Dated October 28, 2022, popular NFT marketplace, Rarible, announced that the GameStop NFT wallet is available on its platform. The update came in via the platform’s Twitter handle, in which it states that users can start trading their favorite projects. Also, the GameStop NFT wallet is live on the Immutable X platform by extension.

Notably, Rarible is an NFT marketplace built on the functional Immutable X web3 platform. Previously, Immutable X collaborated with the platform with the aim of delivering “world-class gaming content with zero gas fees.” And since that time, Rarible has recorded quite many successes, including the time when Immutable NFTs’ total trading volume hit $5 million on the platform.

On the other hand, GameStop NFT is a blockchain platform designed to house unique NFTs of various types. The platform is also a marketplace where NFTs can be traded by collectors and users. Like Rarible, GameStop NFT also integrated the Immutable X scaling solution infrastructure with its platform.

What Is the GameStop NFT Wallet?

The GameStop NFT Wallet is a type of wallet created by the GameStop NFT team to proffer solutions to NFT management, transactions, and decentralized application usage issues. With the wallet, users will be able to solve these aforementioned problems while enjoying better experiences.

Created for a vast range of utilities, the GameStop NFT wallet supports Immutable X and its native IMX token. This way, members of the Immutable X community can trade their tokens within the platform. Since Immutable X is a layer 2 scaling solution on the Ethereum network, users can now experience speedy transactions in the shortest amount of time.

Also, the GameStop NFT wallet is self-custodial. That is, users have full control over their assets, as well as what goes in and out of their wallets. As such, it is a great development to utilize, especially with its many features.

Rarible & gamestop
transacThe GameStop NFT wallet offers quite many features including fast transactions and self-custody. Image Source: TrueAchievements

GameStop NFT Wallet: Benefits

In detail, the GameStop NFT platform stated a few benefits of the wallet. However, the advantages of the GameStop NFT wallet are not limited to the ones mentioned. They include:

  •  Manage Your Crypto & NFTs in One Place: The GameStop NFT wallet is designed for users to keep their NFTs safe in one place, no matter the quantity. That is, no matter how many NFTs a user has, the GameStop NFT wallet can accommodate them all. Not only that, but users will also be able to connect easily with GameStop’s upcoming marketplace, which will allow them to trade NFTs from anywhere. Also, the wallet helps to keep track of new and existing NFTs, especially after sales or purchases.
  •  Fast Transactions on Layer 2: Notably, the layer 2 blockchain development is an advancement of layer 1, which witnessed various challenges. As opposed to layer 1, layer 2 comes with better versions of scaling and transaction speed. By creating a GameStop NFT wallet, users are sure to enjoy swift transactions across various blockchain networks in the shortest amount of time – and with low gas fees.
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By joining Rarible, the GameStop NFT wallet will support swift transaction, with low gas fees. Image Source: Shacknews
  •  Utilize Decentralized Apps on Ethereum: Whether it is a game you want to play or an app you want to use – in the Web3 space – you will always need a digital wallet. Your digital wallet functions as a key that grants you access to your desired decentralized applications (dApps). And that is where the GameStop NFT wallet comes in. With it, users will be able to access and utilize all decentralized apps available on the Ethereum blockchain network. This includes games and other applications.
  •  Self-Custodial for Full Control of Your Assets: The GameStop NFT wallet is fully detached from the developing platform, GameStop NFT. That is, users have full control over their wallets. As a result, they control the type of NFTs that are kept, and they oversee the buying and selling of any asset in their wallets. According to GameStop NFT, the self-custodial Ethereum wallet gives “power to the players.”

What Does This Mean Regarding Immutable X?

While this is a great head start for GameStop NFT on its upcoming NFT marketplace, Immutable X will see great success from the development. As GameStop NFT has the Immutable X infrastructure integrated with its platform, users will be able to manage their IMX tokens in the wallet. Also, Immutable NFTs can be managed in the GameStop NFT wallet without any glitches.

Not only that, but Immutable X might also begin to witness a huge turn up from users (new and existing) concerning its projects. With the Ethereum-compatible wallet, users can now utilize the IMX tokens more than before – for various projects from the platform. 

Furthermore, Rarible supports transactions with zero percent (0%) fees on the Immutable X platform. As such, users can get the best services at the lowest gas fees with the GameStop NFT wallet.

The Rarible Marketplace

Succinctly, Rarible is a user-oriented multi-chain NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell digital assets on the blockchain. By allowing users on the platform, Rarible offers exclusive services that are usable without any coding skills. Also, the platform is gradually moving towards becoming a fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 


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