlands is similar to Clash Royale as it involves collecting cards and taking part in battles. Image source: Splinterlands

The game has a ton of different mechanics that make it really interesting to play. For example, each Splinter has its own unique set of summoner cards and monsters. This means that there is a lot of variety in the game, and no two games are ever the same.

Splinterlands is similar to Clash Royale as it involves collecting virtual cards to battle against your opponents. There is also a fantasy element just like in Clash Royale, with players using various magic elements to win battles.

There are many ways to earn from Splinterlands, including through ranked battles, daily quest rewards, and seasonal rewards.

Gods Unchained

Second in our list of games that are like Clash Royale is Gods Unchained. A play-to-earn collectible card game where players select deities to battle against each other. The objective is to deplete the opponent’s health points, while protecting your own.

You can advance in rank and unlock packs of cards, using Flux as a crafting material, to improve your deck.

Gods Unchained offers a unique spin on the card game genre, with its divine beings and spells.

Much like Clash Royale, the game revolves around using your deck of cards to defeat real-life opponents during battles.

There are lots of ways to make money on Gods Unchained. Players earn money by advancing through levels and earning card packs. These cards can’t be sold right away.

But players can opt to ‘forge’ some of their cards into NFTs. These NFTs can then be sold on.

YouTuber CopperPitch goes into more detail about the ways you can earn from Gods Unchained in his video linked below.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is another great game to check out if you’re looking to earn while playing. And there are some serious money to be made with Axie Infinity; the most expensive Axie ever sold cost $820,000.

In Axie Infinity, players collect creatures called Axies. Players can then breed, battle, collect and raise Axies. They can also build kingdoms from scratch in this truly player-owned economy.

Players can earn money by participating in battles such as externally sponsored tournaments. They can also fight against real-world opponents in the Arena mode and earn rewards that way.

Further, players can breed Axies and sell them on in the marketplace. For a detailed guide on Axie Infinity, make sure to check out our article here. 

Axie Infinity Origin Early Access Image 1
Axie Infinity is the game that allows you to collect Axies and battle against real-life opponents to earn crypto. Image source: Axie Infinity


Like Clash Royale, Axie Infinity is based on the premise that you collect cards and Axies and take part in battles against real-life opponents to win rewards.


Gamers who enjoy the PvP aspect of Clash Royale will love Illuvium. The play-to-earn blockchain game involves collecting “illuvials” which are deadly beasts with unique abilities.

These illuvials can be trained to become strong fighters. Or they can be fused to create powerful evolutions that can create the perfect Illuvial team.

Players can then use their Illuvials to participate in the Leviathan arena, which is a PvP battle arena allowing players to battle each other using their newly trained illuvials.

Illuvium Gameplay Universe
Illuvium is a great alternative for fans of PvP battles. Image source: Illuvium

Incorporating strategy, battle arena gameplay, and uplevelling characters, Illuvium has a strong Clash Royale vibe.

And players can win prizes in tournaments and events, as well as in the Leviathan arena where they can battle against opponents or wager on battles.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is another play-to-earn game that is like Clash Royale. It focuses on collecting NFTs and battling against opponents to earn rewards.

The Battle Royale mode will be popular with players who like the ‘last man standing’ gameplay offered by similar games. Here, 12 players join a battleground and try their best to survive by remaining inside a circle that constricts as time goes on.

Thetan heroes against a blue background.
The gameplay is straightforward and genuinely fun. Image source: Thetan Arena

The tower siege game mode, in particular, is very similar to Clash Royale. It involves two teams that must bring down their opponent’s tower by collecting items called Battery to summon the Siege Robot who damages the tower.

Ember Sword

Ember Sword offers so much to fans of PvP and MMORPG games alike. Gamers can create characters and explore a whole new universe, choosing to be peaceful foragers if they wish.

But for those who want to earn rewards through battles, they’ll have the opportunity to participate in a classless combat system where they can fight monsters, bosses, and other players.

Ember Sword is about much more than PvP battles. It aims to be a community-based game with room for those who enjoy PvP battles and those who simply want to participate for the strategy-based foraging and crafting opportunities.

As such, this game will appeal to fans of Clash Royale as well as those who enjoy MMORPG games as a whole.

Ember Sword P2E Game
Ember Sword is another exciting project hosted on Immutable X. Image source: Ember Sword



CryptoBlades is an NFT blockchain game with PvP elements. The play-to-earn game is based on the premise that gamers will forge ‘power weapon NFTs’ to defeat their enemies or sell them in the marketplace.

Players will also be able to earn rewards by participating in PvP combat in the arena. They will be able to select a character they wish to play with, as well as a weapon they wish to use. They will then need to choose from four possible opponents based on their attributes.

There is a level of strategy involved which will appeal to the PvP fans.

CryptoBlades Tracker Review
CryptoBlades is an NFT blockchain game with P2E elements. Image source: CryptoBlades

Cross The Ages

Cross The Ages is a complex universe including books and mini-games introducing gamers to the intricate lore that aims to combine the best of science fiction and fantasy in one.

In this dystopian world, masters of magic battle with AI-powered cyborgs to win scarce resources and rise to power.

Cross the Ages is also a collectable card game where players face off against each other in quick duels lasting approximately five minutes.

Cross The Ages game
Cross The Ages will appeal to fans of science fiction and fantasy alike. Image source: Cross The Ages

Players aim to create winning strategies using their cards. The objective is to control as much as possible of the battle Arena.

There will be other gameplay options available too, where players will be able to go on Metaverse quests to earn rewards and discover ‘easter eggs’ hidden in the novels.

Much like Clash Royale, Cross The Ages involves collecting ‘cards’ and fighting opponents in an arena to win rewards.


The final P2E game on this list that is like Clash Royale is Sorare. It is slightly different to the rest of the games on this list in that it doesn’t involve ‘battles’ in the traditional sense, nor is it fantasy or science-fiction based.

Instead, Sorare will appeal to the football or baseball fan who enjoys the general premise of Clash Royale.

Sorare Fantasy Football Game
Create your dream baseball team with Sorare. Image source: Sorare

Players collect Sorare digital cards of their favorite football or baseball players. These cards can then be used to create team lineups which compete in a variety of fantasy competitions each week.

Gamers compete against other players around the world each week in the hope of earning rewards and making it to the leaderboard.

While there is the element of building teams and playing against other real-life players, Sorare will appeal more to sports fans than fans of fantasy.

9 P2E Games That Are Like Clash Royale: An overview

As can be seen, many P2E games can provide similar gameplay to Clash Royale if that is what you are interested in as a gamer. Many of these games offer a lot more than the standard PvP battle arena gameplay that made Clash Royale so popular.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a game, this could either be a bad thing or a good thing. But for Clash Royale fans who enjoy intricate detail, fascinating lore, and great artwork to boot, the games on this list are a great starting point.



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